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Dwarf Longbeard
18-07-2012, 18:15
Hi all I'm just making a start on building an Imperial Guard force, I've got a good idea of what I'd like to take but I'm stuck on artillery.
I play mostly against Marine army's (Deathwing and Thousand Sons) and Dark Eldar, the 2 tanks which I've been looking at are the Medusa and the Manticore both seem to be quite useful against one type of army but not much use against the other army

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience of using these tanks and which would be the best choice to take?

18-07-2012, 18:22
I fight an IG player regularly and he fields Medusas. I can tell you from experience that they are quite good. Keep in mind that blasts now hit full strength against vehicles no matter where the hole is. That makes it much more reliable. They are also cheaper to boot, which will free up some points.

18-07-2012, 18:25
Manticore everytime. Really nice model and a great asset to your collection.

Game ways it's pretty useful too against everything.

18-07-2012, 18:35
I think the Medusa is probably the better, or more reliable of the two. It seems to have a few things in its favour like the lack of a minimum range and a good strenght and AP value.

Still, I use Basilisk and when it comes to choosing a new artillery piece for Guard, all I can say is, they don't have bad artillery. Whatever you buy will work well against anyone, the only small problem will be the Manticore failing to punch through Astartes armour. while a Collosus, Medusa or Basilisk will cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

I never realised how much the rules for the Med and Mant had changed from Imperial Armour Vol1.

18-07-2012, 18:37
since the 6th edition they are both tank killer for sure. if you take the bastion breacher shells for the Medusa, it gains D6 more armour penetration, which is pretty nice and has 12" more distance, but remember the short range of the Medusa and it can only fire directly, so its vulnerable to shooting. But put it behind an Aegis defence line with camo netting and it gains a nice cover save...

Manticore is just killer for hordes, but for instant killing purposes of Marines and Terminators a Medusa will do a better job. I have a Medusa, i love it. Against Marines, youŽll net to keep it away from Devastator sqauds, if they take lascannons andyou meet them in open field...bye Medusa.

I think you have to decide what compromise you are willing to take:
Manticore: tank killer, long range, but minimum too, limited ammo, but D3 blast ist awesome...and Marines have armour save
Medusa: better tank killer (better AP and bastion breacher), much shorter range (might be the biggest problem), no indirect fire, unlimited ammo...and Marines have NO armour save

18-07-2012, 18:45
Where does it say a Med can only fire directly? I just got back into 40K with 6th and have the IG book, but it doesn't mention that.
FAQ addition?
I know a Griffon cannot fire directly, thats about all I know too lol.

18-07-2012, 18:46
Sorry, internet went nutty.

18-07-2012, 19:13
Where does it say a Med can only fire directly? I just got back into 40K with 6th and have the IG book, but it doesn't mention that.
FAQ addition?
I know a Griffon cannot fire directly, thats about all I know too lol.

Only "Barrage" weapons can fire indirectly. Like the Basilisk, it can fire directly AND indirectly. You are right about the Griffon. The Medusa has no "Barrage" entry, so it cannot fire indirectly. This is also according to fluff, the Medusa is just a big gun you point at some building and fire it like a lasgun, in theory.

I play the Death Korps of Krieg, the have a special Medusa Siege Battery, it can fire indirectly and over 120", which I like more. It counts as artillery and has only armour 11, but it is a solid basis for my Siege regiment.

Dwarf Longbeard
18-07-2012, 19:58
Thanks for all the replies, it looks like the Medusa seems to be a slightly better pick for killing the marines and taking out tanks so I'll give it a try :)

18-07-2012, 19:59
Cheers, I am looking forward to getting my Guard back in action, been a long time since I last touched 40K.

18-07-2012, 20:10
I'd choose the manticore, though I do like the colossus s6 ap3 large blast that ignores cover is going to upset both marines and dark eldar

18-07-2012, 21:15
medusa just look awesome too, so thats 2 points over the manticore.

18-07-2012, 21:28
They are different vehicles with different uses. The Medusa is tank destroyer/assault gun, you point it at a big tough tank or a big scary 2+sv infantry unit and end it. The Manticore is more of a medium anti-armor/anti-infantry unit, with absurdly high strength to force a hull point loss in many cases, but lacking in AP for damage rolls but with lots of area to hit a large number of models.

18-07-2012, 22:12
If terminators are indeed on the rise (and all indications point towards this being so), I would go with the Medusa. When I play my deathwing, I just kindof ignore manticores.

18-07-2012, 22:41
or: why dot you take both? :D than you are prepared for almost every situation

19-07-2012, 00:17
Manticore all the way for me to be honest. The Medusa is 25pts cheaper (20 if you take the bastion breacher shells) but cannot fire indirectly, is open topped and incapable of first turn suppresionfire with a short 36" range (unless you immediatly put it in harm's way). On paper the Medusa looks pretty ok but for me it never lived up to expectations. The d3 str 10 templates of the manticore just lay down so much more hurt, yes it has limited ammo but that is largely irrelevant as it won't survive past turn 3 or 4 anyways. The ap of the manticore is worse, yes, but it positively destroys any tank it sets it sights on with some decent dice rolls. That and the multi template causes some damage even if the armor save of the target is good.

If you are after something that can bust terminators don't go for a Medusa either, take one (or better yet, more) Demolisher or plasma russ. The Demolisher only costs 30 pts more than the Medusa and is a whole lot more survivable and with adding other weapons it gets more flexible aswell. Yes, the range is even shorter and it doesn't have indirect fire either. But more importantly, it's also immune to srt 7 anti tank spam which will destroy your Medusa in no time (just make sure that the front is always towards the enemy:D). It's rear armour of 11 even means it can hold out a tiny bit better in close combat.

I'd personally always take either the Manticore or a Demolisher, a Medusa just isn't good enough on the field to fully use it's stats. In theory it's awesome but I find it doesn't compare to the other tanks.