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06-07-2012, 18:36
Hi, after moving away from GW games for a while i have decided (based on someone else wanting to play) to start on an army.
I know for certain they are going to play necrons and will be inexperienced (just like me!) but will play to win so i need to choose a force that is at least able to stand up to them in a fight, be it not at the hardcore tournament level.
I have cut down the list of choices to necrons, grey knights, tau, orks, dark eldar or maybe... guard. The thing is i would also want the army to be something i can make look good in painting and modelling which is a point against the gk army as i have repeatedly got bored very quickly painting marines.
Necrons also have a point against them in that i am not sure games necrons vs necrons would be that entertaining though that may just be my thoughts based on.. absolutely no evidence.
The initial thoughts are to start low points wise (roughly battleforce + character sort of points) and work up slowly.
Play style wise i have never had a preference anything from glass cannon, speedy, tough and resilient, shooty, melee..i have liked them all so that is not really a factor.
In these early stages of the new edition i know it will be hard to really tell properly but any help to making this decision would be appreciated thank you.

Lord Damocles
06-07-2012, 18:50
Necrons came out of the change to 6th edition rules rather nicely, so that's something else in their favour.

Necron vs. Necron battles are a lot less boring under the current Codex than the previous one (immovable object vs. immovable object...), although they'll still suffer from the same problems any army fighting itself is susceptible to.

You could always mix things up a little by deliberately making a different style of list to your opponant, or getting in some allies.

06-07-2012, 18:57
Orks or Dark Eldar is where I would point you at. Necrons' biggest weakness is lackluster melee, which is where thse two armies live and breathe (well DE also live and breathe by their speed). Both have some amazing model lines which can be painted in numerous ways, even in the same force.

Orks are more random and wacky, always making for a fun time. So long as you avoid an army of only Nobs, both of you will enjoy the game. They tend towards a grungy style, mostly, but there are tribes who like to look their best anf fancy.

Dark Eldar can almost match Necrons shot for shot and then send some nasty melee units in to clean them up. Their speed is amazing, allowing them to choose most of their engagements. You can go a clean cut, professional assassin style with them, a crazed circus of sadistic death, or both.