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07-04-2012, 16:32
so, having seen the other WHQuest projects, combined with chatting 'bout Quest with some guys from The Local Club (http://wargamingatradstock.co.uk/), i've started putting together a WHQuest set (i do have the full box but bear with me!)

so, i've been tempted to do a halfing-scale set, there's a plethora of manufacturers doing a horde of halfing sized figures and the smaller scale is easier to paint and should take up less spare for transport :)
i had a dig around thru the piles of painted and unpainted metal for the four heroes included in the WHQuest set; i'm going to force myself to do the basic box before additional monsters rooms etc :)
here's what i found:
a mix of Heresy Miniatures (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/shop/), Hasslefree Miniatures (http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/) and some OOP GW Halflings (http://www.solegends.com/citcat912/c20225lotrboxes.htm)

i picked out the Hasslefree Grimdalf, Heresy Ghonad, then two of the HF Medieval Kids to come up with:

next up, for the Orcs i grabbed a load of Spyglass Miniatures' Hurk the Goblin; his general bulk and shield matching the orcs well :)
i've started converting him up to be bow-armed as well (6 Warriors, 6 Archers :) )

following on with the greenskin theme, i dug out a batch of metal Snotlings; plenty of them had spears, but i'm converting a further 3 to have bows :)

finally on the miniatures front i've got 6 of Ral Partha Ratmen to use as Skaven;
however, i'm going to need to order another batch as i'll need 12 for the box set list :)

finally, i've got a batch of corkboard left over from my stalled Super Dungeon Explore project, and so on a whim cut a piece off to make an appropriately sized board :)

i'm currently painting the orc, so expect progress soon! :)

07-04-2012, 19:02
This looks really cool! A nice original angle on the scale too. How do you cut the board sections?

08-04-2012, 10:41
thanks :) the smaller scale is for ease of storage and the cute figures should help gain attention :)

for the board sections (i've only done 3 corridors so far), i simply used a steel rule and a sharp knife to cut the cork to size, then with a steel rule guide, dragged a flathead screwdriver along to tear at the cork for the nice broken slab effect :)

so, a slew of painting yesterday has left me with the Orc Warriors painted :D
a Flames Of War German Armour (grey), GW Dark Angels Green / Snot Green for the skin, boltgun metal washed with a Devlan/badab wash, then a GW red Gore / blood Red for the eyes / shields :)

Shas'El Tael
09-04-2012, 08:33
Love it. I actually have two of the figures (Hasslefree children set) already painted up for a story driven project this week coming. Great idea on the 'heroes' very original and great selection of figures to select from - quite a few oop and others I'm aiming to buy soon. It was very helpful seeing them altogether so thanks for that particular photo!

10-04-2012, 14:03
i just seen 'em; awesome paintwork (much better'n my attempts!) and brill graphics! must PM you sometime :angel:
if you wanted individual closeups i'm sure i could manage it :)

so, another bank holiday and some Goblin Archers (or Snotlings with bows!) :)
standard affair for paints, but red bows as a nod to the old WHQuest paintjobs :)

11-04-2012, 16:13
well, this looks like the last miniatures-related entry; i've yet to locate more of the Ral Partha Ratlings for the skaven warriors :(
however, i'll continue making board sections :)

and i've finished the Goblin Spearmen (snotlings again!) :)
hooray for greenskins :D

11-04-2012, 16:49
Love the snotlings/goblins! Full of character! Any thoughts on doorways? Wine corks might be good for pillars (reckon they'll scale just right!)

11-04-2012, 18:03
Love the snotlings/goblins! Full of character! Any thoughts on doorways? Wine corks might be good for pillars (reckon they'll scale just right!)

What is it with you and these wine corks?I think you have a drinking problem. :D

Brilliant idea. Warmaster Quest. :D

11-04-2012, 22:15
I am a cork ninja! :shifty:

15-04-2012, 12:20
What scale are you running? A 20/25mm scale would work.

