View Full Version : New Settlement Events?

27-06-2012, 12:41
I am obsessed with collecting extra Events, Hazards and encounters to use in my games of Warhammer Quest, and thought I'd throw this out to the wider community with the aim of compiling a super-list of Warhammer Quest Settlement Events.

What new or custom Settlement Events do you/have you used between games of Quest?

27-06-2012, 14:57
To kick things off, here's my first Settlement Event:

Lucky Find
You see the glint of something metallic in a shadey alleyway and go to investigate.
Roll 1d6 to see what happens:
1 - As you bend low to retrieve the coin you see on the floor, you are struck silently over the head with a blackjack and wake later to find your purse containing 1d6 x 100 x (Title) gold missing.
2+ - You find 10 Gold!

Deduct -1 if you are staying in a town, or -2 if you are staying in a City or Sea Port.

*Battle Leve 1 = 1, BL 2-4 = 2, BL 5-8 = 3, BL 9-10 = 4, corresponding to the titles Novice, Champion, Hero and Lord.