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14-04-2012, 10:11
My apologies of the confusing topic title. It just seemed the most fitting (even if the most obscure).

Story time:
My wife has a set of Warhammer Quest. I offered to paint it for her. That was a bit over a decade ago.... :rolleyes: She told me not to hurry and take my time, but...yeah.
Recently, when clearing out, I came across the half-painted Skaven. I decided to finish them off, and at the same time I had a look around the web for ideas. I had such fun painting those Skaven and got inspired by what I saw on the various forums and sites, I decided to continue on the rest of the set as well and see how far I would get (The Skaven were all I had finished so far). Looking at fantasy miniatures again also rekindled some buried thoughts about gaming Chivalric Quests or Chansons de Geste and good old fashioned Dungeoneering. Basically, nice story-driven skirmish in a resonant setting.
Then I came across Shas'El Tael's WHQ stuff here and on Advanced Tau Tactica. And saw that he was doing what I was just thinking, but combining WHQ with story-skirmishing in a way I hadn't thought of.
Inspiration was set loose, enthusiasm welled up and there I was... Bum-deep in another ill-defined project while leaving other projects behind, unfinished. Enthusiasm Deficit/New Project Disorder struck again!

Here's what I've done since that moment:

On my wife's set:
Finished the Skaven (One is missing from this picture, he was since finished, but not photographed).

Prepping the Orcs:
I'm missing two of the shields, so I'm modelling replacements at the moment.
The miniatures from the old set will be built and painted fairly conservatively, with some minor conversions for interest.

At the same time I'm also doing a "mirror project" for myself. I'll be cherry-picking some things from WHQ and building my own, modernized version (see the Chaos Warrior below) to slot into the greater Warhammer/Chivalric/Heroic Quest And Dungeoneering Project. I'm also digging through the smattering of fantasy miniatures I'd collected over the years (mostly GW stuff, with a few interlopers) to see what I could adapt for this idea. Turns out I have a Bretonnian knight mounted and on foot, with a fair-sized retinue (as well as an Empire, Chaos and the Mordheim Freelancer Knight, but without retinues), some other random Bretonnian and Empire heroes, as well as a smattering of monsters,Orcs, Beastmen and other adversaries. But no kitchen sink... :angel:
The various knights are already primered and on square bases. I'm still debating if I'll rip them off and put them on round ones or just leave them be.

The Chaos Warrior:
(His base will be replaced with a round one. Looking at others' projects I found I really like the way this looks. Plus it makes the models more useable for skirmishing.)

So, on we go! Into the dank subterranean tunnels!

15-04-2012, 11:21
Yes - doing takes a lot more time and effort than thinking (sadly).

Good luck on your quest - I'm looking forward to more!

15-04-2012, 13:06
This morning I primered those Orcs I showed in last post. So far so good...

This afternoon I sat down for a nice couple of hours of painting, or so I thought. After touching up the (black) basecoat I closed up my bottle of black acrylic....And failed catastrofically! Somehow, when giving the lid an extra press to make sure it sealed properly, the paintpot escaped my grasp and went flying, the lid open again! :eek:

That bottle was brand new and nearly full. There's only two or three drops left in it now... The rest went on my miniatures, my hands, my face, my clothes (soaked right through), my chair, the carpet and the wall nearly a yard away!!! :mad:

I just finished cleaning up what I still could (carpet and wall are permanently smeared, the paint dried before I could get it off, luckily it's in my mancave and not the living room)and my clothes are in the washer, I hope I can still save them from ruin....

I think I'm done painting for today... :wtf:

15-04-2012, 13:16
Gutted! Sounds like something I'd do!

15-04-2012, 16:30
An interesting start (shame about the paint'splosion!). Pretty cool to see an original set and a self-collected set being covered in one log. My set is all self built, having never owned WHQ in any form, but I've picked up a few of the original models to fill out my collection. Always good to see how other people modernise and what amazing alternative models they create (your chaos knight reminded me of brettonian knight I was shown last time I was able to play - basically a plastic warrior with old plastic bret helmet and some added alterations. Will try and get a picture up next time I see it.)

Keep up the good work, and let's hope the wife appreciates the job getting done (no matter how long it took to get started)!

15-04-2012, 18:49
The only consolation was that I only had primered mini's on the bench at the time. At least those couldn't get any blacker....

I'm not decided on building a full self-collected set of my own, just cherrypicking the cool bits (But I wouldn't be surprised if I did end up with a full set unintentionally). For that side of the project, I'm combining collecting stuff I like for/from WHQ with my notions of gaming Chivalrous Quests.
That side of the project will be a lot slower to start though. Mainly because, having decided on round bases, I found I have neither the 20 and 30 mm bases I'd need, nor the (financial) means to order a stash of them at the moment. :(
So, for the time being, I'm just sifting through my stash to see what mini's I could use in this project, and collecting/thinking up ideas.

Speaking of ideas, does anyone have a notion where/how I could get the parts to convert a Beast Glatisant (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Questing_Beast) (aka "Questing Beast (https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sugexp=frgbld&tok=LRvTfGOBh7_pb_jl_r7ExQ&pq=beast+glatisant&cp=9&gs_id=71&xhr=t&q=questing+beast&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1437&bih=897&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=NheLT7zdGeSo0QWm2tC7CQ)"), preferably cheaply?
Looking at it, I'd need a large feline, and a non-coiled anaconda or such (the hooves can be greenstuffed), but I'm not sure where I could get mini's for those...

Shas'El Tael
17-04-2012, 07:02
Unfortunate news man! Ouch.. true, lucky the majority of figures were primer black! :)

Hoping the clothes came through ok!

Not many ideas on the Questing beast; I know GW has brought out a few really oddball monsters, as too Forgeworld. Have to say, those medieval folks had quite active imaginations :D

17-04-2012, 09:02
I apparently managed to get the clothes into the washer quick enough, no black stains left at all! (Ain't acrylics great?)

The miniatures have been salvaged as well. I got them under running water, and scrubbed them with an old toothbrush as soon as I had done what I could for clothes, wall and floor. (The floor still looks like an oil spill though. :( )
I had some time to work on them yesterday, but the light was gone before I could take a picture (so I did that today).
Skin and metals are (nearly) finished, I just need to add another highlight to the brass bits:
(Sorry about the fuzziness, the digital camera died on us. So I had to use my phone's camera. It's not quite housebroken yet...)

I've kept the skin fairly dark and "natural" in colour. To maintain the atmosphere of the Warhammer Quest style, I intend to go bright and old-school on the clothing. Expect reds, yellows, checkers and dags...

19-04-2012, 07:57
Your darker Orcs look fierce - and they should. I'll be checking back to see how these turn out....

Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:51
Agree with Purplebeard, the orcs look great. Hazard you for a recipe? :D (Puppy eyes)

23-04-2012, 11:06

Didn't get to do too much on the Orcs this weekend (several birthday parties to attend... Diablo III open beta.... It's a hard life. :p), but this is where they are at now:
The blue is just a basecoat, the yellow needs one more highlight to really "pop".

No puppy eyes needed Tael, glad to share with others, especially you! :D
Your greenskin recipe is a rather large "influence" on it anyway...

The paints I used were:
-Vallejo Olive Grey (888) as a basecoat.
-Vallejo Luftwaffe Green (823) drybrush, followed by GW Baal Red Wash.
-Drybrush again with Luftwaffe green, but more lightly than before.
-Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII (824) drybrush.
-GW Devlan Mud wash
-Drybrush Russ. Uniform WWII again, more lightly than before.
-Painted Highlights: 50/50 Russ. Uniform WWII/Vallejo Green Grey (886)
-Highlight pure Green Grey
-Highlight 50/50 Green Grey and Vallejo Intermediary Green (891)
At this point I felt that the colour was too dark and brownish, so I washed with GW Thraka Green Wash and redid the last highlight.

For Goblins and Snotlings I intend to just "slide" up this colour scale: Omit the darkest colour and highlight up farther.
So the Goblins would start with a Vallejo Luftwaffe Green basecoat and end with a pure Intermediary Green Highlight.
Snotlings would start with the Russian Uniform WWIi as basecoat and and get a final highlight with, I'm thinking, a 50/50 mix of Intermediary Green and some other colour.
I'm considering using a sandy colour for this second colour, as I don't think I have a lighter green than Intermediary....

Other news:
I ordered some 20 and 30mm bases over the weekend, so that I can start rebasing some mini's I already have for my own Dungeoneering/Knightly/Warhammer Quest project.
I've got, amongst others, some previous edition Bretonnians, the Chaos Warrior I showed earlier and some adversaries... Nothing with real direction or focus, I just gathered up what I had lying around already. I hope to eventually get some clearer storyline or intent behind it.
The Diablo III open beta this weekend was well-timed. I've certainly got "dungeon" firmly on the brain right now! :D

03-09-2012, 13:06
Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it. Well, I've finally come around to Warhammer Quest again...

I spent the weekend clipping and prepping all the Warhammer Quest figures from the missus' set. That way, we can already get some games in and, when I have the chance to paint a group, there's no delay: just primer and go!
Here's the mob from the starter set all together:
Anything not in this picture is either already painted or in the process of being painted. Except for the Goblins that is, they're hiding in the back like the sneaky gits they are:

No news as far as my own Dungeoneering/Knightly Quest is concerned, for the time being...

03-09-2012, 14:11
Looking good! Feels weird but also really satisfying to see 'brand new', unpainted, non-stripped or damaged WHQ models. Gives me the feeling that there is a re-release I don't know about!

Keep up the good work and post some more stuff soon! I ordered some new hero models last night as I'm supposed to be starting a new campaign in a couple of weeks, and you popping back up has made me think maybe I should make a little log of my own WHQ models. You are apparently that encouraging!

03-09-2012, 15:44
Yeah, I know, it feels really odd to be working on "brand new, on sprue" models that have been OOP for over a decade. Embarrassing someway too, since I offered my girlfriend/wife to paint them when she bought the box, as an on-the-shelf, still in production game... :eek:
I'm mostly glad though, because now, ten years later, I've got the experience to really do this set justice with my painting.

Then this should make you feel even weirder? :D
Still shrinkwrapped....
Yup, I've got a "virgin" WHQ set to play with... We've kept it safely in the cupboard for all these years.
I can't help but smile everytime I open that big old box up. It really is a relic from GW's golden days.

Please do start that blog! I always like seeing what other people do with WHQ, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. ;)
I'm glad to have encouraged you. The enthousiasm works both ways, so, thank you!

Shas'El Tael
04-09-2012, 09:47
Great scott...its Back to the past, to play in the Future!

Shrink wrapped even? ..swoon. Yet to be punched out card stock? Aieee!

Stupid amount of figures, GW has released similar for the starter boxes in Fantasy and 40k, and this is a game that gets the collector buying virtually one of everything in their range hahaha. I think I can even smell the production print "new" from here in Oz.

06-09-2012, 10:55
Hehe, brilliant, isn't it? I certainly feel privileged to work on a pristine copy...

You raise a good point about the number of figures. The current edition of Warhammer contains 74 miniatures (of which 2 are two-man teams and one is mounted on a monster...), the previous edition contained 109 (plus some terrain!), so the amount of figures isn't impossible to provide for GW... (Oddly enough, 40K starter boxes only feature about half as much models, for the same price?)
But on the other hand, unlike the WFB starter set, WHQ wouldn't be a mainstay for them (with the accompanying economy of volume such mass production brings with it...). There is a reasonable ongoing sales potential though, through the monster tables. But that would mean GW would have to commit to it to a near core game degree. Something that they simply won't do anymore, sadly.
I'm very fearful that if WHQ ever gets the "big black box" treatment like Space Hulk and Dreadfleet, it will be crippled into a self contained game.

On the WHQ front:
I came to the realisation that all I've painted in the last two months were Orks. What's first up on the WHQ painting line? ...more Orcs. :(
To break up the long stretch of "production line painting" on greenskins I decided I needed a little intermezzo, to clean the palate as it were...
A little single figure painting, giving one model my full attention and have fun with. And certainly something without a green skin!

So I prepped these two beauties:
They're Wolf (b) and Hayden from Hasslefree Miniatures (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/). Lovely figures, beautiful sculpts, full of personality. Made by absolutely wonderful people to boot! Please give these people your money!

The bases are made by fitting a sheet of milliput green-grey to the bases. Once hard I scored the knotwork and seams for the floortiles with a sharp sculpting tool. The sheet was then popped from the base, so I could break and distress it.
The great thing about milliput green-grey is that when you chip it or grind broken edges together, you get a texture very much like stone. After that I superglued the fragments back on to the base.
Here are some shots that show the bases a bit more:

These will be for my own generic dungeoneering/questing project which mirrors/intertwines with the WHQ side of things.
At the moment I'm still considering adding some hair to Wolf, he's awfully bald as he is... Maybe a single braided mohawk/ponytail over the top of his head.
Miss Dwarf, I've already decided on. Instead of dyed orange, I'm going to try and paint her as a natural redhead, freckles and all. Should be a fun challenge...

Why prep these two both, when I said I wanted to paint a single figure? Well, somewhere while sorting out my most recent Hasslefree order, I started seeing them as a couple... It just didn't seem right to split them up. :rolleyes:
Sometimes when I work on miniatures narratives such as this spontaneously pop up. I found it is usually best to go with them... :shifty:

06-09-2012, 10:59
Hehe, brilliant, isn't it? I certainly feel privileged to work on a pristine copy...