I did read somewhere though about a guy doing 15mm scale dungeoncrawl (maybe WHQ, I'm not sure). When I think about it, it is actually perfect for Warhammer Quest. Fair enough, you'd have to buy everything new, but you'd be able to get everything you'd ever need to play it for less than 100, and it would only take up a couple of box files.

Lovely greenskins btw.

19-04-2012, 22:20
so, it's more like 15mm heroic :D
and instead of buying everything, i'm making it ;)

it's been a while, but i'm back to work (yay!) so work has slowed while i learn the ropes!

i did start work on a Witch Hunter tho (based off've Heresy's Van Halfling (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_18_17&products_id=9))
not too much to see, but once i've got the left arm sculpting i'll do closeups :)

28-04-2013, 23:04
holy dooley! a year has passed :(
so, while work has continued i've been lax with my phototaking so forgive me!

i had some issue with Skeleton Warriors; i tried to cut the GW skeletons down to halfling size...
and failed horribly!

so i had a bit of a sulk and a re-think and ordered 15mm fantasy skeletons from 15mm.co.uk (http://www.15mm.co.uk)
i ordered Warriors (http://buildyourimagination.co.uk/minis/gallery/miniquest/11-skele-warriors.jpg), Archers (http://buildyourimagination.co.uk/minis/gallery/miniquest/12-skele-archers.jpg) and on a whim, Bats (http://buildyourimagination.co.uk/minis/gallery/miniquest/13-bats.jpg)...

the undead painted up well and my spares were converted into Tomb Guardians from the Catacombs of Terror expansion...
i was also able to find the spiders from the Arachnarok so the box-set Giant Spiders and Giant Bats were taken care of...

I decided, after the faffing around with the Undead to stick to the Monster cards from the box set; get the core game covered first, and so some Ral Partha (or maybe Grenadier) 15mm Minotaur fit the scale perfectly!

and to boost the Heroes slightly, the Chaos Warrior from an old Familiar; i "borrows" the idea from a halfling force on Frothers!

so next up i'm going to tackle the board sections themselves and look at my Monster list to see what i'm missing!


29-04-2013, 19:08
Love it. Absolutely love it. The bats are awesome, and I wish I'd thought of those spiders!

To be honest, I think I prefer your cut down skellies. They are perfectly adorable! Makes me want to try my own pygmy skellies to have running around.

Genius to use the familiar as a chaos warrior - suitably old style for WHQ. Don't stop now, show us more!

29-04-2013, 20:19
Your halfling skeletons are adorable!

29-04-2013, 20:21
Amazing, excellent use of the familiar!

15-06-2013, 17:21
thanks guys, i liked the mini-skeletons but they didn't fit the scale :(

Don't stop now, show us more!
well, it's been a while as i've been trying to source stuff (as well as find work; unemployed as of today!:( ) but i've made a move toward finishing my Miniquest Boxed Set Monsters!
from the Skaven Clanrat and Giant Rat sprues, mini-giant-rats!
i've put the actual quest monsters along with my miniversions for scale :)

i've followed with some Ogres; with Artemis Blacks clearing alot of old stock i managed to grab the Red Box Games Goblin Bonebacks; they reminded me of the old Rackham Dai-Bakemono (http://i914.photobucket.com/albums/ac348/RackhamMiniatures/Goblins%20of%20No-Dan-Kar/Dai-bakemonos.jpg)
i changed the paint scheme, i went with green to go with the Orcs incase i get the opportunity to play some Skuldred!

i'm still stuck sourcing 6 more Ral Partha Ratlings (http://www.dndlead.com/Catalogs/RalPartha1993.pdf) (page 7) but i think i've got the whole set game sorted now!

next i plan on cutting some foamboard bases to redesign my custom board sections; give them a little stability and allow me to sink some detail into the tiles!

15-06-2013, 21:02
Those spiders and bats are perfect. Looking good :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

23-06-2013, 22:14
so, i've not done alot so far, started on my first room!
cork like the rest, i've sunk the detail into the board so that the miniatures can stand on it fine :)


tried to cut some MDF as a base, but my saw isn't fine enough and the edges look terrible!

23-06-2013, 22:42
That's gonna look ace! Love the hole/grate- going to pinch that idea! :) you could sand the edges maybe?

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

26-06-2013, 09:49
well, looks like i've* solved the Snotling Problem;


Goblins from Ral Parthas' Demonworld Range (http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/shop/demonworld-goblins-c-76_100.html); i emailed 'em to ask how big they were and took a gamble (heck for a fiver it wouldn't have mattered regardless!) and looks like they're perfect :)
currently cleaning the workshop so my spray-space needs assembling; before i do i may need a photo of all the guys!

Thanks Andy, it's another bonus to using cork; drill a pilot hole and then can push the paperclips in!
i had to cut a channel for the chain; doesn't make sense from a dungeon point of view, but it allows the chain to be sunk in so the boards can be used without obstruction :)

*actually, Whisper suggested 'em!

26-06-2013, 21:15
lots of lil guys!


looks like i've lost a spider, still no source for the remaining Skaven :(

gonna havea push on making tiles next, then i think i'm gonna start Catacombs Of Terror...

27-06-2013, 01:40
That is an incredible dedication to small scale dungeoneering!

Shas'El Tael
28-06-2013, 10:05
Love it - cut down on painting time? Just cut down on the scale of the minis! Ahah! :D

Superb collection and enjoyed reading over the thread catching up on your project!

28-06-2013, 19:08
thanks guys :)
the project continues... more abusing of cork to give.. The Torture Chamber!


the official section has just the club so thought i'd go for something a little different!
naturally, Mr. Witch Hunter was testing out the stability of the embedded skeleton when he was jumped by snotlings! (woo 5 done!)

01-07-2013, 06:54
That's an impressive amount of painted minis there. Great stuff.

04-07-2013, 09:48
and the latest one, Monsters Lair!


i've got a day off so going to cut some more wood base sections so i can start getting these painted!

07-07-2013, 10:01
Nice simple Green Stuff work there - love the planks, and the fur/straw came out well.

09-07-2013, 11:31
the tile has a grate over the cesspit but i wanted to look a little different from the Well Of Doom :)

here's a smaller one (while i hunt for work!); The Flames Of Khazlah, mainly 'cause i had some offcuts!


just some greenstuff; something simple :)
may build the flames up a bit more but not sure as of yet...

10-07-2013, 17:14
is double-posting allowed?

quick view of the layout so far :)


i may make an Objective Room next just so we can have a mini game :)

12-07-2013, 16:46
man I really wish I had thought of doing this in smaller scale - what a genius idea!!
regardless that mine (less advanced) project is in 28mm scale I will be stealing your cork idea to make some tiles!

12-07-2013, 17:46
so long as you've got a sharp knife to cut the sections, a set-square and a sharpie to mark the squares and a solid flat-head screwdriver, it's easy :)

of course, making the doorways is on the agenda but once i've got an objective room made i'll run a few quests and then that'll spark the inspiration :)

17-08-2013, 21:05
moar double-posting!

this time, while i do the tedious work of cutting board squares, started more monsters.. can you tell what i'm focusing on?

17-08-2013, 22:57
Catacombs of Terror for the win!

Where do you find all these mini minis? I know you sculpt a lot but I didn't realise there was a market for this scale stuff

18-08-2013, 02:56
Very cool. For columns try wine corks (some examples in my whq plog) they might help with your archways / doors :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

31-08-2013, 21:43
Where do you find all these mini minis? I know you sculpt a lot but I didn't realise there was a market for this scale stuff
Hasslefree / Heresy for the most part; tried 6mm/15mm for the Snotlings / Skeletons and they turned out ok...

