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05-06-2005, 23:00
im thinking about starting blood angels and im wondering what i should buy to get started(other than the codexs:P)
anything would help

05-06-2005, 23:03
Well a Baal Class Predator (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99140101239&orignav=10) is a good idea for all that rending goodness.

You'll be needing some Death Company (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99110101159&orignav=10) as well.

Beyond that Blood Angels are a chapter with a close combat bias so you'd do well to bear that in mind when building your army list.

05-06-2005, 23:45
Quite simple. You want a lot of Death Co. (I hate them), Baal Class predator and maybe even a Furioso's dreadnought, but there're not the best of the best. To be brutally frank, I can't stand blood angels

Master Fulgrim
05-06-2005, 23:52
Yupp! The Death Company is the coreunit of nearly all BA-armies. So i will suggest you 10 DC-marines and a Chaplain, who will lead them, as HQ. Then you will need two tactical squads as standards. Of course you could also use scouts, who are also standard-units. So you will fill the basic-requirements of an BA-list, as the rules demand it. As next you should think about getting your DC into close-combat. The best idea for it are jumppacks. But the in my eyes better looking alternative is the rhino, as jumppacks on DC-models look ugly. But its your decision. I hope, that i helped you.

Master Fulgrim

06-06-2005, 03:11
My starting 1000p of Blood Angels consists of 2 squads of Marines, a Landspeeder, a Baal predator, a Chaplain, a Dreadnought and the Death company. This gives a good base of troops and plenty of Anti infantry in the form of the Baal and the Tactical squads and enought Anti tank in the form of the Landspeeder (with multimelta) and Dreadnought (with Lazcannon and missile launcher).
IMO don't take a Furioso as they are worthless. One immobilised or weapon destroyed makes it worthless and has to run towards the enemy to be of any use at all. On the other hand Baal are the best version of the Predator ever. I am planning to take 2 with my 1850p army. The twin linked rending assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons can shoot up virtualy any squad apart from one wearing power armor.


06-06-2005, 09:57
I would consider a core BA army to be, at its most basic, a Chaplain and a death company either in a rhino or with jumppacks (jumppacks good...).

then 2 10 man Tactical squads armed as you see fit, although i like to run with MLs as they can suit any role.

then i normally have a Devo squad tooled to kill any armour, dont be fooled by the whole will run at the enemy sometime thing, there still a viable choise and think of the embarrasment value of being shot up by Blood Angels. Also most people will normally ignore them thinking thatr they will just run at them first chance they get, always good when they decimate something on the other team.

a bahl pred is good and then more troops but im big on having as many tactical squads as i can have.

06-06-2005, 10:37
I would always take Death Company with Jump Packs. The Rhino option just isn't worth it in 4th edition. Get the Death Company models and then mail order some plastic jump packs to go with them. 10 and a Chaplain is probably about the right sort of number for 1500 point games. You might want to order a power fist or two as well.

06-06-2005, 11:13
Bah. BLOOD ANGELS ARE NOT FROTHING CLOSE COMBAT LUNATICS. They're RELUCTANT to let go of their mental discipline and start hitting things. They are a CODEX chapter. This means they use a standard organisation with standard codex tactics until things get up close and personal. then they tend to get...er..rather angry. It's a hulk-type split personality thing they have.

3rd edition is a damn travesty.

06-06-2005, 11:26
For starters, I would get 2 boxes of tacticals and a chaplain (and some death company).

when building a full army, here is some things I recommend for you to use...

First off,BA dont get to choose how many death company they are going to get. (many statet that 10 is a good number?)
They roll for each squad how many they get....