You raise a good point about the number of figures. The current edition of Warhammer contains 74 miniatures (of which 2 are two-man teams and one is mounted on a monster...), the previous edition contained 109 (plus some terrain!), so the amount of figures isn't impossible to provide for GW... (Oddly enough, 40K starter boxes only feature about half as much models, for the same price?)
But on the other hand, unlike the WFB starter set, WHQ wouldn't be a mainstay for them (with the accompanying economy of volume such mass production brings with it...). There is a reasonable ongoing sales potential though, through the monster tables. But that would mean GW would have to commit to it to a near core game degree. Something that they simply won't do anymore, sadly.
I'm very fearful that if WHQ ever gets the "big black box" treatment like Space Hulk and Dreadfleet, it will be crippled into a self contained game.

On the WHQ front:
I came to the realisation that all I've painted in the last two months were Orks. What's first up on the WHQ painting line? ...more Orcs.
To break up the long stretch of "production line painting" on greenskins I decided I needed a little intermezzo, to clean the palate as it were...
A little single figure painting, giving one model my full attention and have fun with. And certainly something without a green skin!

So I prepped these two beauties:
They're Wolf (b) and Hayden from Hasslefree Miniatures (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/). Lovely figures, beautiful sculpts, full of personality. Made by absolutely wonderful people to boot! Please give these people your money!

The bases are made by fitting a sheet of milliput green-grey to the bases. Once hard I scored the knotwork and seams for the floortiles with a sharp sculpting tool. The sheet was then popped from the base, so I could break and distress it.
The great thing about milliput green-grey is that when you chip it or grind broken edges together, you get a texture very much like stone. After that I superglued the fragments back on to the base.
Here are some shots that show the bases a bit more:
These will be for my own generic dungeoneering/questing project which mirrors/intertwines with the WHQ side of things.
At the moment I'm still considering adding some hair to Wolf, he's awfully bald as he is... Maybe a single braided mohawk/ponytail over the top of his head.
Miss Dwarf, I've already decided on. Instead of dyed orange, I'm going to try and paint her as a natural redhead, freckles and all. Should be a fun challenge...

Why prep these two both, when I said I wanted to paint a single figure? Well, somewhere while sorting out my most recent Hasslefree order, I started seeing them as a couple... It just didn't seem right to split them up. :rolleyes:
Sometimes when I work on miniatures narratives such as this spontaneously pop up. I found it is usually best to go with them...:shifty:

07-09-2012, 21:22
Those guys look great, any chance of a scale shot of wolf? I've been eyeing him for quite some time now :)

Shas'El Tael
07-09-2012, 23:51
Those guys look great, any chance of a scale shot of wolf? I've been eyeing him for quite some time now :)

If I'm not mistaken, I think those are 40mm bases - having just acquired (in the post) the wild dwarfette myself, I'm a little surprised how big she really is then.

In addition, darnit Mod', I'm buying some milliput to try out this basing technique of yours on my heroes. I'm 35 monsters in fully finished, so it will be a mighty redo project arch heheh.

- T.

08-09-2012, 07:20
Actually Tael, they're 30mm bases. (Yes, that means that Wolf's toes would overhang a 25mm base...)
I've devised a basing scheme for myself where regular humans (and human similar monsters) are based on 20mm, minor heroes (and tougher-than-humans such as Beastmen and Orcs) are on 25mm bases and mighty heroes, the ones legends are sung about, get 30mm bases.

No need to redo all your bases, though, I'm planning to only use the milliput basing for heroes myself, I was thinking of giving monsters and minor heroes less elaborate bases. (I've also got several models who are specifically "outdoors" , those will get other styles of basing too.
Ack, now you've got me thinking about doing them all this way as well!
It turned out to be a lot quicker and easier than I remembered after all... We'll see.
Just remember to put a thin film of vaseline or similar anti-stick agent on your bases when you first fit the milliput sheet to the base. Otherwise it just will not come off.
I could try to make some step by step shots on the next base I make, if anyone is interested?

I'll see if I can do a scale shot for Wolf. Could be a couple of days though, got a busy weekend coming up. For now, suffice to say that the guy is big!

Update: Found a moment to shoot a size comp. for Wolf and Hayden:
I tried to take the pic as close to base level as I could get.

Oh, and Wolf got hair, as you can see...

08-09-2012, 18:47
Love the models and the bases! Get Painting! :)

Shas'El Tael
08-09-2012, 22:47
Very nice... :)

30mm? hah! I can actually see the difference in the comparison photo. All the 30mm bases I can buy appear to be slightly more shallow than a regular 25mm bases (on the marine for example). Curious. EIther way.. he is as is shown, huge. Hayden is bigger than expected too.

Nice hair work, took me a while to get my young knight's hair just so also.

10-09-2012, 11:35
Tsk, Andy_T, you can't hurry genius... or me. ;)

Yup, the 30mm's are a smidge shallower than the 20 and 25mm rounds I have. (I believe the non-GW-40mm and 50mm rounds are as well.)
I don't have any GW dwarfs to compare Hayden to (except the WHQ one, but I've heard he's small, even for a dwarf). She's as tall as Hasslefree's other Dwarves and Grymn, though.

Today's offering:

I see a red door and I want to....
The first pass of primer is drying as I type.

Shas'El Tael
10-09-2012, 11:45
Gasp..! No longer fresh styrene stock.. they're.. painted! (sheds a single tear for one less pristine condition box in the world..)

Dang it, now I'm off to play that track lest it haunt me all night.

Whoa there... Where's that chest piece from!? (Upper right)

10-09-2012, 13:31
Don't worry, I'll transform it into something equally wonderful: a lovingly painted complete and intact set of WHQ. Plus you get to see the transformation as it progresses. :D
I did have a small moment of reverential pause myself before I started spraying though...

The chest is the plastic one from the Mordheim Accessory sprue (Which you can still get from GW (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat490062a&rootCatGameStyle=). And places such as eBay, I assume...)

10-09-2012, 22:27
fantastic stuff, and thanks very much for the comparison shots. Looks like I can't put it off any longer, will have to pick up some Hasslefree minis now =) Keep up the great progress!

Shas'El Tael
11-09-2012, 10:33
Awaiting mine; looking forward to painting some curves for once - bit over green or ruddy skinned biceps.

Quite sure you will do them justice my man; look forward to the first images. :)

11-09-2012, 18:33
I feel like a bit of a puritan reading this ;) Hasslefree have some good minis and skilled sculptors, but their females are far too sexualized (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=my-hero~hfh007&category=miniatures~fantasy-humans) for me (so many wearing either nothing (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=kalee~hfh017&category=miniatures~fantasy-humans) or very little (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=taxxis-%28d%29~hfz215&category=miniatures~undead-%26-mutant), and in suggestive poses (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=kalee-%28resin%29~hf4009&category=miniatures~40mm-%26-54mm-scale)) and that puts me off purchasing their stuff, and my views on non-bearded female dwarves (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=hayden-%28resin%29~hfd022-b&category=miniatures~dwarves) have been discussed before. Having said that, this (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=sana-%28metal%29~hfh063&category=miniatures~fantasy-humans) is still a very good representation of classic female barbarians, and at least she is in a proper fighting pose and has something to keep her warm (http://madartlab.com/2011/12/14/fantasy-armor-and-lady-bits/)! Going to start a new WHQ at the weekend and one of the guys has got the Hasslefree Wolf for his barbarian. He and I are the only ones who paint our minis so looking forward to the game!

The bases you've made for them look fantastic and make mine feel plain, but then I find it hard enough sitting down to paint in the first place - going to all that trouble to do a base is too much. The Mordheim accessory sprue looks great. I'd be tempted to get it just to convert a cool generic adventurer for D&D, WHQ etc.

11-09-2012, 21:57
True, there tends to be a lot of cheese in their cake...
But on the other hands you have this (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=dynamic-tiriel~hfh024&category=miniatures~fantasy-humans) and this one (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=alicia~hfh060&category=miniatures~fantasy-humans). (The modern (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?category=miniatures~adventurers) ladies aren't quite as bad as the fantasy ones either).

And you have to admit, apart from your puritanical distaste of subject matter, Hasslefree mini's are impeccably sculpted!
(But yes, certain figures I'd rather not use for family games...)

Shas'El Tael
12-09-2012, 14:20
Have you checked out their sneak peek Facebook page? There are two great warrior models coming up - Female (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.423683770997239.96926.205953016103650&type=1) (top row) and Male (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=454569197908696&set=a.454569084575374.103434.205953016103650&type=3). Very classic DnD. Anyhow, don't mean to hijack the blog with Hassle goodies; just a good time to point them out ;)

- Seb

12-09-2012, 15:17
It's always a good time to point out Hasslefree goodies! :D

But that's not what I came here for...
I started paint on the lovely couple. It's just the bases, though, from here on, they will be painted individually. I just wanted the bases to match, so I did these at the same time:
The bases are done like this:
Basecoat Charadon Granite, drybrush Vallejo Stone Grey. Wash with Coat D'Arms strong wash, black. Drybrush with Vallejo Stone Grey again.
Once the figures themselves are fully painted, the edge of the base will be painted black.

And while the wash on the base was drying, I made a start on some more bases (and even thought to take pictures...):

Making stone bases, Modhail style.*

What you need:
-Lubricant (I use lip balm)
-Milliput Green Grey
-A ziplock bag or similar plastic surface
-a hobby knife (I use the breakaway variant)

*: And now I've got that song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0&list=PLEC422D53B7588DC7&index=1&feature=plcp) in my head....

Here we start, the bases have already been "lubricated" and the milliput is mixed:
That ball of milliput isn't enough to do both bases, I usually just mix up some more as I go along. For slottabases, I'd advise neatly filling the slot with an elastic putty, like greenstuff. Don't use milliput for this, as it will bond to itself. Because I hadn't decided beforehand to do bases today, I hadn't filled the slots of these bases.

I then flatten a ball of milliput so that it fits (and slightly overlaps, by a mm or so) the base I want to cover.
In this picture you can see lots of fingerprints. Just smooth these out a bit. No worries if the disc is not completely smooth and flat, this will get sorted.

Take the ziplock bag:
(As you can see, this one held a miniature, and as a result has an uneven distressed surface. This is a good thing.)

Put the ziplock bag on a smooth, flat surface. Smush the base and milliput onto the ziplock bag:
(at this point I saw that not filling the slot caused a small "valley" in the surface of the milliput. I remedied this by pushing the milliput back onto the ziplock through the slot in the base. Filling the slots beforehand would have been lots easier...)

Carefully flip it over, check if the surface is alright. It can have some unevenness and blemishes. This makes the stone look more realistic. Peel off the ziplock.

Here is where it gets a little fiddly.
From this point onward you have to be careful not to distort the surface of the milliput or leave fingerprints on the top.
Trim the overhanging edges off:
Make sure to use a clean knife and use a gentle sawing motion. You can lubricate the knife to get clean, smooth edges. I didn't and merely wiped off any buildup of milliput between cuts. This gave me the slightly more ragged and natural edge you see.
You can use the edge of the base as a guide for your knife: just slide the edge of the base along the knife, but keep the sawing motion.

This is what you end up with:
(The white ones are an experiment with milliput white-grey. I'm not sure I like it: It's a lot more sticky and mushy and doesn't play nice with the knife. We'll see how they act once they harden out.)

Leave to harden overnight. You could carve the edges of the tiles into the milliput while it is still soft, but I prefer to do this once hardened. (It gives cleaner edges, plus you can mark things out with a pencil....)

Shas'El Tael
12-09-2012, 15:40
G'dammit, thats it! I think I'll be using your technique too. Some 40 odd miniatures later! Argh! :P

In aside - great tutorial. I trialled a base using Milliput white, terrible stuff. I need to use the yellow version you've chosen.

Are you redoing the whole set of square bears in the background too?

- Seb

12-09-2012, 16:08
Sorry to have caused you so much extra work. ;) Beware though, I haven't quite figured out how to tackle Hamlet (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=hamlet~hfl405&category=miniatures~non%252dcoms-%26-civilians)'s base yet (Yes, I've got one too...). I may just have to fill his in around the tab under his feet.

I should be able to add the second part of the technique tomorrow. (Though basically it's just scratching and mangling, then glueing back on...)

True, I'm not thrilled about the milliput white either. The standard green-grey/yellowish stuff is definitely better for this.

Nope, the "square bears" (:D) will stay that way. Essentially, everything from the original WHQ set will go on the square bases they were provided with. I'd like to keep them as "true" as possible.
Anything I make for myself/the generic dungeon project will get round bases.

13-09-2012, 11:37
Here we go, Modhail basing part two:

First off: I trashed the milliput white bases, it doesn't play nice...More effort to get off the bases, doesn't scribe or chip as nicely as the regular green-grey/yellow stuff.

This is the largest of the bases, and the tools I used to scribe the milliput:
(Missing from this picture is an old toothbrush to scrub the dust and such from the lines)
On this pic, I had already drawn on the design and did the first scribing pass with the knife.
Once you have a starter line with the knife, go in with the dental tool and make it a nice furrow.
You'll end up with something like this:

Then, by flexing the base a little, you'll be able to pop the milliput right off the base:
If you have a bit of trouble getting it off, you can carefully wedge a knife underneath.
If the milliput layer breaks as you pry it off: no problem, you just created extra detail!

