View Full Version : Wizards staff and Wand Q

08-07-2012, 01:16
Just a quick question, i have a Wizards Staff and during our last dungeon i picked up a Wand (-1 to the casting cost of spells), can they be used at the same time or do i have to chose at the start of the turn

09-07-2012, 00:16
Personally I'd use them both at the same time, as the staff is a weapon that be used 1 or 2-handed. Just say it's 1-handed most of the time, with the wand in the other, then any turn you use the staff 2-handed, don't use the wand. Or just use both all the time. Who says the wand is a stick that has to be waved about? It could be a stick/wand/charm on a chain that you can wear around your neck or wrist. It's up to the GM really, or the owner of the game if you don't have a GM ;-) That's how we play, anyway (I don't own a full copy, so it's never me that makes that decision).