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18-06-2012, 15:57
Hi folks,

I've just started playing a bit of warhammer quest with a few friends. This is the first time we've played it (though I do vaguely remember white dwarf magazines from the warhammer quest era), so we're sort of stumbling through the rules as we go (working on the basis that as long as we're having fun, it doesn't really matter too much if we have the rules quite right to begin with). In the not too distant future, I'll be making a painting blog of my progress with warhammer quest stuff (as well as puppet wars ...which is also awesome) using largely "modern" models, rather than the classics, so I'm trying to figure out all of the none-player-created characters so that I can paint them up.

I think there were:
Barbarian (I have a great model for him)
Elf (I have a possible model)
Dwarf (I have a possible model)
Wizard (no model yet)
Imperial noble (I have a fantastic model for him)
Warrior priest (no model yet)
Witch hunter (no model yet)
Elf ranger (using the same model as the elf, though I may be able to rustle something up from my wood elf collection)
wardancer (I have a great model for him)
trollslayer (I have a nice simple conversion for him)
Chaos Warrior (I have finally got my hands on one of my very favorite models of all time for him)
Pit fighter (no model yet)

Is that all of them? I seem to have aquired rules for a halfling thief and an ogre, but I don't know if those are just someone's home made creations, or whether they were officially released somewhere?

We've played a few games of the basic game now (with a barbarian, a dwarf, an elf, and a wizard), proxying most of the models (I need to pick up a load of my goblins, a few heroes, and my paints, from another house) and decided to take a swing at the "campaign" game (ie keeping our characters and developing them as we go along). As my elf has not quite been pulling his weight (possibly because he's not got as much weight as the bulky dwarf and barbarian) I decided I'd switch him for an imperial noble, but the others have stuck with barbarian, dwarf, and wizard respectively. We've played the first game with these characters and found many things:

1 - The barbarian seems to have instantly taken on Schwartzenegger style "conan" skills. He basically racked up 800 gold just by killing so many hapless minions. His highest point was an insane 5 orc deathblow (assuming we have the rules for deathblow correct, ie if he hits and kills the first model, he rolls to hit the second, then if he kills that, he rolls to hit the third etc, until he misses/fails to kill an enemy, or hits a wall).

2 - The noble (my character) is pretty bad ass, though if anything actually survives to hit him, he suffers rather badly (fortunately the model I'm using has armour, so he's going to buy some of that asap). His high point was shooting a minotaur and managing to take it's last 6 wounds in one fell swoop (bagging him a huge bag of gold).

3 - The wizard has his moments, though ours seems too wizardly for the party - When rolling up spells he got 3 spells which require 5+ power to cast!

4 - After a single battle, the dwarf is seriously considering taking a slayer oath. He was an embarrasment to all dwarf kind. I guess his "highlight" was failing to hit a minotaur repeatedly, and then when the noble killed it, he got angry with a nearby bat and hit it with a double 6 for wounds (which, again, if we have the rules right, means he adds them together and adds his strength, making the attack cause 15 wounds (minus toughness).... to a bat with 1 wound). In total through the entire dungeon he managed to make about 100 gold... and the wizard killed nearly as much in combat as he did.

5 - Unexpected events really spoil your day. We were doing fine, until we got to the room before the objective room (as it turned out), and the flippin' wizard fell down a great big hole and instant killed himself. With the healing all gone, the others charged into the objective room and were set upon by a minotaur, a bunch of skaven (or was it orcs?) and some giant rats. They nearly got through them, but eventually the minotaur was just too much, and they all got mashed (brough the minotaur down to 3 wounds though).

We decided that actually what had happened was that the wizard had fallen into a trap door which just took him neatly to the front entrance of the dungeon (somehow), the noble and dwarf decided to run away (this seemed especially fitting for the dwarf), and the barbarian went all "conan" on the minotaur and killed it, gaining a bunch of experience. When he got back outside though, the others didn't believe that he'd killed it, and he lost his confidence (losing exactly the same amount of experience as he'd gained!). So now the team is all ready for another dungeon (though we haven't done the "between dungeons" bit yet, because it was late, and none of us had actually read the rules for that). The only change which may or may not occur (he hasn't decided yet) is whether the dwarf will try to redeem his honour as he is, or whether he'll take the slayer oath (and thus let us try out a new character type).

So there you go. If anyone could answer the question (which seems to have become hidden away in my ramblings) that'd be great. Hopefully I'll have my painting log up and running in approx 2 weeks time (though I fear it'll pale in comparison to some of the great logs on here).


18-06-2012, 16:50
I think you've listed all the official characters there, except the Brettonian Knight. The halfling thief and ogre are indeed 'home-made' but most of us count them as semi-official as they were printed in the Citadel Journal and Deathblow, along with the assassin, dwarf brewmaster ;), pirate (his rules look really bad, though), kislevite shaman (not a whole lot better than the pirate, but the winter campaign rules do look interesting...) and sword of aenarion.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and how your characters develop!

20-06-2012, 12:46
Ah yes, totally forgot the brettonian knight. In fact, now that I look at the models, the guy who's currently my imperial noble will probably fit better as a brettonian knight (who's fallen on hard times)... more on that in a plog which hasn't begun yet...

In other news, we had another game last night, and this time we made it to the 3rd room, before a minotaur rocked up and massacred everyone. Just to clarify, am I right that for a minotaurs attacks, you roll 2 dice and add the minotaurs strength (4), and minus the toughness of the character (in my noble's case, 3)? This is how I've been reading it, but that means that in this case, the minotaur basically does 2D6+1 wounds per hit which essentially deletes a character in one or two hits. Are we playing that correctly? (and if so, how on earth does one beat a minotaur, never mind D3 minotaurs!?)

20-06-2012, 14:37
You are playing that correctly. There is a reason there are only 2 minotaur dungeon cards... At level one, you are going to get your head beaten in by minotaurs regularly. Possible solutions are to firstly, get a dwarf that can hit ;). Second, find some decent treasure (don't forget to pick up that treasure card everytime you finish a monster event) or buy furs and maybe a helm in town. Another thing that people do advise is to use houserules, as WHQ is very, very harsh when you start out. Most people will suggest giving all the characters a selection of bandages and provisions when they start the first dungeon to help healing, and limit unexpected events to one at a time (a second can't happen unless all creatures from a previous unexpected event have been removed from the table). The last time I played without that rule, we got three rooms in and then died to a mega-combat that filled every single square we had revealed with monsters. EVERY. SINGLE. SQUARE.

Give the wizard healing hands as one of his spells. If he has that, he only needs 2 points of magic to raise everyone in the room off the floor (which you can have even on a power dice result of 1, assuming you don't waste your power points). Make sure he is protected (backed into a corner surrounded by the other warriors to block creatures getting at him) and that simple spell can make you almost unkillable. I found lightning bolt good at level 1 as well (becomes bad quickly as you level up), although freeze is apparently the attack spell of choice. Confuse is also good (the minotaur can't do 2D6+1 wounds if he doesn't have any attacks...)

21-06-2012, 04:46
The Halfling Thief and the Kislevite Shaman were mail-order Warriors. And some of the ones from the Citadel Journal and Deathblow Magazines were created by the original writers of Warhammer Quest. So they are pretty good.

I have done some minor (sometimes major) work on some of those Warriors. The one i really revamped is the (Salty) Seadog - as mentioned by S_A_T_S, it was pretty sad. But my new revision is pretty exciting and i've playtested him thoroughly. You can access all of my revised Warriors via my message board:


27-06-2012, 19:56
The Ogre is fun :p