Break the milliput along the seams you scribed, grind these together a bit to make them a tiny bit wider and rougher. Chipping the edges is easy: just pry the very tip of the knife into the edge of the milliput. A chip should crack off naturally. If it doesn't separate immediately, apply some sideways pressure with the knife tip as/after you push it in. Gouge some chips from the surface as well if you want:

Once done, glue it all back onto the base*:
You won't get all the pieces exactly in the same position as before you pried the disc of. This is good, those tiny mismatches will reinforce the effect of being separate tiles.
*: I actually cheat on this point: The milliput, when you squash it onto the base and trim the edges, will leave some residue on the rim of the bases. So I just keep one of each size of base aside to do that stage on and glue the final, dried and chipped product onto a fresh, clean base...

Mount the miniature:
(I didn't permanently glue this one yet because he blocks so much of the base with his cloak. I want to have access to the base when painting...)

If you smushed the milliput onto a base with a slot, there's one little extra step:
Remove the milliput that got into the slot. Just cut and file until smooth.

And here is this one finished:
(Sorry about the fuzziness.)

13-09-2012, 14:27
I have something to confess.... I skinned a Dwarf today.

Luckily it was just with paint:
I'm rather pleased with how her skin and eyes turned out.

But then, I went ahead and did this:
Like I said earlier in this thread, I want to try and make her look like a natural redhead, instead of having her hair died orange.
Yes, I know she now looks like she has leopard spots (The massive enlargment makes it even worse!). But that was necessary to make it actually look like freckles from normal viewing distance (and size). I had tried to make tiny, more realistically sized freckles, but those were near invisible, except as a dirty brownish smear. So yeah, leopard-lady trumps mudsmeared as far as looks go...

I'm not 100% sure how to tackle the hair yet.
I guess I'll just have to go stare at redheads some more until I figure the colours out. Research is tough, but necessary. ;):D

Update: Got the hair done:
(side views, because they show the most hair...)

You can see the paints I used for the hair behind her:
I basecoated with the Vermin Brown, then highlighted with an "ongoing mix" I added more of the next colour to the base mix for each next highlight. Started by adding the orange to the vermin brown. When the orange/vermin mix got light enough, I started adding a tiny bit of the ochre colour. Glazed with the red, washed with the Ogryn Flesh, and re-highlighted just a tiny bit.

She has a wonderful stare (http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/Warhammer%20Quest/Generic%20Dungeoneering/?action=view&current=WP_000273.jpg), but I can't seem to get a focussed shot of it...

14-09-2012, 05:01
Looking very nice indeed!

Shas'El Tael
14-09-2012, 07:24
Very nice and the tutorial is great - class work Modhail :)

Only thing I can think of RE: Freckles ( like my tau) is a very fine tipped brush - or in the other direction - a massively frayed drybrush that you can do one or two stipples across her cheeks?

15-09-2012, 00:43
The bases do look excellent. Maybe I will try it out on a big model where my simple sand/gravel will look really bad. Something like a minotaur. That'll be the distant future, however...

The stippling for freckles sounds good to me. Try it on a test model - I bet it will look good.

15-09-2012, 08:57
Thanks for the tips.
I did use a fine tipped brush for this one. But next time, I'll also try just using paint mixed to the right "freckle colour". On this go I used a wash, thinking the transparency would aid the effect. In hindsight, I should have known that washes flow out more, giving me less precise control. :rolleyes:

In the end, I managed to misplace a few drops of paint, so I had to retouch her skin anyway. I used that opportunity to lightly glaze the freckled areas as well. This toned down the "leopard spot"-effect nicely.

She is finished by the way.

Update, with pics:

And a closer view of her face/torso:
I really like the glare she's gotten. It's definitely one of my more real-seeming faces. Oddly enough, someone on another forum said she looked exactly like someone he used to know...

Shas'El Tael
16-09-2012, 12:29
Nice result and the reduction of the freckles worked well. What's your leather legging recipe, it's come out quite well - leathers are my bane!

16-09-2012, 13:06
To be honest, when painting individual models, I don't strictly keep recipes. Individual models are my "fun time" painting wise, I generally just tend to freewheel and eyeball it.
And where I mainly use unmixed colours in production line painting for speed and consistency, for individual model I mix my little brains out...
I start with a basecoat, add a little bit of this for the following few stages, a little bit of that next. And I tweak colour and shade with washes as I go along.

Judging by what paints are on the painting table, for this leather I used:
-Vallejo Mahogany Brown (846)
-Vallejo German Camouflage Orange Ochre (824)
-Vallejo Yellow Ochre (913)
and all 3 of GW's previous brown washes; Devlan Mud, Ogryn Flesh and Gryphonne Sepia, somewhere along the way...

Didn't get much done this weekend, I helped a mate pack for an upcoming move this weekend. I did glue some skeletons together though. They'll be part of the Generic Dungeon (but useable for WHQ as well), and serve as a change of pace from the Quest mini's, as and when needed.
I have to say, the new Vampire Counts skelly kit is quite nice! (Even though I really miss the option for bows. But apparently VC's don't get skeleton archers anymore?)

16-09-2012, 13:08
There is a reasonable ongoing sales potential though, through the monster tables. But that would mean GW would have to commit to it to a near core game degree. Something that they simply won't do anymore, sadly.

That's the thing though... They already commit to it. It's SO easy for them to tie new army releases to Warhammer Quest.

New army released! Chaos Warriors!
And for those people not interested in starting a Chaos Warriors army, here are rules for using those AAAAWESOME new Chaos Ogre and Dragon Ogre models in your Warhammer Quest game.

All they need to do is come up with some stats for them, release those in the White Dwarf, it will give Quest players a reason to buy a White Dwarf AND models for an army they are not planning on playing Warhammer Fantasy with. How is that not a win-win situation for GW?

It still baffles me.

But anyways, you are not interested in my ramblings on GW marketing strategy fails. Nice job on finding that pristine set. Not continue on your merry way painting them up! :D

17-09-2012, 16:57
I completely agree with Daniel36 here, plus if they sell it as a stand alone game as well (like it is now - additional monsters/tables are optional extras) then you also have an intoduction method from more mainstream shops such as W H Smiths etc (obviously have loads of adverts inside saying how wonderful GW is, etc).

Bit of a no-brainer to me, anyway

17-09-2012, 17:54
Sad thing is, I agree as well...

What I was trying to articulate is the fact that GW these days will only commit to two types of releases: "Core Games"; high figure count games with ongoing support and releases, and "Black Boxes"; Limited edition one-offs, designed to be self contained, supposedly complete, with any chance or room of future expansions/additions carefully sanitized away (Space Hulk and Dreadfleet, so far).
The latter essentially throwaway cashgrabs that require no thought after sales, to be cynical.
(True, there's also the "Specialist Games", but I'm afraid we can all see that's just a "let it bleed out, hope it dies" form of "support"... No new releases, no attention.)

Within that frame, WHQ falls outside of both categories, by not having (in the eyes of GW, not mine!!!) potential to be a money-turning core game with ongoing releases and expansions, and at the same time being very open-ended and expansion friendly, thus exceeding the "Black Box" boundaries...
So based on that frame of reference, I think GW, in their eyes, feel they must choose between either doing it right and committing full on (and thus likely angering the beancounters/shareholders) or turning WHQ into a nailed-shut limited edition one-off, crippling the game by doing so and disappointing a lot of fans/ruining the memory and legacy of an excellent game...
Hence my reluctant pessimism. GW seems to be adamant against adding a third core game or going beyond "Black Box" boundaries.

I however, maintain the hope that GW comes to their senses and start op up their intermediary and skirmish lines of games again. And keep them properly supported in the long run. (Not holding my breath though, and sad about it...)
In an ideal situation, for WHQ, they would follow the format of releasing a themed WHQ expansion set with every armybook, containing and/or expanding that race's rules, themed dungeon boards and an adventure. Oddly, buying a battalion box would give you all the miniatures you need for that adventure?;)
Sigh, a man can dream....

18-09-2012, 21:31
I think if you asked anyone who works for GW they will tell you LotR is the third core game [wait for laughter to die down] but seriously, a black box release of WHQ could still be good AS LONG AS they keep in all the RPG rules and battle tables to allow development beyond the basic 'board game'. My home set is just put together as a board game, with a couple of extra event cards from the expansions and 1-2 White Dwarf board sections added in (hopefully some of Tael's home made sections for extra interest as well) which I use to play with my wife and some members of her family as a one-off board game every so often. When I wanna play a proper game, it's a 30 minute drive to a friends home once or twice a month where we can use his ridiculously large collection of miniatures.

The simple board game is great, with plenty of variety due to the 6 objective rooms, so could be a one off, but all they need is that set of Monster tables and the leveling rules, combined with some heavy sales hints about how the GW model range will allow you to get models to further expand the game, and that is an investment the scale of Space Hulk, but with a reasonable trickle of additional sales over the years, probably catching a few new people into WFB as they find they have enough different orcs to make a small army. After all, that's basically how WFB was created in the first place - people had too many D&D models to know what to do with, so Steve Jackson commishions Rick Priestly to make a game that uses them all...

19-09-2012, 07:07
True, but truth be told, several GW staff I know can't make that claim without a suppressed snigger...

Sounds like we're all in agreement: GW needs a "gateway drug" to pull in Johnny Public and WHQ would be ideal! Now we just need to convince GW of that wisdom. :D

No news on the miniatures front from me, I'm afraid... Sinusitis is cramping my painting style. :cries:

20-09-2012, 10:48
I made some more progress on the painting side.
The Orcs got their leathers finished, currently waiting for the wash to dry on the skulls:
So now it's just: finish the skulls, the fletchings of the arrows and the two shields. Then I can paint the base edges and call them done. :) Oh, and see if I can put some nice checker patterns on somewhere...

I'm still pondering if I'll put some gore on their blades. I did it for the Skaven, but somehow I'm not sure it will suit these Orcs.
What do you think?

20-09-2012, 17:54
Well, had a lost few moments before dinner, so I quickly finished those Orcs.
I still couldn't decide to add gore or not, and someone suggested making them rusty instead. Because these are the missus' miniatures, I let her have the final say.
She wanted the swords rusty.

Here they are:

(Just a quick snap in the fading daylight...)

The rust was somewhat of an experiment. I may tweak it a bit tomorrow, after I have a fresh look at it. (I've been staring at it too much to be objective at the moment. I've got a feeling it's a bit mismatched with the rest of their gear, which seems fairly well-maintained. But like I said, I need to take some distance before I decide.)

Shas'El Tael
22-09-2012, 06:55
Thanks for the leather "recipe" - shall try that out on a new model soon.

Loving the old school orcs - one thought on the Rust is less is more - do some light application of Vermin Brown into areas moisture and grime would settle, then stipple that ever so lightly with Orange - almost able to count the dots, and you'll have a convincing but economic rust effect.

- Seb :)

28-09-2012, 17:37
In regard to GW and Joe Public, i'll admit that i wouldn't (and don't) play WHFB, Mordheim, or any other battle game. I play WHQ, Dungeonquest, Talisman, and other "boardgames" and have no interest in anything that involves scenery, etc. And i'm not interested in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay either. I like a light roleplay, if even that, and WHQ suits me just fine.

With that said, i own quite a few "armies" since i have the entire WHQ Roleplay Book and then some. So, yes, WHQ would be GW's answer to getting Joe Public to purchase their miniatures. (However, i purchased all my minis from eBay and private collectors since i like pre-2000 GW minis and don't wish to give them my money)

03-10-2012, 09:13
Littlemonk, I can only applaud you for your taste in games and miniatures!

And I have to once more agree, WHQ does have selling potential. If only GW would see it...

Oh, and I did a bit more painting:
(Light was wonky today, so you get one pic from the shade and one without bright sun, but with flash.... The actual colour of the spiders is somewhere between the two pics....)

These are just the first 6 of the batch. Two of the spiders are inspired by page 14 of the Roleplay book, did you spot them?
I think the second batch will be a mix of darker brown and "black widow" black with red markings.
Not sure if they're next up on the table though, I found I kinda like switching the figures up when painting.

08-10-2012, 22:52
Nice spiders! I actually saw one at work today that looked almost identical, hanging at child-head height and with a body about as big as my thumb, which for the UK is pretty big! Urgh, even looking at them, I immediatly imagine my Bretonnian Knight stamping them to death with her metal boots...

17-10-2012, 14:20
I actually rather like spiders...
But despite this, when researching to paint them, even I felt a bit crawly after several google image search pages full of little beady-eyed eightlegs staring back at me... :rolleyes:

Not much news painting wise (got distracted by the new Iron Kingdoms RPG book). But I will get to play my first game of Warhammer Quest in over a decade tonight! :yes:

17-10-2012, 14:58
Ooh, exciting! Don't forget to give everyone D3 bandages at the start, and to give the wizard healing hands!

17-10-2012, 21:24
S_A_T_S, we should have.... (Didn't see your advice until now.)
My, what a brutal, bloodthirsty beast of a game this is! :D

We decided to just play the basic game, by the rules in the book. (Seeing that we were all effectively new to the game). We got the Tomb Chamber and rolled up the "Identification" mission (#6, the inheritance dispute one) as the objective.
I haven't got much of a detailed report, sorry... Between figuring out the game myself, explaining it to the others and just general excitement about finally playing Quest I forgot to shoot pics.

