View Full Version : Where to get quest resources?

05-06-2012, 15:00
Hi guys, me and few friends have started to play quest again, but we have lost all our "advanced rules" so to speak for it. All we have is what came with the original box set, also the pit fighter rules and warrior priest. But now that we have done level 1 dungeons a few times we are starting to get bit bored of fighting the same old level 1 monsters.

So my question is where can I get the treasure tables, monster tables, monster rules and even hero rules for the troll slayer, chaos warrior etc?

05-06-2012, 16:04
The additional monster tables are in the roleplay book. Don't you have that? It comes in the original boxed set. Just use the dungeon cards, but when you turn over a monster card, roll on the table in the book relevant to your battle level ie. roll on level 3 monsters if you are BL 3. If the card is event, roll on the event table.

If you really don't have that, I suggest you check eBay regularly (it'll cost you around 10-15 judging by auctions I have watched) or Google downloadables.

06-06-2012, 17:38
There is plenty of unofficial stuff online if you google it. The Warhammer Quest Museum (the French one) is easily the biggest WHQ site.