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29-04-2006, 03:33
i am running a blood bowl league at my local club for 8 players(i am not playing)
does anyone have any advice that may help

Alco Engineer
29-04-2006, 05:20
I found that everyone always wnated to get the magic cards as they're pretty handy. When I was running one I put in place a rule you could only get access to them if you bought a wizard. It made wizards a bit more common and made the games a bit more challenging.

Also make sure players keep track of who get injured etc. It can cause major issues otherwise.

And don't stop people taking "Big Guys" I've heard of a few that do this but IMO it majorly disadvantages some teams (like Goblins, halflings, skaven and wood Elves) while benefitting the teams with stronger standard players (like Undead and Orks)

Also work out a fair system to get to the finals, whether you run it as 2 pools, or have 2-3 games per person and then have the top players play off at the end. Just make sure you have a couple of sets so that everyone can play a few games.

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29-04-2006, 05:59
i`m planning a 8 team league
each team plays everyother team twice
also 2 cup competitions 1 dungenbowl the other a standard the winners of the cups and top two league teams enter the playoffs

29-04-2006, 06:23
Do not run an open league (where everyone can play as often as they want). That tends to give some players a huge advantage.

Set deadlines for each game. One game per week keeps things running smoothly, more often makes it quicker. The local league I play in has problems with this, due to some players being hard to get hold of. A more rigidly enforced deadline system would have helped us.

Make sure you post the results of all games somewhere, so people can keep track of how things are going, who is likely to end up in the semifinals, and so on. We use a mailing list.

I would recommend that the four best teams (most victories in the league) go to semifinals. Giving cup-holders the advantage of ending up there automatically is a bit unfair I think.

29-04-2006, 15:04
Use the PBBL rules, available from the fanatic website.
It would appear that these will become the fabled 5th edition bloodbowl.

They use the open format, but with a far better system for "equalizing" teams.
Some cool new skills, too.

Make sure, whatever, that there's an incentive to stay in. Nearly every league I've ever played in or organised has fallen apart because players start losing and get disheartened.

29-04-2006, 16:01
If you realy want to get more out of it I suggest you think up a story line for each team and match and comment on the weather and and upcoming stars on the teams and write it out like a match commentary like bob and jim, or make up your own commentators if it is a beginner league or you could add either bob or jim to give it a bit of profesionalism. Alos not on the gate and any injured, make note during the match and take photographs, and maby you could publish them here on warseer for us to see and we can give you some feedback and maby help you with any rules queries. It brings the game to a whole new level.

29-04-2006, 16:30
i will be writting a news letter each week
evryone will have to play either 1 or 2 games(to be decided) every 2 weeks if they do not show they wil forfiet the game 3-0 also losing 1 fan factor the second offence 2 fan factor

Bubble Ghost
03-05-2006, 10:04
I'd forget the league format, you'll find players who end up with no chance of winning will drop out.

As well as the gameplay advice, you need to keep up the atmosphere - Marnus is on the right track. The best way to do this is to treat it like a real sport - completely remove any pretence that it's a game played by your mates with toy soldiers. Pick on the events and dirty tricks and what have you, and make up little stories for your newsletter about how they could have happened. Make up quotes from the fictional players and coaches where appropriate ("'It was a game of two halves but we showed a lot of character out there,' said Bleeders head coach Nikkit N'Skarpa"). If you have a scanner, scan in some artwork and use them as 'match photos' (don't use pictures of your players or models, you'll kill the atmosphere). Write it up in the style of newspaper sports sections, as though your newsletter is a real paper reporting on real games. Have weekly awards for the best touchdown or most horrible tackle or whatever and give out bonus MVPs to the players responsible. Just generally describe what's going on at's though it's all real. It does wonders for the atmosphere.

03-05-2006, 15:17
We introduce house rules....

We said (opposite to alco) No wizards... it can be very annoying rather than challenging to make a dash with a wardancer to score the winning touch down only to be blasted by a wizard.... dirty tricks and magic cards are FUN.... wizards are ANNOYING (to us at least)

Everyone can take star players (e.g. you could have griff oberwald on 2 different teams... but not 2 on the same team) and once you have bought him hes yours.... no paying extra etc. Can make the games more fun. On one hand they are very powerful.. on the other its big money sink if they die...

Remembering all the rules! We forgot that you could only buy fan factor at the start.... my gobbos had a whole tribe by the end of the first league!

Let people use existing teams.... so for example my friends skaven team have a very high team rating.... take everyones TR and do an average TR for the league. Everyone blow that TR gets extra cash to start with (Eg average TR on the league is 133 my TR is 100 i get 33,000 more gold)

Others may disagree.... but We find these work very well in the whole structure of a league.

The new letter is a great idea.... dont take it too seriously... thats the spirit of blood bowl. We do dirty tricks (e.g throwing games in the playoffs, allowing a bounty to be put on players heads.. .last league my mate paid me enough for a new dwarf long beard if i could injure the other guys vampire so he would miss the next game against him)

Main thing.... have fun

03-05-2006, 17:15
you can do a slaugher bowl style where after a game your team resets with no injurys ect, but u can assign a set amount of players a skill,

04-05-2006, 09:07
the league i'm in has 20 players, 4 divisions, and the top two of each go through to the play-offs. however, this has gone on for around a year, so a quicker system would be better! with 8 players, maybe two divisions of 4 would just about work, 2 games against each member of their league plus 1 against each member of the other league(if you have time/patience for 10 games). then pit the top 2 of each group into a semi final situation. could work! As for the atmosphere, see above for perfectly good hints and tips.

EDIT- and Bubble Ghost, i remember those days, where every week we would await the new edition on the GW store notice board :) i take it the one that was supposed to start in bath just after easter didn't take off?