On the first run, half our party was dead in the first corridor we explored... Somewhere in the first few turns. At this point we decided that the two survivors of the combat (Dwarf and Elf) would flee the dungeon. After they healed up and got a spare Barbarian and Wizard from storage, they'd try again. We left the part of the dungeon (2 corridors) laid out as they were for try two.
Just beyond our furthest previous progress we were locked in by a portcullis, only to find the Dwarf with the key one section beyond that.

This time we made it all the way to the objective room. There we were ambushed by Skaven just as we were about to enter:

After defeating the Skaven we entered the Tomb Chamber itself. Only to be beset on all sides by a mass of Snotlings and Goblins (result 6 on the objective room table).
We had cleared out the Snotlings and were about to set about the Goblins when we were blindsided by a pack of Orcs (Bloody "ones" for Power!!!:eyebrows:) This quickly proved too much for the Barbarian, Elf and Wizard. Outnumbered and alone, the Dwarf fell a turn later, these are his final moments:

This game is tough!! Despite being a bit generous with Killing Blow (we basically allowed it to continue on any model adjacent to the hero, even if it wasn't adjacent to the previous victim) we got clobbered.
It could have been our collective habit of rolling low for ourselves and high for the monsters, as well.:rolleyes: My constant ones in the Power phase didn't help either! We regularly had double and even triple bookings of monsters due to that alone.:wtf:
I guess those nobles will never settle that inheritance question...
But we had a blast and that is what counts!

I need to get more painted, I'm now convinced more than ever that this game deserves it.

17-10-2012, 22:18
Glad to hear you all enjoyed your first game! It can be fiendishly hard early on, and my group tend to use several house rules:
- No more than one unexpected event at a time
- D3 bandages for starter characters
- Downed characters don't die until the end of the next turn

We've slipped in our latest campaign, as we were far too generous in letting people live (otherwise we would also have wiped two rooms into our first dungeon) and I'm a little worried it might be taking the edge off. It's that dangerous point between fresh, easy to replace characters, and getting resurrection on your wizard so death isn't quite as 'permanent'.

Keep up the awesome adventuring, and hope your wife is pleased she can finally play with her quest set (10-odd years later...)!

18-10-2012, 10:42
Those house rules sound good, I think we'll try them on the next run.
But how do you handle the "draw another event card immediately" cascades?* Do you still let those occur?

Yeah, she's pleased. Did get several "subtle" comments that the game would be even better with everything painted throughout the night(from everyone in fact...).
If I weren't such a control freak about this set, I'd have wrangled them into a group-paint then and there. :D

*:We got a nice one yesterday: Portcullis drops(card 1), which causes the Elf to misstep into a pit (card 2)...with a dying dwarf at the bottom(card 3), whose moans cause a small tribe of Goblins (card 4) to show up. That was...interesting.

19-10-2012, 18:53
Cascades is a good term for them. We'd normally let those happen - it's multiple lots of monsters turning up that is the problem. Dungeon room monsters + 1 lot of unexpected event monsters is fine, but once we have that 'ongoing' event in place, we don't bother turning another, as that would just end up with endless hordes (and believe me, I have experienced endless hordes in this game. It is... unpleasant). Multiple event cards (as opposed to monster cards) in a row just add to the fun and humour, but 12 skaven, 4 minotaurs, 8 bats, 6 goblin archers, 6 goblin spearmen and 9 spiders at level one is pretty harsh (even worse if you use the BL tables and roll 66, like we managed in the first game of our current campaign...)

Wish my wife was quite as enthusiastic about playing WHQ. Maybe if I can find more people she wants to play with it'll be easier to motivate her. When I finish my Quarg Hunter, I might try and do a slow rolling gallery/plog of my WHQ models partly as a tool to get her to finish her models (she owns the warrior priest/plague doctor, witch hunter, war dancer and ogre, so I can't paint those models...)

26-10-2012, 14:43
All good stuff. Love the bases, Great job on the Skaven, the little weapon twist has added a lot of movement to those very static guys and I love the helmet on the orc. The headgear (and the wellies) always ruined those guys but I can see me giving that a try.

30-10-2012, 20:23
Great update. Those new painted Orcs brighten the game up too.

30-07-2013, 11:24
I'm back!
I've finally got hobby time again...

Did some painting that is relevant to WHQ, I finished painting my brave knight:
This means my second hero is finished.
He doesn't have a name (yet) but will stand at the core of the largest group of miniatures for my combined WHQ/Dungeoneering/Chivalry skirmish gaming. Eventually he'll get a small retinue of 4 spearmen and 5 archers, Sergeant, squire. Plus a family and dog... Who'll no doubt have some adventure of their own.
I'm rather pleased I managed to find both the mounted and unmounted version.

His archers are currently on the painting table. I'm not sure what will come after them. I may continue on with his spearman, or switch back to the WHQ set.

Shas'El Tael
01-08-2013, 23:40
One of my favourite models that, in fact it is one I intend to convert for a 20'something version of my young knight project (when I get the chance to do so!)

Lovely paint work Modhail :)

07-08-2013, 07:14
Thank you!
I agree, it's a lovely model, shame you can't get any more of him these days... (Or matching mounted and foot versions of a miniature in general.)

07-08-2013, 07:51
He doesn't have a name (yet) but will stand at the core of the largest group of miniatures for my combined WHQ/Dungeoneering/Chivalry skirmish gaming. Eventually he'll get a small retinue of 4 spearmen and 5 archers, Sergeant, squire. Plus a family and dog... Who'll no doubt have some adventure of their own.
I'm rather pleased I managed to find both the mounted and unmounted version.

His archers are currently on the painting table. I'm not sure what will come after them. I may continue on with his spearman, or switch back to the WHQ set.

Very nice Knight, Modhail, are you going to let him ride his horse in the dungeons?

If you're looking for good dog miniatures I'm sure you know Hasslefree do a good Scoobydoo, but Custom made mini's also do an excellent dog as well.


Shas'El Tael
07-08-2013, 22:16
Yah yah... :) That's the same dog I've got on my shopping list! I agree, great piece.

21-02-2014, 14:57
Whew, catch-up time!

A recent Kickstarter has re-ignited my interest in all things concerning dark and subterranean architecture. Which meant that this project has once again claimed space on the painting table. What did this result in so far?
For a start, the archers have been finished:
And I'm finishing the conversion work needed on one of the spearmen and the squire, which means all mini's for the knight's retinue will soon be ready to paint. His family will have to wait for the time being.

Additionally, I've finished the companion for the female Dwarf Slayer I posted somewhere in the past:
God, he looks like a brute, doesn't he?

Which means the happy couple is finally together again and ready to bust heads:

21-02-2014, 15:52
Beardless dwarves and massively overmuscled humans don't do it for me, but your paint job on the skin does. It looks brilliant, like I can almost see all the tendons... and I really like the strings and arrows (of outrageous fortune? I may be misquoting ;)) on the men at arms. Great job!

21-02-2014, 16:10
Superb! Skin tones look ace, he looks like a badass!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

22-02-2014, 17:45
Thank you guys, glad you like 'em!
I've got some of the misses' WHQ goblins on the painting table at the moment, but I haven't really achieved much on them yet, so no piccies.

And I've been been prepping some more bases, just put on the milliput this afternoon, hopefully I can carve them tomorrow. What will go on them? I think the last few skeletons (I have three more to assemble) plus their Lich Lord and Necromancer overlords, maybe another hero or two.Though I like working on my missus's WHQ creatures, I really want to get started on some dungeon monsters of my own...

22-02-2014, 19:45
Great Skin tones on the adventurers. Really nice.

If I were you I would mix and match. I love painting higher level monsters, but I need to get my level 1 numerous units done first. What I do is do every other, or if the beastie is very big, such as a Dragon or Greater Daemon, then let yourself work on it in the background.

Compromise - the most important part of any relationship (which probably means you'll be doing all her monsters first!) :p

22-02-2014, 23:19
I know what you mean.
I already do something similar; I find that batch painting drains my motivation to keep going, so whenever I finish a batch, I reward myself by painting a single figure or other fun paint job. Nothing set in stone, so if I'm on a roll and manage 2 or three batches in a row, I'm not interrupting it, but I do try to keep a balance.

Luckily my dear wife is in no hurry, so I have room for play. I think it's also a factor that I am still working towards the half-way point of painting the WHQ box. It still feels like "uphill" somehow. (Only 6 goblins, 6 rats, 6 bats, 6 snotlings, 2 heroes and a minotaur-and-a-half to go until I reach the halfway point.) Usually my painting seems to pick up once I am past the half-way mark. With my own project, since it is open ended, each batch or unit is it's self contained item in my mind. Brains are weird...

23-02-2014, 17:02
Had an hour or so to myself today, so I quickly finished the bases for the Necromancer and Lich Lord:

I scribed a section of a magic circle for the Necromancer, and the floor of a crypt for the Lich Lord. Seemed fitting...

25-02-2014, 11:15
And two more bases done!
The left is for a Fighter type, the man who occasionally teams up with the barbarian and dwarf adventuring duo. The one on the right is for an Elf Swordmaster (the Aenur Sword of Twilight special character model from Mordheim, nice sculpt...)

And my skeletons are primed, 21 more models to stare at me from the "active project" shelf...

26-02-2014, 19:06
I got the first batch of goblins finished for my wife's WHQ set, here they are:

26-02-2014, 19:20
Nice paint job! Like the arm shift on the spear gobo too.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

01-03-2014, 20:13
Yeah, I couldn't leave them all identical, so a part of them has had some small conversions or extra bits added to them (for example, the rightmost speargobbo has a helmet added, the centre Night Gobbo archers has an extra two knives hanging on his belt, etc. Just small touches to break the monotony).

I made another couple of bases today, and assembled the minis to go on them:
The large one on the left is for a Death Knight (a conversion using a GW Chaos Warrior and some leftover Vampire Counts Skeletons bits). Seeing how he is a "big bad" and intended to be an end of quest monster, like the Lich lord, he gets a nice ornate 30mm base*. His ties in with the Lich lord, being in the same style of crypt style gravestone slabs. But the Death Knight's base features a somewhat more macabre "memento mori" type decoration instead of the Lich lord's more traditional brass effigy.

The smaller 25mm bases are for two wraiths (the leftmost two) and a banshee (the rightmost one).

I plan to have three wraiths in the end (so I need to get one more, at some point), each portraying some aspect of death. The ones I've already finished now are a wraith known only as "the Harvester", carrying a scythe. I've put a stalk of grain as stonecarving on his base, to tie in to this theme. The second wraith is known as "the Timekeeper", he carries a sand timer (and a kris-like knife). To cement his "relentless march of time" mood, he has a section of a astrological chart on his base.

The third wraith, as yet unacquired, will carry a paddle and be known as "the Oarsman".

So essentially I'll have a Father Time to keep track of whose time has run out, a Grim Reaper to harvest the lives of those whose time is up and a Charon to ferry the souls of the dead to their final home...

But they could also be a former executioner (scythe/reaping the lives of the guilty), a former astrologer/soothsayer (sand timer and chart) and a former priest (steersman of his congregation's souls) before their undeath.

Nice, evocative symbolism, that I can explain in several ways to my players. Just how I like it.

Or tell them nothing and let them speculate...

The banshee is just your typical screeching dead lady. As I'm trying to apply some background based cohesion to my collection of skeletal undead, I find myself thinking of her more and more as the Lich lord's wife, back when they were all still living. In this scheme, the wraiths would have been the old (Lich) lord's councilors and advisers.

*: I'm basing my infantry mini's for my own Dungeoneering/Questing/Chanson de Geste gaming (I really need to find an acronym or shorter term for this!) on a mix of 20mm, 25 and 30mm bases.

I'm using the following system for this:

-Regular (rank and file) humans, and any creatures of equal or lesser power, go on 20mm bases.

-Those humans of above average prowess but not dramatically so (for example, my Knight's Sergeant, Squire, the family's loyal War Hound, lesser wizards, etc.) and creature of comparable power and size (Orcs, greater Beastmen, Grave Guard, my Necromancer etc.) get 25mm bases.

-True Heroes, the ones stories and legends are told about (A.k.a. my Knight, the Dungeoneers, etc. The ones that will function as a player's avatar on the game table) get 30mm bases. So do dire foes/humanoid major bosses (the Lich Lord, Death Knight, an Orc warlord, the great Evil Wizard, etc.) Basically those human-sized fiends that are the final enemy at the end of heroic Quest...

For cavalry and larger monsters I have 40 and 50mm bases (Again with True Heroes getting the larger size.) Really unusual monsters such a Giants or Dragons, should I ever acquire those, will get even larger, custom sized bases.

Shas'El Tael
01-03-2014, 23:15
Looking good; also have designs on the same models for wraiths - GW has released a lot of models in the last two years that are superb for filling out WHQst collections :)

Still admire your bases, have to skip back a few pages and see how you did this again.

02-03-2014, 19:39
I really love your bases Modhail, they look fantastic. Got to admire the tenacity, they must take some time to complete, but then they do look the business. Very impressed. :)

07-03-2014, 13:06
I actually don't see them as such an effort to make. But then again, I've had some practice by now...
Sure, they're not as quick and easy as just glueing on some sand or flock, but not by much.
The first step(full description of each step is on page 2 of this thread), putting the milliput layer on the bases only takes about 15 minutes or so, and in that time I can do several bases. Usually, I do a batch at the end of the evening, so they can then harden overnight without me having to wait. I always make a few more bases than I need for the miniatures I'm working on at that moment, just to have a small buffer, saving me even more time.
The next day I scratch in the patterns, just plain old tiles for rank and file figures, distress them, and glue them onto the bases. Takes about five minutes for a base (longer for fancy character bases). Great time filler for when you are waiting for a wash to dry, or some glue or putty to set on some other project.