Therefore I recommend for the core of the force (which should amost always be tacticals), atleast 2-3 tactical squads, about 8 in number and with a vet. sgt in each.

then some scouts would be good, 1 or 2 units that infiltrates so they can be close and can assault with ferious charge.

of course you should also bring a death company chaplain (to get many death companies and the re-roll to hit when charge), a baal pred with heavy bolters and ass. cannon and probably some ass. marines and whatever you like to field =)

06-06-2005, 14:01
im thinking about starting blood angels and im wondering what i should buy to get started(other than the codexs:P)
anything would help

A Box of Tac Marines and a bit of Red Paint would be where I start...

Painting Blood Angles is a PitA.

Maybe thats the reason there's so many Death Companies out there?

07-06-2005, 03:38
Heres what you should get my friend.

A lot of DC
2 Squads of Scouts (people love the 3 attacks on charge per guy)
Baal Predator (reminds of D2: LoD Xpansion)
Maybe some more tactical marines
Assault marines (w/ jetpacks)

That's about it. You want lots of cc opprotunities. don't take overcharged engines on any of ur vehicles though.

07-06-2005, 07:56

Take 'em. I like to take a 10 man sniper squad, and a 10 man BA scout squad with a shotgun in there for flavor.

After that, take a baal predator, couple of landspeeder with MM, Death Company, and maybe some more Jump packers. If you take rhino's for your squads, they will just get shot and stuck. One of the reasons that I like to take the snipers, is I can pin down a squad for a turn and make it that much easier to catch and assault. Leave the Furioso at home unless you want to drop pod it. The only other tank I would consider taking is the whirlwind.

07-06-2005, 17:29
Best thing is to start like any normal marine army. You need your two troop choices (I'd recommend two tactical squads) and a HQ choice. Definately go with a Chaplain so you can have death company. If you are only just starting you shouldn't need that many but you need to remember to add a few every now and again so you have the amount you need. Don't forget a Death Company rhino too as you get one for free.

With the black rage rule I'd suggest staying away from heavy weapon, heavy support choices for the time being as they can be rendered useless by having them running at the enemy. I'd suggest getting these later on when you don't have to rely on them so much.

As everyone else has suggested Baal predators are great, close combat machines to back up your Death Company charges.

I love Blood Angels. I've got over 200 of them at the moment. Hehe.

08-06-2005, 12:14
I agree with everyone about the Baal Predator being amazing to take. I have played Blood Angels for far too long, Rogue Trader days, and it wasn't until about a year ago that I bought one and started using it, and it has made a huge difference. Heavy Bolters can mow down most troops so that your DC and/or assault marines can jump through and clean up the remnants of squads. And the assualt cannon w/ the rending rules in 4th edition makes it a nice light tank killer.

Scouts are really fun, especially BA scouts with their close combat nature, toss in a vet serg w/ meltabombs and a power weapon, and you can do some nice damage on the charge as well as stand a chance at taking out a vehicle if need be. Taking a regular scout squad with sniper rifles and a heavy bolter can pin squads and take out some of them as well, which will assist your assault troops. Or, taking scouts w/ boltguns and a missile launcher, you have a cheaper tactical squad that can infiltrate to take out a pesky vehicle.

One of the coolest features of scouts, albeit super cheesy, is that if they succumb to the Black Rage then the 13 points you spent on them is transferred into a marine w/ better stats, better armour, an additional save, as well as a jump pack!

Chaplain is the primary HQ choice, throw a jump pack and a bolt pistol on him and he is set. As a secondary HQ choice, a lot of people take a Sanguinary High Priest w/ lightening claws and a jump pack and keep him w/ the DC as well. With that in place you get 2 re-rolls on the charge which is just sick, and again, really cheesy. Although now that Librarians are tooled up, they make a great second HQ choice as well. Personally, I only take the Chaplain as I'd much rather use those points on more bodies than on some tooled out HQ choice.

For starting a Blood Angels Army, I would start with a Tactical Squad, a Scout Squad, a Chaplain and some Death Company so that you have the basic Force Organization covered, and then go on to get the Baal Predator and some more specialized units like an Assault Squad, Landspeeder, or Dread.

08-06-2005, 22:21
thanks for all your insight on this