Andy, i've found a box of plastic columns that may work very well; in the meantime i'm making all the cork sections so i can cut all the basing-wood at once.

on a similar note:

The Guards room and Dungeon Cell; again, detail merged into the cork so that figures can stand ontop of them!

also, the first Objective room (so atleast can play the game!)
The Tomb Chamber!
multi-levelled, i tried to make the tomb out of Cork but hte lid looked rubbish so i used a peice left over from an old Advanced Heroquest set and am sculpting details on the sides inplace of the cardboard stand.
(it is central; jsut the photo looks squiffy!)

hopefully i'll actually get a game in next weekend with the WIP boards!
thanks for looking & commenting!

03-11-2014, 19:47
over a year!
sorry for the threadomancy, but managed to get some WHQuest in!

a group of brave halflings entered an abandoned temple searching for a holy fountain long lost
before the barbarian, Noble, Wizard and Dwarf could venture forward a pack of rabid rats leapt out of the shadows!

While the rats tore gouges out of the Barbarian, most died from their suicidal lunges

entering a larger room, the lantern light illuminating three different doorways...

exiting left into a corridor, the warriors disturbed a group of Goblins moving to ambush them!

The barbarian and dwarf chewed through the spearmen, wizard taking care of wounds and Noble firing his pistol into the greenskins

storming ahead the barbarian barged into a Guard room, facing a pair of Orc and an archer!
The next room was a collapsed corridor, forcing the warriors to backtrack

exiting the original junction room, the warriors entered a dungeon room filled with Interesting Times!
A dwarf adventurer collapsed infront of the warriors, a chest dropping infront of the Wizard, spewing toxic gas in his face!
while disorientated, the party was attacked by a a flock of Vampire bats, no doubt agitated by a crew of skaven!
The Barbarian flew into a frenzied rage, injuring the Dwarf and Noble the skaven attacked viciously, killing the injured Wizard
The barbarian continued to slash out in a frenzy, continuing to injure his party!
The Noble and Dwarf took up the slack and slaughtered the skaven...

03-11-2014, 19:54

leaving their slain member, the party pushed onwards to discover stairs leading downwards to nothing!

as the warriors backtracked again, they were attacked by a minotaur!
While the noble and barbarian attacked the minotaur, it's return swing slew the injured barbarian!

the Noble and Dwarf continued their journey, finding the fountain across a single-file bridge from the original junction room!
as they entered, they found it swarming with goblins and snotlings!
While the noble tried, he was swarmed by snotlings!

while a lucky cave in crushed several goblin archers, the spearmen and snotlings skewered the dwarf!

as a "from the box" adventure, most end in failure!
i need to hunt through the rulebook as i think snotlings should be bunched up in a square but i'm not sure on that!

i'd also give each warrior 1 provision (recover 1D6 wounds) and allow them to trade any drawn treasure card for D3 provisions per warrior!

still, the guys had fun 9i think) and i loved getting my copy of quest out of its box!

thanks for reading :)

07-11-2014, 09:40
Snot.ings gang up, meaning you place them around warriors in groups, and they make one attack, with bonuses to hit, and damage depending on how many surround the warrior.

Great log! How are your cork tiles coming along?

07-11-2014, 21:35
stalled; i've got the Tomb done, just need to saw up some more bases :)
hopefully some more games will give me the push i need to get the sections finished!

with Gang Up do you put several in each square or one per square and then gang up attack?

08-11-2014, 09:55
iirc; draw a warrior counter. place as many of the ganging up monsters as possible around that warrior. Keep drawing counters until all ganging up monsters have been placed. Monsters that gang up, make only one attack as a group. For every monster who is ganging up after the first, add+1 to hit, and +1 strength to the attack.

You always have only one monster per square, except in cases where a monster has a rider, such as an khorne juggernaught, and orc boar riders.

08-11-2014, 20:59
fair enough then; i thought the smaller base = more per square :)

i dug out my floorplans too; still need to tackle doors!