I had a bit of time to paint today, polish of some near-finished miniatures:
The five skeleton archers I have for my own Dungeoneering/Questing/Chivalry project, and the first half of my wife's Warhammer Quest rats!

Looking at what is left to do, I suddenly felt an inexplicable urge to rhyme...

Six Spiders, six rats,
Twelve Snotlings and twelve Bats,
Six of the Orcs, six Goblins too,
A three Minotaur wrecking crew,
Some heroic souls, they number four,
And six samples of a Dungeon Door!
That's the quota I have to meet,
Before Warhammer Quest, it is complete...

12-03-2014, 10:53
Yay, I'm building stuff:
Looks a lot like terrain, doesn't it?

Except, it isn't... :p
It's a diorama backdrop for the Glass Cabinet:
Once finished, this one will go on the shelf where my lady's Warhammer Quest miniatures live. To show them off better, and give me a little bit more room to display them.
I've still got quite a bit of work to do on it, but I have to do it in short spurts, to allow stuff to dry. And also, scribing stones is tedious...
It's split down the middle so that I could also use it in the half-width part of the cabinet.
Depending on how well this one goes, I might make another for my own Dungeoneering miniatures.

12-03-2014, 11:30
That is going to look really, really awesome. And your miniatures look really awesome too!!

12-03-2014, 19:38
Great idea! I agree that it will look awesome :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

16-03-2014, 12:34
Well, the flooring on the bottom corridors is finished:
Here's the leftmost one:

And the right:

And this is how they look together:

As you can see, the leftmost corridor has a door at it's end, while the right has a hatch in the floor. That same door will be repeated in the end wall of the corridor above. The hatch will be open, with a rope hanging down into it from a ring on the wall. This is so that there is some sort of visual explanation for how the heroes and monsters in the display get from layer to layer. I will do something similar for the layers above. The hatch in the floor is really a piece of futureproofing. Should I decide to build a second diorama display for my own dungeon stuff, it will be three layers of dungeon and stand on the shelf below my wife's WHQ set. By adding a hatch in the roof with a rope hanging from it, I can tie the two displays together...

But that is al speculation right now, first I need to finish this one! Which means back to the drawing board and sketchbook to lock down a look/style for the next level to be built...

16-03-2014, 17:58
loving the multi storey idea dungeon Modhail pretty cool

Shas'El Tael
03-04-2014, 04:35
That is indeed a smart idea - adds a certain dynamic to putting pits on the floor above ;)

03-04-2014, 08:03
Great idea, will really add a completely different feel to the dungeon,... more like a real one. Look forward to seeing it develop further, :) Smashing to see.

03-04-2014, 08:50
Well, this one is actually purely to display the figures in my display cabinet. The upper levels are only 4cm wide so wouldn't leave much room for manoeuvre in actual gameplay.

Though a dungeon in the style of the old "that'll be corkin'!" Necromunda terrain from an old white dwarf would be a nice idea... Hmmm...

03-04-2014, 12:42
And there's me thinking you've come up with a whole new approach to Quest, I need to put me glasses on, insert my hearing aid, and put me brain in gear. Am getting old, older than I realized :)
Although, as you intimated, the idea of being able to layer dungeons onto separate levels is an interesting idea...

03-04-2014, 18:24
though a dungeon in the style of the old "that'll be corkin'!" necromunda terrain from an old white dwarf would be a nice idea... Hmmm...

do it! Dooooo it!

04-04-2014, 13:06
do it! Dooooo it!
Right back at you!:p I've still got a Space Hulk to finish, as well as a set of WHQ terrain to build...
Just had a quick peek at your blog, I have all faith you can pull this off! ;) (Nice Novamarines by the way. I've opted for the Howling Griffons corner of quartered space marine hell myself... Haven't got near as much painted as you though.)

We've had some days of unseasonably decent weather locally. So yesterday I decided to take advantage of that to tackle a potentially more messy part of the Dungeon Display.
I made me a cave!
First I took out the foam cutter and made some irregular bevels and ridges to give the cave section a bit more of an organic, irregular shape (no pictures of that stage, I was in the zone, couldn't stop to remember taking pics.)
Once those were glued in place, I proceeded to slather all that handiwork in a thick layer of lightweight filler:
I had specifically carved the "book ends" of the display with an opening for the cave entrance, but forgot to compensate for the thickness of the filler. This meant that the cave entrance is just a little crawl-hole, barely larger than a hobbit's front door:
As you can see, the outside of the cave entrance has been made more interesting with the same tree bark I used on my hills.
Today, the filler had set enough that I could carve the seams of a "hidden" door near the back of the cave. The position of this door will match that of a door one level down, to depict the hidden entrance to the dungeon proper. I also covered over the floor of the left half of the upper layer, the outside area.
So, once that all is dry, I only need to finish one corridor section and 3 sections of floor before I can start detailing the various corridors. Add dirt, bits and bobs, make the dungeon feel lived in.

Oh, and I also painted the first half of the bats in my misses' WHQ set:

04-04-2014, 13:52
Your display piece is coming along really well, how big is it, will it be on permanent display or tucked away somewhere? I wouldn't have the space. Quite envious, keep it up. :)

04-04-2014, 16:19
Right back at you!:p I've still got a Space Hulk to finish, as well as a set of WHQ terrain to build...
Just had a quick peek at your blog, I have all faith you can pull this off! ;) (Nice Novamarines by the way. I've opted for the Howling Griffons corner of quartered space marine hell myself... Haven't got near as much painted as you though.)

Getting back to hand made terrain is a goal for this summer. The thing that has me most intrigued is this warhammer quest stuff (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?389366-Self-made-modular-board-(Mordheim-Hero-Quest-)) though it's highly likely I might stick with painting figures instead. I'm actually likely to sell off the Novamarines soon, once I get my FOLDIO lightbox and get great pics of everything. 40K isn't the draw it used to be for me and several marine armies don't really help me.

I do love that "that'll be corkin" scenery though. Maybe if I come across that WD again this summer it will spark some motivation.

05-04-2014, 08:42
Daxio, I've made it to measure for the top shelf of my display cabinet, where the misses' WHQ mini's live (once painted). Once finished it will be a permanent fixture there. It's about 60cm wide, roughly 30cm tall and 10cm deep and covers the width of the back wall of that shelf.

natsirtm, nice to hear about the summer plans. There is just a certain something "extra" to hand made terrain that no store bought item can ever match, in my eyes. I've seen that thread too (and saved it to my inspirations folder). I really like that multilayered approach!
Shame to hear about the Novamarines, but I understand about 40K losing it's draw. I'm mainly in it for the modelling and painting these days, haven't played a game of 40k in a couple years now. Smaller skirmish style games get the main of my love and attention nowadays.

05-04-2014, 22:20
I realise this is a display piece, but I really like the way you have gone about making your dungeon sections. Hope to see you make a fully playable set soon!

06-04-2014, 08:52
Thank you, seeing how you go about your own WHQ project, I really appreciate that.
Well, that's something that I'm certainly considering. I just need to figure out how to approach/achieve certain things I want for it. But it looks doable, less sections than my (long suffering) 3D Space Hulk set, and a lot less intricate details... Seeing how my own Hulk terrain has stalled, I am certainly trying to apply KISS to any Quest terrain I'm planning.

27-04-2014, 13:29
Right, update time!

No progress on the backdrop (yet). I haven't had the room or time to make a mess, which seems to be unavoidable when I'm working on that piece. Additionally I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with that last section of corridor. I have some ideas now, but still need to sort them out further.

I did do a fair bit of painting the last two weeks. Let me show you the fruits of my labours:

This first miniature is a bit special to me. I received it as a gift from Elprez, a fellow member of the Lead Adventure Forum (I've you've never been there, I heartily recommend a visit! It's full of really nice and creative people and a real pleasant community.). He liked my thread I have there on my WHQ/Dungeoneering project, and wanted me to have this figure. It's an "Evil Eye" figure from Black Tree Design.
He also sent me a drunk, kilted goblin from Hasslefree, but I'm still deciding what I want to do with that particular figure, paint and basing-wise.
Anyhow, behold!
I had fun painting this one, lots of glazes and washes in between drybrushings and highlighting to fiddle about with tone and shadow. Good fun!

I also painted some Giant Slugs I got from Heresy Miniatures a while back:
Nasty little crawlies....

Finally, and these I finished only yesterday, I painted the spearmen of my Knight's retinue:
This group includes the Sergeant of his retinue (the guy with the pig-faced bascinet and fancy shaped shield) and the bearer of the Knight's personal standard:
(Wow, blown up like that, that banner looks a lot messier than it does in person....)

Which puts the Knight's retinue currently at this:
All I still need to do for this group is the Knight's squire and his wife, kids and dog....

01-05-2014, 17:50
Hey guess what, the squire is done...

That means the fighting retinue of my knight is finally complete!
I've got a busy weekend ahead, but I'll see if I can set up some glamour shots of the whole group next week.

01-05-2014, 19:51
Smashing stuff Modhail, will be good to see the whole retinue together, look forward to seeing them. :)

02-05-2014, 23:06
Looking great. I wish I had such painting skills, or develop them. Keep up the great work.

05-05-2014, 12:37
Eboli, it's mainly a question of practice and keeping at it. I've no great talent and never really tried to push myself beyond painting for the gaming table (I don't have the patience to lavish months worth of hobby hours on a single, exquisite display model, though I greatly admire those who can), but I have been at this for about 17 years now... You'll get there too, I'd wager.

About those glamour shots of my knight and retinue:

Here goes...Action!

Our brave hero bursts forth from the forests surrounding Dreadshade Crags, his retinue close behind!
They seem very eager to save La Belle Dame Mygraine. She is in quite a bit of distress, shackled to a rock like that, in nowt but her chemise, and to make it worse, it has been raining all day...
But why has she been mistreated so?
Well, she is to be the most recent biannual ritual sacrifice to Grand Mal, the demon-lizard of Dreadshade Crags.
He doesn't seem to be too happy to be disturbed at dinner time...
At the sight of the hated beast, Sir Lucien spurs his charger!
Soon he is unhorsed, but rises quickly resumes the fight on foot...
La Belle Mygraine remains a captivated(captive?) audience to this clash of blade versus claw. She cries out, sharply and repeatedly, in fear.
His retinue manages to surround the best, forcing it to face their master!
And still La Belle is forced to watch on as others decide her fate... (I do wish she would stop screeching and wailing though, it's giving me a headache!)
Warily, the two enemies circle each other, until, suddenly, Sir Lucien lunges forward and strikes the killing blow!
The heroic deed achieved, our young Lord and his retinue pose for the Heralds and troubadours present as La Belle howls her joy at being saved in the background.
Once the preliminary sketches and verses have been made by the chroniclers, our good knight sidles over to his squire and whispers: "Quickly, fetch me the keys to those manacles! Oh, and a gag! She won't shut up and my head aches so from her incessant wailing...."

09-05-2014, 20:10
This may be going a bit outside the realm of strictly WHQ, but I'll show it anyway, as it links to my recently finished Knightly retinue:
The original Knight and his retinue came from the mini's I held on to from an aborted Bretonnian army for Warhammer Fantasy. This week I had another rout through this (admittedly small) pile, with some unexpected results:
I found out that, not only did I own duplicates of the OOP Grail Knight on foot, but I also owned one particular mounted Grail Knight twice! Which led to a simple equation: 2 mounted knights, 2 foot knights, and among them 2 matching pairs of heraldic crests and shields meant: 2 new characters for more Chivalric centred games. It needed just a little bit of cutting and gluing to make a reality:
The two centre miniatures are the unmodified originals, the two on the outside have had their crests swapped.
I don't have the miniatures to give them both a full retinue, but I guess I'll find a solution for that in time. After all, I'm in no hurry... It's not like I will run out of figures to paint anytime soon!

27-05-2014, 11:30
I've finished another few mini's for this project. Here's my skeleton swordsmen:
Graverobbing has suddenly become a lot more dangerous... :evilgrin:

27-05-2014, 16:27
Very nice skeletons. Especially the aged look of the weapons. Good work, keep it up!

27-05-2014, 17:24
Looking good here - as well as the Bretonnians on last page!

27-05-2014, 17:25
I agree, excellent weathering! Very cool Skellies

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

27-05-2014, 20:00
Thanks, the weathering on the swords was actually a bit touch and go, my original idea backfired a bit and ended up looking like they repeatedly stabbed a pinata full of peanut butter... Luckily I managed to fix it without needing to repaint. I just hope I can replicate it on the remaining skeletons (5 spearmen, two officers, an Undead knight and of course the Lich king himself).
By contrast the oxidated bronze was a walk in the park: Paint a dark bronze colour (this would include shading and some highlights) and apply GW's Gobbledigook Oxide technical paint in a few thin controlled layers. Done.

I'm growing rather fond of these skeletons, with their Harryhausen-esque poses and obviously ancient arms and armour. They combine parts from both GW's 90's skeleton kits (too bad I've depleted my stash of them) and the most recent Vampire counts kit, the two of which are in my eyes the best skeleton kits GW has made. It's just a shame the new VC skeletons don't include bows, or I'd consider them perfect.
Maybe I'll revisit the kit once I've grown my collection of adversaries more diverse and expansive.

