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29-04-2006, 14:49
I recently Wrote some fluff on my team which I named the Zlatlan Small horns. Zlatlan is a hidden city east of lustria west of the creat mountains. The reason I thought of it is becuase there was a bit of contraversy over there colour which happened to be an icyblue, well i guesse you should read it.
Did You Know?
The Zlatlan Small Horns Blood Bowl team trained on the icy mountains of the great mountains. They did this because of there many losses to the Norse away games so to combat the bitter cold they trained in the cold so as to be prepared. However this was too much for the cold-blooded creatures and as a result the entire team came down with either hypothermia or frostbite and more than half the team died. After they’re well thought out strategy failed miserably they recruited new younger recruits and tried thinking of new ways to combat the bitter elements. Then the slan mage priests found an ancient potion, which was used when the ancient armies of the west had to travel north to fight enemies of the wastelands. With this travel came bitter cold mornings and even colder nights which left them vulnerable to attack. So a slan mage priest called ''Xahumac'' created a potion to turn the reptiles from cold blooded to warm-blooded while in cold regions. The Zlatlan mage priest (who was also a big fan of blood bowl and heard of the small horns predicament) found this potion and handed it over to the team coach. The entire team drank the potion and at first felt no difference until they came to the icy ridges of the mountain and then they realised that now they were almost invincible. The coach was so pleased with the result that he set up a village which grew and grew until they finally came to the decision of full time training on the mountain and even building a blood bowl pitch up there which he thought might give them an extra edge as there opponents would expect the sweltering heats of the Zlatlan rain forests. But one night something extremely bizarre happened. To the shock of the coach and the fans, the entire team had turned an icy blue colour which at first the team thought the slan gods we bestowing on them chameleon abilities to change colours with the weather, but this I’m afraid was not so. When there next match came against the champion team the dwarf giants at an away game, which happened to be in the heat similar to a desert, there tragic curse was made aware when they entered the stadium under the burning sun. Many of the team collapsed due to heat exhaustion half way through the match and the rest only barley stood up thanks to a half time brainstorm from the coach to give them supports attached to there legs and arms keeping there legs and bodies straight. It appears that because the team spent more time up in the cold then in the heat it caused the team to have an almost opposite effect to the potion as in there were immune to the cold but now heat is dangerous to them, an ironic turn of events. By the way they lost 12-0 that day at the blood bowl match.

If you have any of your own origional blood bowl fluff or story for your team or other wise then post it on this thread I would love to read about it and im sure alot of others would too. :skull: