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03-05-2006, 19:12
Now having to much time on my hands and a copy of Zombies!!! to hand I thought about developing some kind of single player experience for this game.
The easiest oprion I could see would be to remove all the event cards that alter the other players' behaviours and see how that works out...

Anyone with any suggestions (finding other players is a slim option... Anyone here live around Canterbury, Kent, England and have a wargaming club I could attend for a few months? :D )

04-05-2006, 15:02
I found some rules for solitare Zombies back when I used to play somewhat regularly and looked for ways to expand the game a bit. I ran through it once or twice, though I don't remember any problems with it to warn you of.

I would reccommend just 1 set of Zombies, since you aren't really going to explore multiple directions. Of course you could always write your own plot to the scenario and change it. Maybe instead of getting to the Heliport in town, you have to find the army base and get out through it. I guess that would depend on what sets you have for the game. I have all of the ones up until the latest, 'School's Out Forever,' or something like that.

Without further adu:


As you work the slide on the shotgun, chambering another round the truck unexpectedly hits a pothole, hurling you through the air to crash painfully to the pavement.

Over the ringing in your ears you can hear the soft scrape of shoe leather on asphalt & the moans of the undead as they close in around you, while you painfully struggle to your knees.

You wheeze as you try to force air back into the lungs that were emptied by the force of the impact from the fall, to call out to your companions & let them know that youˇ¦ve been left behind.

You watch in horror as the driver of the truck swerves to avoid a group of zombies & crashes headfirst into a telephone pole.

You hear the soft whoosh of the gasoline catching flame & feel the heat & massive force of the explosion as the gas tank ignites.

You had been traveling cross country when you stopped off in this town to get a bite to eat when the reports started coming in of the dead returning to life & devouring the living. Even as you rushed out of the dinner to get back in you car & get the hell out of here, a group of zombies surrounded out, cutting you off from your only means of escape.

Miraculously a group of locals came roaring up in a pick up blasting away at the zombies & slowing down enough to allow you to jump in the back. They tossed you a shotgun & told you that they were making a run for a nearby heliport & get out of this town

Now they're all dead, consumed by the flames & the living dead alike.

And you have to find this heliport they mentioned.

Surrounded by an army of walking death.


Alone is a solitaire scenario, which will also serve as the basis for the rules that I will be using in my future solitaire scenarios. The setup is as follows.

Draw 5 ammo tokens & 5 life tokens for your shotgun guy
Cut the map tile deck in half & shuffle the helipad into the last half of the deck & then place the two halves back together.
Lay the Town Square out as your starting tile

The turn sequence & description of the variations in the rules is as follows
DRAW AN EVENT CARD = Draw 1 card & bring into play immediately. If it is a weapon card you may use it right away or hold it until needed. It is not require to go to the Named Locations to retrieve weapons like the Chainsaw, Fire Axe etc. Detrimental cards are brought into play immediately. Placement of zombies, cards that require the player to be moved back etc. are always done to the disadvantage of the player.
PLAYERS MOVE = The player may move up to 6 spaces per turn (no roll required). Full movement is not required, partial movement is allowed. The map tiles are scrolling (the next is laid out as the player moves off of the last) DO NOT place ammo or life tokens in named locations (the way that players gain ammo & lives will be described below). In addition to the zombies called for in the named locations place a # equal to the entry points on the roadways. Fight zombies as normal.
END OF TURN = At the end of the turn do the following:
Discard cards in play (unless it is a weapon card like the axe or skateboard or one you haven't used yet like the chainsaw)
Trade in zombies killed for ammo & or life tokens at a ratio of 2 zombies for every token (still max of 6 lives, no limit on ammo)
Move ALL zombies 1 space toward shotgun guy (this doesn't take as long as you would think, especially when they all start lining up in the streets - just take the guy from the back of the line & bump him to the front!)
I have played this scenario about 8 times & have won 3 & lost 5 (one of which was right at the helipad because I had ˇ§I don't think they're deadˇ¨ played on me & had no ammo & 4 lives left).

My 1st version had a trade in value of 1 for 1 on zombies/tokens, which made it too easy.

My 2nd stipulated that the player HAD to make their full move every turn, which made it too difficult - it forces you into additional combats w/ zombies when you're running low on tokens. Being able to stop before entering your next map tile allows you to end your turn & trade in your zombies (stopping to take a rest as it were).