30-05-2014, 10:31
It is all great but I love the work you have done on the dungeon. That is shaping up to be something a bit special.
Look forward to more updates.

30-05-2014, 13:35
Love your work. Those last skeletons look amazing.

30-05-2014, 20:03
Thank you!
Yeah, I really should get back to that dungeon display, shouldn't I? I'm kind of stuck on what to do for the last corridor segment though... Plenty of ideas, but none that jump out.

"Tha mo bhàta-foluaimein loma-làn easgannan!"
That's what he shouted at me as he staggered out of the bushes towards us, or at least, that's how it sounded to me.
Several of my men had already drawn weapons and were ready for him, or any hidden friends of his, to attack us.
As he noticed the movements of my retainers, he twitched and fell over flat on his back. As he lay immobile, a tense second of silence stretched into several seconds, then a minute. My retinue exchanged confused glances. I quietly instructed them to keep their positions and remain alert, but not to do anything...yet. This standoff was broken by him suddenly thrusting a bottle at the sky and laughing uproariously for a full five minutes.

Still chuckling, he stood up, but broke his bottle in the process. His face turned red and contorted in rage. My men shuffled nervously, as the goblin drew a deep breath. Before they could decide on their actions, he launched into a indecipherable roaring goggle-eyed rant, seemingly aimed at his broken bottle, the skies, the woods behind him, and anything in between.
I believe, could it understand but a single word of it, this stream of (I assume them to be) profanities would have greyed my hair and bleached my heraldry, such vitriol was behind it!

At some point, seemingly halfway into a sentence, he suddenly fell quiet, sighed deeply, and started to sniff. Seconds later he was sitting on the forest floor, hands limply in his lap, crying as if all the grief of the world suddenly was on his shoulders.
He cried for quite some time...

All this time me and my men stood there, astounded and confused by this strange specimen of the goblin species, and his indecipherable actions and language.
Just when we were at the point of deciding to move on and leave him be, he suddenly jerked his head upright, wiped away his tears and stood up.
He looked around until he saw me. Then he walked towards me and looked me straight in the eye. He shouted something at me, "Tha gaol agam ort!" I believe it was. At that he seemed himself to blink in confusion, and then said "Is mise cliamain" or something like it, in a more quiet voice.
Muttering under his breath, pointing at various member of my retinue or items in our baggage train, he walked to the rear of the column, and sat in the grass until we departed. When we left, he walked after us.

He has followed us ever since. At least, until 5 months later, when we met another group of traveling adventurers on the road and he apparently decided to follow them along instead.

Sometimes we encounter him again, always with another group of heroes. Sometimes he joins us, sometimes he doesn't. We still don't know why.
Drunk or sober (rarely!), he hasn't been any more intelligible than on that first day.
He always knew to find the best loot and booze, though...
Gilbert D'Abelard, traveling knight, recounts his first meeting with the goblin adventurer known only as "Mad" McHaggis the Fighting Drunk.

The man himself, along with his three favorite things in the world: A heavy blunt instrument, whiskey and gold. He is well known to be an intemperate and enthousiastic user of all three.

This is the second miniature I got in the gift package from fellow Lead Adventure Forum (http://www.lead-adventure.de) member Elprez. It's Hasslefree Miniatures' Sparr (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=sparr~hfo002&category=miniatures~fantasy-orcs-%26-goblins).
I knew the triangular whiskey bottle is specific to a small family of brands, namely Grant's and Glenfiddich. Of the two, Glenfiddich has a green bottle, and as there would already be a fair bit of green in the model, I opted for Grant's, in their clear bottle. Specifically, he is holding a bottle of Grant's Family Reserve.
Tying in to this theme, "Mad" McHaggis is dressed in the Grant clan tartan, or at least as close an approximation as my eyesight and painting skills will allow.

Here is a shot from the behind:
Thank you, Elprez, for the gift, he was a lot of fun to paint!

The treasure chest is from the old GW Mordheim accessory sprue, and will be part of my wife's Warhammer Quest set. I painted it to look old and dirty, but still structurally solid. It's fairly subdued in colours, so that it would set off the richness and colour of the gold. It looks monochrome in the picture for some reason, but it isn't, it is actually worn, slightly rusty iron, with leather covered inserts (slighty waterstained) and corroded bronze skulls and lock plates. I don't mind the lack of contrast within the chest itself. Have to make sure the loot draws the eye...

08-10-2014, 11:09
"Among adventurers, there are stories about mushroom men sometimes found in the more damp sorts of dungeons and caves. Those who hear these tales for the first time often scoff at these accounts. When you spend your days fighting the likes of Orcs, Ratmen, Undead and even worse horrors in the dark below the earth, how could you worry about something as feeble and fragile as fungus, they ask?
Do not begrudge them their doubts, my friend. They, unlike those who live near caverns infested in such a manner, have not spent night after night hidden in their homes as these creatures scrabble at the doors and windows, their eerie, sighing cries sounding in the night. They have not seen the horrific fate of those who breathe their spores, lost loved ones to it.
Those who have, know the truth; ancient man did not start eating mushrooms for their taste, or for nutritional value, but for revenge..."
From the accounts of Tobias Wärmduscher, widower and former Truffel-gatherer.



It seems to be the time of year for them... ;)
The miniatures are Agarix (http://hfminis.co.uk/shop?category=miniatures~fantasy-monsters-%26-animals) from the ever-wonderful Hasslefree Miniatures (http://hfminis.co.uk/).
They painted up remarkably easily, using mostly Vallejo Paints and GW Washes.
I've basecoated them in Vallejo Medium Flesh and drybrushed them all over in, consecutively;Vallejo Iraqui Sand, Vallejo Pale Sand and finally Vallejo Flat Aluminium.
Then I washed them with GW Seraphim Sepia, thinned about 50% with water. While this was still wet, I added spot washes in GW Devlan Mud on their lower legs, face and the ribs under their cap. Because both washes were still wet, they blended nicely into each other.
I tinted their caps with a number of glazes with GW Ogryn Flesh wash, with an occasional layer of GW Seraphim Sepia in there as well.
Finally the eyes were dotted with Vallejo Green Sky.

The stone parts of their bases are drybrushed with GW Charandon Granite and GW Dheneb Stone, the dirt parts are painted with Vallejo Burnt Umber and drybrushed Vallejo German Camouflage Ochre.

12-10-2014, 13:53
Introducing Father Gerhardt:
Father Gerhardt is the monk assigned as a tutor and protector to the children of my Knight (I really need to decide on a name for the guy!). As such he also does double duty as the priest of the village that forms the heart of the demesne.

Miniature-wise he is Heresy Miniatures' Brother Bude. A lovely figure to paint, the only problem I had while painting was that I dropped him, bending his cross and taking the paint off his knuckles!
His base is done with my usual milliput method, I've detailed and painted it to look like the well-worn stone floor of a family chapel or catacomb. If you look closely near his left foot you'll see some familiar, if faded, heraldry...

And finally, the view most commonly seen by the undead and unholy things that sometimes invade the catacombs near the village:
I just love the determined look he has on his face!
If his faith won't stop you, his mace will...

12-10-2014, 17:56
Great stuff Modhail, smashing base as per usual, like the back story too. Yep, that is the face of a determined monk. :)

12-10-2014, 18:40
Great sculpt, great paint job! :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

28-12-2014, 12:49
Due to being awfully busy lately, these mini's took a long time to finish...
It even got close to the point that I feared frustration over my lack of progress would lead me to abandon them for the time being.

But here they are, my skeleton spearmen:
And from the rear:
This means that, apart from three skeletal beastmen (which aren't really part of my undead warband proper), all my rank and file undead are done!
What is left to do is two skeleton minor heroes, two major heroes (the Skeleton King and his Dread Knight), two Wraiths, a Banshee and a Necromancer. All individual or semi-individual models, with a lot less bone to paint... The bone is what cost me the most time on my skeletons.
I do want to add some zombies to them at some point, but I'm a having a hard time finding a way to neatly get the Mantic zombies I have onto the round 20mm bases I want to use.
I'm in no hurry for the zombies anyway, as they will be random restless dead/things to get summoned by any practitioner of the Dark Arts, and are not part of "The Court of the Skeleton King", like my skeletons are.

Oh, and here is a teaser for the next model on my painting table:

31-12-2014, 05:42
Lovely skellies .... Just checked the whole thread again ... always worth a visit.
I confess I had got excited hoping for an update on the dungeon.
Any progress in that department?

31-12-2014, 15:47
Thank you for the compliment, Harry.
Unfortunately no physical progress on the dungeon as of yet. I'm sort of stuck for ideas on the last corridor segment for the display thing. And that display is sort of the testcase for the terrain set as a whole.
I also need to figure out exactly HOW I want to built the terrain segments. My original plan was to just build 3D versions of the WHQ floorboards, but since the project has expanded beyond purely WHQ, I want more flexibility in the kind of layouts I can create. But without going as far as emulating the Dwarven Forge system of separate floor and wall sections, because that would prevent me from adding the detail and style that I want...
So I need to find a way to build dungeons flexibly, but without compromising my plans to highly detail the individual sections (If you've seem my Space Hulk terrain, you'll know what level of detail I'm aiming for...).
I intend to give the dungeon terrain issues some serious thought the coming year. And hopefully come to a solution I can start building somewhere in the summer.
(Not saying it's a New Years Resolution, but it is something I'm resolved to do for the coming year... :rolleyes:)

31-12-2014, 16:40
I hadn't seen your Space Hulk board sections before, but after just looking at your link can I just say 'wow'!

Regarding the WHQ tiles, I 've had a similar dilemma, I really wanted to do walls, but by joining them to the floor you limit it's use. I have decided that once I have finished my floor pieces I'll make some separate wall sections that can be put by the side. I would suggest the same, but at the same time, I absolutely love what you've done with your display piece and if you can get them all to look that good and be versatile too then I will bow to your brilliance.


01-01-2015, 14:38
I've done a bit of a test today.
I have a set of mdf corridor/room sections from a friend. I have for a long time discounted them, as the sizes he chose didn't match what I had in mind for WHQ...

Today I decided to give them a new look. After all, seeing how WHQ measurement is square based, relative positions are more important than getting the measurements to line up.
I also thought about how to manage the different ways WHQ corridors and such can match up. What originally stumped me was how to deal with the various possible positions corridors can link up, in a visually pleasing fashion. I was stuck on the idea of needing swappable pieces in the walls itself to account for the fact that one end of a corridor can have an exit in three possible locations.
But looking purely at relative positions and letting go of the notion of reproducing the WHQ board sections one-for-one, I realised that the three possible configurations for a WHQ corridor boil down to it being in essence a short corridor with either an extra straight bit or a corner tacked onto the end. Likewise I could also chop up the other WHQ sections into their constituent parts...
Which could give me the ability to match the WHQ board sections, and keep maximal flexibility for non-WHQ dungeoneering, AND, maybe, find a use for my friend's terrain sections.

But first, some measuring and testing was in order:
40mm squares, superimposed on the already existing terrain units. These two sections would be a single WHQ corridor.
As you can see the squares don't center or line up properly, there is a fair bit of dead space around them.
I'm a bit worried by the lack of room in the corner section and the width of the corridor to add much detail.

And a larger test: I prepared a WHQ exploration deck, as described in the rules, and set to. I didn't actually play the whole game, just the exploration phases. It was only afterwards that I concluded it would have been a good idea to also place miniatures, to get a feel for scale and proportions. :(
Anyway, here is what the completed dungeon looked like:
(I left the cards in centre of the corresponding group of dungeon sections, to give an idea of what is what. Hopefully, they'll also give something of an idea of scale.)

And all the parts I used, placed into stacks:

In this test I used any suitable piece I could find, or combine. To make a proper WHQ suitable set, I'd need to build a number of additional segments. Including ALL of the rooms and objective rooms, which I would have to have fresh MDF sawn for. So, I'd like to have some input before I decide yea or nae on this approach:
What do you folks think about this?

01-01-2015, 16:32
First off, its looking good and has loads of potential to be fantastic, specially with the obvious skills you have, re: Daemonslaves comments about your Space Hulk tiles, they are great (would say awesome, but am British)
Its always difficult to pick up another persons project and make it fit with your own vision.
If it was me, I would take my time, as you seem to be doing, think about how you see the tiles working if you had a blank canvas, but above all not be fearful of taking stuff to bits if it doesn't work for you.
I think I would probably sit on them for ages, working out where to head next, I would never throw them, there is so much potential in them, but I may eventually remove the walls.
Like Daemonslave I intend making separate walls eventually, but its just a matter of taste.
Now, before I begin to sound like a complete tw&t, i'll get off. :)

04-01-2015, 13:05
Daxio, like you said, I still consider these sections to be another person's project... And I know he planned to keep them very generic, and there is strength in that plan. What I am considering doing with them would lock them into a fantasy dungeon use only. So, while they are a great resource, it also feels like I am taking away from his ideas. Despite having them for years, these parts don't feel completely "mine". That's why I'm so cautious, I'm quite okay with trying things out and ruining stuff I made myself. But I don't want to end up having to say "Remember those corridor sections you gave me and you spent all that time on? I, eh, wrecked them because I thought I had a good idea..."

Oh, I'm not going to throw them, ever. It's more a question of if I can reconcile the original builders ideas with my plans and desires.

Remember that WIP shield I showed when I finished my skeleton spearmen?
Well, it's done, and so is it's owner.

