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03-05-2006, 15:59
I have a mortal army.. but I'm thinking of adding some beasts to take out warmachines an such. I thought I heard that you can use an ambush rule with them... how does this work and can I use this in a mortal army?


03-05-2006, 16:02
Nope. Only an army with a general who is able to ambush is able to use ambush (hope that made sense :)). But beasts are still fantastic for chaos armies; as maneuverable and cheap meat shields.

03-05-2006, 16:05
I thank Khorne everyday that GW invented beastherds :D

Numerous times I have marched my entire army behind a mere 2 herds stretched out in a long thin line to survive a multitude of warmachine attacks!

03-05-2006, 18:34
You can use the ambush rule if you have a beastlord as a general, which means all your mortal units become special choices. It's worth it if you have enough beast herds to drop in behind your opponent.

If you want something to take out warmachines go with furies or screamers. You can also take a Shaman, give him Goretooth, and the Shadow spell list. Take shadowsteed as a spell (you can fly), and the goretooth allows you to cast a frenzy spell (I think). I've been told it's great to take out warmachines, lonely wizards, small units, etc. I have yet to use it myself.


04-05-2006, 00:13
Be careful though as beasts are infamous for their low leadership, which means that a panicing unit of hounds can be disasterous, plus, do not forget you MUST keep your general alive, because if he dies and he did not sound his/her horn the ambushing units will count as slain.

04-05-2006, 10:36
I'd recommend Marauders to support a beast army - infantry blocks or marauder fast cavalry.

The real flaw with the beastherd ambush is that they DON'T remove rank bonuses for flank or rear charges (although they do get the flank/rear attack CR bonus). Ironically, this often means you're better off pinning the front of a unit with a beastherd and charging something else into the flank; like fast cavalry, for instance. Warhounds can do this too but they are exceptionally poor against all but the most pathetic of enemy troops - more often than not I've seen an enemy unit win a combat on the number of flanking warhounds it manages to kill. Forget using warhounds against anything with an armour save or toughness 4. Their best bet is against undead but then their low Ld means they'll rarely charge home without the general being in the vicinity.

Marauder fast cavalry has a number of advantages though; better leadership, more manouvreable, flails - let me say that again, flails, an armour save and more tactical options. Hell, they can even have throwing axes - imagine that; a chaos shooting phase! Whatsmore, their manouvreability sits well with the beast army rather than constraining your movement options to accomodate lumbering units like chariots.

In terms of generalship, using a Beastlord allows you to take aspiring/exalted champions and chaos sorcerors in your hero slots should you wish to.

04-05-2006, 12:19
I'd recommend undivided chaos knights over marauder cavalry. They are twice as expensive, not fast cavalry and not quite as fast, but you can have a fairly cheap unit of 4 that will fair MUCH better against most enemy fire, they get +1 LD and re-roll psychology and are better in combat. Small frontage makes up for lack of fast cavalry somewhat. Makes for a flanking unit that you can rely on rather than one that will die if the enemy has a few bows.

Alex Under
04-05-2006, 18:14
If what you need is to get rid of warmachines, lonely wizards, etc... well then one word for you: FURIES.

They're essential in my HoC army and I wish they weren't a 0-1 choice :(

05-05-2006, 02:50
I use an effective list with a mixture of beast, mortals, and demons. I like a huge beastherd led by two wargors of Tzeetch all tooled up for business. And I like a small unit of chosen Chaos knights with the warbanner. I use screemers of tzeetch and mounted demonettes. I also use a huge unit 25 marauders. My general is mortal. The ld 8 is much valued at less than 2k.