I present to you, Hieronymus Lightbringer, Paladin Solar:




Hieronymus, as a Paladin*, has dedicated himself to the concept of the Sun as representation and symbol of the Light Divine. Hence the sun in splendour on his shield.

The miniature was originally a Paladin of Menoth from Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms Miniature line. I filed away all his Menoth-specific details and removed his chimney-like helmet. The latter I replaced with the top half of a bare head from the GW plastic Bretonnian knights sprue.
To prevent confusion about what he is I wanted to stay clear from the tradional Menoth colours, but still get a sense of purity and faith. To achieve this I went for clean, shining metal, blue and (off)white as a contrast colour.
The mini really demanded I took my time highlighting and shading his armour to prevent him just looking like a lump of metal, and to really emphasize his bulk and weight.
I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. Especially when sat next to the rest of my heroes. He looks like a tank, and then there is the ludicrously heavy/large sword. He's clearly got to have more than mere human muscle and determination driving him to be even moving around, let alone fight as vigorously as he looks to be doing!

Speaking of the rest of my heroes, here is a little shot of the collection as it stands now:
As you can see, the shelf is getting somewhat crowded... And I'm not nearly finished with this!
I'll need to re-arrange my display cabinet at some point, or find a way to add extra shelves to it...

*: A little background note: In my (as yet loosely defined) personal fantasy/chivalry setting Paladins are not really a religion or Order in the strictest sense. Paladins are holy, spiritual warriors who take one concept, often an abstract or esoteric one, from their religion or the chivalric ideals and dedicate their entire being to it. They are Knight-Mystics who channel the divine in their fighting skills. Most, if not all of them are wandering ascetics. They serve no lord but their own ideals and their otherworldly patrons/inspirations. As much apart from Knights as Knights stand apart from the peasantry, they are universally considered beings of awe and wonder.
The New Faith views them with some doubt and reservation as, while their ideals are pure and wholesome and they inspire piety and good in others, their practices and beliefs are often almost shamanic, at times borderline paganistic…

04-01-2015, 13:16
Excellent painting, wish I had the patience to do my stuff justice like yours.

04-01-2015, 19:06
Thank you!
Everyone has their own style and preferences I guess. The downside to my painting style/mentality is that I have trouble with production line painting. Painting the same colour over and and over on 5 miniatures at once just breaks my motivation, especially if I know those five are just batch one of several... Painting a large army is really tough, the repetition bores me to tears. I guess that's why finishing my wife's WHQ set is such a hard slog for me.

04-01-2015, 21:04
Nice looking Heroes and Villians you have there.

11-01-2015, 15:21
Thank you, Geoh.

After a disappointing visit to the model train shop yesterday (Didn't have what I needed, plus I found they are closing up shop! :( ), I sat down to do some painting today. I finished the roadside shrine I started on last weekend, and painted up the Dwarf for my missus' Warhammer Quest set.

First up, the roadside shrine:
(Sorry about the pictures by the way, no lightbox and downright dreary weather today...)
And the rear, where someone has tacked a page from a manuscript, for some reason...

And the Dwarf:
As he isn't my own, I kept closely to the colour scheme in the WHQ artwork. The only deliberate deviation was painting his gloves in a buff leather colour, rather than bright yellow.

12-01-2015, 21:40
Smashing roadside shrine Modhail, I'm always nailing bits of old scripture or religious seals to the back of stuff, thought everyone did it! ;)
Loving the dwarf adventurer too, great base as usual.
I am sure the 3D boards will look brilliant whatever you decide to do with them. :)

13-01-2015, 03:34
I plan on doing the exact same color scheme whenever I finally get around to my own WHQ dwarf, right down to the buff leather gloves. Makes perfect sense as an artistic interpretation to me. And yours looks great!

13-01-2015, 06:59
It's been a while since I last commented.

I never mentioned how much I like your bases. Real nice job. Overall lots of nice stuff to look at, especially your dungeon work (and in your blog your Space Hulk stuff).

Not sure if I've asked before, but your location is the Low Countries. Is that by any chance the same as the Netherlands? Is that perchance anywhere near Heerhugowaard?


13-01-2015, 16:43
Thank you guys! I'm glad you appreciate them.

Daniel36, yes, it's the same as the Netherlands, but it's not near Heerhugowaard... My home stands near the Efteling.

Shas'El Tael
14-01-2015, 00:48
Love the classic Dwarf, though I am a sucker for that new Champion Dwarf in the GW kit from last year.. must resist. :)

Really glad to see you ticking along with all the new additions. :D

17-01-2015, 22:17
Thank you, Tael.
The new Champion Dwarf, do you mean the one with the hammer, shield and backbanner in the blister pack? I'm currently assembling that one... (But without the backbanner, I intend to use him as an adventurer, rather than a lord)

Today I've been assembling beastmen:
I've got eight lesser beastmen (GW Ungor) and two greater beastmen (GW Gor) assembled so far. The lesser ones I'm treating as simple rank and file grunts. But the greater beastmen, I'm attempting to be more individualistic, as they are the warriors of note within a clan/tribe. So one of the two has a more armoured look, with chainmail loincloth, helmet and extra stomach and shoulder armour from Lizardmen bits. The other one has gotten his hands on some evil magic sword, and wields it with a buckler, in a mockery of the swordsmen of more civilized species.

There's two more greater beastmen in the assembly queue, as well as the clan's chieftain. I want to add a shaman as well, but I will need to buy the model first. Hopefully, one day, when I find a suitable model, a Minotaur might join them. All of them still need gap filling, maybe some extra details and basing. Concerning basing, as these are creatures of the deep wild, I'm thinking of basing them similar to the Knight and retinue, but hopefully with a more "Evil forest"/Mirkwood style mood.

Shas'El Tael
18-01-2015, 03:40
Hmmm no, I'm meaning the Champion piece among the new dwarf boxed set :) Though I have seen the new models, good choice.

18-01-2015, 07:47
Hmmm, I've never really looked at the rank and file Dwarf kits... I always assumed to get my Dwarves from Ebay (love the classic GW dwarf sculpts) or from Hasslefree. That Longbeard champ leaning on his shield looks great though! As does the Hammerer one. I may have to hit up some bits sites sometime soon.

Shas'El Tael
18-01-2015, 08:02
Yah there's those, but specifically meant this lad : http://www.games-workshop.com/resources/catalog/product/600x620/99120205013_DwarfIronbreakerChamp360.jpg

Do agree about the retro models though! :)

18-01-2015, 08:08
That dwarf looks like a nasty piece of work...

Sunday afternoon update:

Oh, might as well tell you all that I'm done assembling for the day.
Here are the scrubs:

The elite and management:

The dwarf got his base:

And as a bonus, I managed to assemble my four Leaping Lurkers from Heresy miniatures (http://Heresy miniatures):
Sadly, he doesn't make these anymore. I believe they were real mold-rippers... The leaping ones will get 30mm bases as well. Originally I hoped to base them on all on 25mm* rounds, but the crouching ones won't fit. So these critters just got more dangerous...*

*:I base my fantasy skirmish figures on round bases according to their power level: Those who are comparable in power to average humans, or less powerful, get 20m bases. Those who are above the human average, but still fall short of the power of True Heroes get 25mm bases. True Heroes, those who ballads are sung of and legends told around campfires, get 30mm bases. Regular mounts and lesser monsters get 40mm rounds, mounted True Heroes and their equivalents get 50mm bases. Monsters like Giants, Dragons and such go on even bigger round bases... (But I've yet to assemble the first of the latter.)

The beastmen and Lurkers (I'll be fielding them as Lesser Grue, I think) have somewhat noticeable gaps. So it's Greenstuff 'till dinner for me! :)

24-01-2015, 21:24
Today I did a bit more work on the scenic backdrop for the display cabinet. Inspired by JimBibbly's excellent thread about Castle Blackwolf over on the Lead Adventure Forum (http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=69816.0) I decided to try working with individual loose bricks. I didn't measure before cutting and cut without a ruler, to get the rough, irregular look I was hoping for:
I like the results, but, though relaxing once a technique is found, it is time consuming and I couldn't see myself doing an entire dungeon terrain set this way. If I want to try casting though, this would create some excellent masters.

Here is the current state of the scenic backdrop as a whole:
The still empty upper left will get a set of semi-round trees, to show the cave entrance being in a wooded area. I hope to sculpt those tomorrow. The floors for the centre corridors are next. Then it's on to detailing (doors, furnishings, dirt and debris, etc.) and finally paint.
It'll be a while before this beast is finished, but it'll be worth showing off the missus' WHQ mini's in style! :D

25-01-2015, 09:09
Like the individual bricks Modhail, looking good, but then the whole piece is coming on really smashing. Will look fantastic with a load of models displayed and as you say well worth the effort. :)

25-01-2015, 09:11
It looks really good. Your missus' is going to have an awesome display piece. Now all you've got to do is somehow translate these into practical gaming tiles....

25-01-2015, 10:45
Hehe, the gears in my head are turning, Daemonslave...
But I'm still in the brainwork stage. Ideally, I need to have a few test games on mockup/temporary terrain to get a sense of scale (aka what size terrain works, what doesn't) but for that I need to wrangle at least one mate. And maybe do some research on where to find the cheapest, but still decent, noob-friendly molding rubber...

Work has finished for the day. Here's where I managed to get with the trees:
The leftmost tree still needs it's wire branches reinforced with greenstuff, but I ran out. After that, both trees will get a bark texture, along with the smaller tree.
I'm not glueing any of it in place until after painting, as I want to attempt to paint a scenic backdrop forest on the rear wall. If that fails, I can always cover it up with more trees... :D

08-02-2015, 14:09
Over the past months, due to my constantly taking things out of boxes, adding items and rifling for bits, my stash of miniatures for the WHQ Dungeoneering/Fantasy skirmish project had become a sprawling mess. Originally a neat stack of two storage boxes, it had become a mountain of semi-filled storage boxes, loose sprues, blisters and miniatures, liberally sprinkled with bases and bits. I had trouble finding my way in it.
So today, I took some time to re-arrange and repack my stash, and while doing so, sort out the retinues for the Knights I crest-swapped a while ago. I had also recently received some extra Bretonnian minis, including some troop types I previously lacked (halberdiers and squires, matching foot and mounted figures) that could immediately be processed.

Knight number one:
He now has a retinue of a Halberd-wielding Sergeant-at-arms*, two spearmen, two halberdiers, a bannerman, a drummer and five archers. Most likely he will be the Lord (Baron/Earl) of the area or otherwise highest ranking local Knight. Hence the slightly expanded retinue. (I try to keep in mind the concept of a Lance as a fighting unit, or Lances Fournies, with my retinues. I however have larger numbers of men on foot, to account for the needs of scenarios where I'll be depicting a towns militia or stronghold garrison... Also, as of yet, I'm lacking crossbowmen.)

*:Note that I'm not using Sergeant-at-Arms in the historical sense of a non-knighted armoured cavalryman (Aka same gear as a knight, but none of the perks of nobility). I use it to refer to the leader of a Knights footmen, effectively the head of the garrison in absence of the knight.

The second knight:
His retinue consists of his squire, his Sergeant-at-arms, two spearmen, two billmen, a bannerman and five archers.

Then there is the first oddity:
A sorceress, and her protection detail. She is escorted by a bannerbearer, two spearmen, four archers and an archer-Sergeant. A squire serves as her chaperone. I'm still unsure how she fits into the greater whole, if she were in the employ/under the protection of a local lord, the escort would be in his colours (leading to me "needing" to expand the group to include both extra footmen, as well as the lord himself). If the escort is in her employ, are they mercenaries (which would mean making the group look like irregulars, something I'd rather not do. I'd prefer the sorceress and her escort as a more clean-cut crew) or are they her household troops? If so, how did she become head of a household, and how does she combine the demands of magic with the demands of running a household and protecting her demesne? Questions that will need to be answered before I start painting this particular group.

And then there is the final group:
A local "Hood"lum and his mates, together with their woodland outlaw archers.... ;)
This group will be painted in either greens and browns or otherwise in faded, worn colours, I'm still deciding to go Hollywood or historical brigands with them. Maybe I'll convert the archers to look less clean-cut and orderly as well, if I can find suitable bits.

This left me with a single billman, who will be added to the retinue of my already painted knight. (Which means I'll have to mix the colours to match, something I hadn't counted on...)

With this sorted (heh..), the retinues were neatly bagged and labeled and I set about repacking the sprawling mess of other miniatures. The retinues and the remains of my Bretonnians went into one box, along with stuff I was planning to work on in the short term or otherwise wanted to keep apart from the larger mass of minis (Like my Mordheim miniatures). Everything else went into the larger storage box. A lot neater than before!

Result: Two knights, a sorceress and some local ruffians are now provided with a fitting entourage and my supply of dungeoneering/fantasy minis is again accessible and orderly. Fairly good for an off-day... :)

Shas'El Tael
10-02-2015, 18:33
Not much of a reply from me, but I have to say that anything with Bretonnians is a brilliant post, non biased of course.

16-02-2015, 17:43
Suuure, totally non-biased... :D
Just saw the new galleries on your site. Very nice! I should run a photography session now as well, I guess...

Shas'El Tael
16-02-2015, 20:15
Cheers Modhail :p, yah.. the malware attack has had me do an enforced clean out - made for some more centralised pages :D

Hoping to add more soon when my gear arrives.. gawd, its interminable.

22-02-2015, 19:33
I can only imagine the wait being torment. Hang in there Tael! ;)

This weekend I had originally planned to make some more progress on the Warhammer Quest display unit for the glass cabinet. However, I had neglected to calculate for the various celebrations (an anniversary and two milestone birthdays) within our extended family... Which my loving wife dutifully reminded me of, as I was pulling out all the hobby gear on Friday evening. :(

So the progress hasn't proceeded as progressively as planned. :-(

I did get the trees for the display covered in bark-like texture. I painted the wire skeleton with several layers of wall-filler made slightly thinner and goopier with the aid of PVA glue. I brushed on an initial layer of watered down filler, to act as a "primer coat" for the following layers to grab on to. Then I added several layers of a thicker mix until the wire frame wasn't protruding from the surface anymore. For the final layer I threw a handful of sand into the mixture, to give it some more texture. I put this on roughly and with visible brushstrokes to emulate the texture of bark. Once dried it is a bit more subtle than I'd hoped, but when painted it should suffice:
As I had several tree wireframes still lying around, I've textured them at the same time, as you can see above.
Here is a close up of the two trees (and separate branches) for the display, so you can see a bit of the texture I achieved:
As a bonus, while these were drying between layers, I managed to clip and clean 18 GW the Hobbit Goblins. I'll be using these as some sort of underground degenerates, and they can double as mutants for games of 40K or =I=Munda, so they'll be based somewhat generically. I also managed to greenstuff the torsos of 11 second-hand Battle for Skull Pass spiders, so they are ready for primer. Additionally (filler is applied quickly, but dries slowly) I filled the gaps in the Heresy Miniatures Lurkers I showed a while ago and attached them to their bases.

All in all, looking back, while I didn't do what I planned to, I've been quite productive. And all that in a weekend I, beforehand, considered as lost to having to sit up and play nice with relatives...

Shas'El Tael
22-02-2015, 20:31
Looking good, the tree in the last image, right side looks like he's doing a looming ghostly embrace :)

Rusty Wintertooth
23-02-2015, 09:43
Great plog An inspiration. Also I think your hand crafted bases are superb.

23-02-2015, 09:58
The trees are looking smashing Modhail, how are you going to do the leaves, clump foliage? or are they going bear? :)

23-02-2015, 17:01
Great, Tael, now I can't unsee it... :p
Thank you Rusty!
Daxio, yes, I was thinking about clump foliage, built up in a few layers so it's nice and dense, to get some real shadows to reinforce the feel of a dark shadowy wood. But painting and flocking is still a long way off. First I need to model the floors on entire middle level (so a packed earth floor for the cyclopean stone segment, a mozaic floor for the creepy underground chapel and splintered wood for the brick tunnel) and then I need to add all the (individually crafted) doors, details and touches of life to the entire display. Only after all that can I hit the thing with a primer coat... And I can only really work on it one weekend in the month, when my son is on his monthly sleepover trip, and only then if said weekend is not booked full with mandatory human interaction. :shifty:
It'll take a while.

Shas'El Tael
27-02-2015, 20:41
Unsee it haha.. well, look forward to the finished versions :)

03-03-2015, 20:37
Fantastic trees - this just keeps getting better and better :)

07-03-2015, 15:51
Tael, I'm looking forward to that as well, but it may be a while before I can work on them again... :(

Thank you, Daemonslave!

And now for something new:

The old man sat in his chambers, reminiscing.
"He had been a good man once, long ago, when Ilse, his daughter, still lived. Dear Ilse... His friends and neighbors said he shouldn't blame himself, he couldn't have prevented her being taken. No, but he could fix it! Claim her back!
Thus began what at first was a quest, but soon became an obsession. He had learned so much, gained so much power! Seen such things! But it was not enough. Never enough be able to claim his daughter back, free her from her unending captivity in that cold, dark place. So he must go on, further and further, regardless the price! One day he will succeed, and she will be with him again!
On some nights, when his head was a bit clearer, and his obsession didn't grip him so tightly, he could be honest with himself... Even if he succeeded, even if he achieved the needed power and knowledge and the rituals went perfect, he wouldn't get his daughter back. She would live again, yes, but she would flee from him, not recognize him. Because he no longer was the warm, kindhearted man she remembered, she would see him as he had become; a creator of monsters and servant of monsters...a monster himself. Luckily, for nights as these, he kept a bottle of Laudanum nearby."
Stroking the preserved skull of his daughter, he reached for the bottle of milky fluid...

I present to you: The necromancer August Knochenmaurer

As you can see, he is in the middle of some incantation, performing the ritual steps/paces needed for some dire spell.
With him finished, my skeleton crew (pardon the pun) have some provisional leadership and magic support, until the Wight King and his entourage can be painted. I just couldn't see him as all evil, the figure struck me more as tragic but determined, which prompted the little bit of backstory...

07-03-2015, 19:51
Great back story. The figure looks great too. Can't wait too see the Wight king.

Shas'El Tael
12-03-2015, 07:33
Clearly a foe to be vanquished by my young Knight. Backstory or no, any dabbler in the dark arts is a foul fiend to be slain.

That said, fine work and and great model set to work with and convert. :)

12-03-2015, 07:39
Wasn't much converting done though, I just omitted the hood on his cloack to make him less fancy and replaced the standard GW-base with one of my own. I'd love an opportunity to set him up against your young Knight. Shame about the whole opposite ends of the world thing... :(

14-03-2015, 06:01
love the colour tones Modhail and the little converting really makes it stand out

14-03-2015, 13:28
He does have a weather worn and weary look about him, and again your bases really make him stand out as special. :)

05-05-2015, 18:42
Whoops, it's been a while. I've had a little less opportunity to do hobby stuff lately. But I've picked up the brush again and set to the last six doors for my wife's Warhammer Quest set:
Five of them got a sandstone colour, for some variation against the grey stone ones I already painted. The last one got special treatment as we'll be using it mainly as the door for the Objective rooms:
I think the conclusion of your Quest deserves an imposing marble doorway! :)

25-05-2015, 18:13
And one more monster done for my misses' Warhammer Quest set:
Slowly getting closer to a fully painted set. Still nearly half of the way to go, though....
I may still add some gore to his axe, but I'm letting him rest for a bit before I decide.

Shas'El Tael
25-05-2015, 22:23
Very well executed and very retro-classic :D

17-06-2015, 08:51
Smashing stuff Modhail, love the doors, the objective room entrance works well, like the marble feel. :)

17-12-2015, 10:01
Whoops, seems I've forgotten to update this thread... I've still been doing some fantasy/dungeoneering stuff, just not strictly Warhammer Quest.
Let's get you up to date:

I've painted a Griffon:
It's the old GW Emporor Karl Franz Griffon, without it's imperial rider.

I've painted some tunnel crawlers:

I've added shelves to my display cabinet, because it was close to overflowing... and collected a set of livestock and civilians to make a small agricultural village with. I need to paint them all and build the houses, barns and fields.

Also, I've converted and painted a Highland Minotaur (the closest fantasy/dungeoneering thing I've done with a direct WHQ equivalent/statline):

Then I did something disgusting:

I've also discovered Frostgrave and this week I've built some wall markers for a certain spell in that game, these can also handily double as a photography backdrop or I could use similar techniques to build dungeon terrain at some point:

So, there we are, all caugt up! :D

17-12-2015, 10:51
Where did I see those before? :D

Ain't Frostgrave a lovely game, huh? Can't wait for the dungeon expansion.

17-12-2015, 18:39
Where did I see those before? :D
I wouldn't know... :D

Yup, looking forward to the dungeon expansion as well. Love me a good crawl.

30-12-2015, 21:00
Better not annoy the Bretonnian Sorceress:

No, it's not a real toad:
I painted this lovely figure today. The base is roughly 35-40mm diameter, to give a sense of scale.

30-12-2015, 21:45
Nice paint job! Looks pretty real!

01-01-2016, 21:37
Thanks, Daniel.

His (distant) relatives are done as well (Another quick, enjoyable one-day project):

02-01-2016, 21:29
Quick, enjoyable one-day projects are my favourite these days! :D

02-01-2016, 21:40
Awesome models and brilliant paint jobs. I thought the pic in the grass was real. What company makes them? They're not D&D ones are they?

03-01-2016, 08:02
Thanks,they're from Toad King Castings, from the Warts and Wings Kickstarter. They'll be available for sale once the online store is set up. For now there's just his Facebook page.

Yeah, quick one day projects I'd like to do more often, but I'm just not very good at keeping projects inside that scope these days... A single hero character takes me a weekend at least. A whole warband claims several weekends. Bit then again, the end results are worth it to me. I'm just glad I paint mostly for enjoyment and not to a deadline! :)

Shas'El Tael
03-01-2016, 20:33
Toad Kings indeed - they're great models and I'm astounded at the quality when I received my set for a forthcoming game. Top work Modhail - really good paint scheme too :)

04-01-2016, 15:32
I got a set of those toads as well. :D
Very sure my paint job will not get close to those. Very nice.

I love the progress on the vertical dungeon. The individual stone walls are a great result .... also loving the trees ... but the whole thing will be amazing ... now focus! Stop beng distracted by other hobby lovliness ... I want to see it finished. :D

Oh ... love the green marble archway ... very cool.

04-01-2016, 16:07
Thanks guys!
Harry, with the fantasy/dungeoneering project, I've actually been more focused than I've ever been! I've worked on fantasy minis (almost) exclusively the past year and a half at least! Before I'd have completely switched projects every 3 to 4 months, going from fantasy to Sci fi to zombies to historical and back...
But you're right, I really should try to finish it sometime soon. I am planning to build more scenery this year, as I've finally cleared some space to store it again.

04-01-2016, 19:12
Wow that toad makes my mind go electric. Must be a hypno toad. I was wondering why you put that pic up thinking that's how you wanted them to look. But that's how you got them to look. Beautiful.

09-01-2016, 16:14
Thanks Easygrin! :D

Oh and Harry, your wish is my...well, not command, but at least a very compelling suggestion. ;)
I worked on the Warhammer Quest display some more:
All the flooring on the central level is now done!
I also added the planned collapsed corridor on the brick section.

The next stage is detailing, adding doors and hatches to the various openings in the walls and floor. So I'll be moving on from large construction to small fiddly bits.

Once that is done I can primer the whole lot with a PVA/black paint mixture and get painting!
I know this might make it sound like "almost done", but this is a big piece, so detailing and painting will be a significant amount of work...
More pics and waffling on my blog.

09-01-2016, 19:37
Coming along very nicely.

09-01-2016, 21:09
Yup, the fruits of being home alone for a day. I can make significant progress if I don't have to think about the mess I'm making along the way, as long as I hide the evidence before the misses returns... ;P

Shas'El Tael
09-01-2016, 23:42
Man, very jealous haha - certainly all the more impressive way to showcase Quest figures :) Always having an internal debate over 3D and 2D dungeons when I see something like this :)

10-01-2016, 07:30
Well, 2D tiles are practical and easily stored, plus yours are very, very pretty (I couldn't make something like that), and 3D tiles are very, very cool but you pay for the coolness in storage being an issue and either money or time+mess in getting/making them.

This backdrop for the display cabinet gives me all the cool (and mess/effort ) of 3D and actually helps with storage a bit...
It has made me consider sticking with 2D for dungeon terrain more, though. Unless I can start casting wall and floor sections, 3D terrain (built to my tastes) is a lot of effort per square inch...

Shas'El Tael
10-01-2016, 07:33
3D terrain (built to my tastes) is a lot of effort per square inch...
Nods sagely.. I hear yah.

Sometimes when editing a spiders leg atop stonework, in my Spider Lair dungeon design.. I have to wonder though.. ;)

10-01-2016, 07:43
that's real cool Modhail display piece is coming along great and the toad painting is really real looking lol

11-01-2016, 13:31
Hehe, Tael, I understand completely and don't underestimate the amount of time you spend on your tiles. I can really appreciate that near-obsessive attention to detail you have, it makes for awesome results.

Thank you Richard, I'm glad you like 'em. :)

Another step closer today...
Yesterday I spent making the extra bits and bobs to add to the dungeon display piece (doors, some empty sconces for torches, candles for in the niches in the lowest corridor, a lost skeletal corpse, a set of iron rings to go into a wall somewhere). Which meant that today I can start primering the whole thing!
The trees, doors and loose bits will be spray-primered, once the rain lets up.
Because the display piece itself features a lot of foam materials, spray wasn't an option. So out came the old brush and the PVA/black paint mixture:
At this stage, as everything is now a single colour, I can really start to see how all the textures from the different materials are coming out. I'm well pleased with the results so far, it's gotten me quite excited about finishing this thing soon.
I just have to wait a few days for the basecoat to thoroughly dry in all the cracks and crannies and then find the time to have a mammoth painting session!

11-01-2016, 14:21
Oh wow! That's looking great.
I can't wait to see the dry brushing .... seriously ... I'm pumped. :D

11-01-2016, 19:10
This is going to be good! Can't wait to see it with some colour.

12-01-2016, 08:35
Thanks guys! I'm excited to get started myself! Just need the primer in al the little cracks and seams to dry thorougly first. I don't want to mess this up by being impatient...

12-01-2016, 18:30

I saw your name and thought there was an update. :cries:

I was going to post to say thanks ....the progress you have been making .... such as it is :p really has spurred me on to get stuck into a Warhammer Quest project tha has been bumping around in my head for a while ... not sure why as the two projects are unrelated ... just great to see someone pulling a big Quest project together makes me want to see my ideas through ... so thanks.