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18-07-2012, 23:07
Hey guys, so I'm 95% sure I'm taking up the Chaos Marines, starting today (and finally embracing my love for villainous religious fanaticism).

I'm just looking for advice on how to start a fluffy Wordbearer force using the current codex of CSM as the primary draw. Yes, I have allies at my disposal and yes I know that the new codex will offer new and intriguing options, but I'm ready to embrace this now, so am seeking some advice.

Which units should I favour? (I absolute love drednought fluff, regardless of gameplay-- is that against Wordbearer forces?)
Which units should I avoid?
What paint colours (official GW) best fit the force?

Which allied units fit the flavour?

(I have at my disposal an older Chaos force (handed down to me) filled with various units, including a predator, some bikes, rhinos and berserkers, obliterators too. I have a box of daemonettes and a bloodthirster, and my entire force of IG to corrupt and pull from on occasion(as allies) [I will likely convert an IG allies to be part goatmen, using a leftover box of Warhammer Beastmen)

Thanks everyone-- excited to get going

18-07-2012, 23:51
Well, it isn't a reason to not build up your force yet, but it's worth bearing in mind that the new Chaos Marines Codex should be out in a couple of months (if the rumours hold true) and that Word Bearers make an appearance in it.

I'd take a look at Possessed Marines (Gal Vorbak - or at least the inheritors of the Gal Vorbak), a Chaos Lord who can double up as a Dark Apostle. So far I see no reason why Dreads would be anti-Word Bearer imagery and it seems unlikely that the next Codex would change that.

Have fun!

Nurgling Chieftain
19-07-2012, 00:04
Pretty much the only thing you have to watch out for is that Word Bearers are leary of overly dedicating themselves to any one dark god, preferring to worship them as a pantheon rather than bearing the mark of an individual. "Chaos Glory" should be the order of the day (although a few hired thugs would not necessarily break theme). Theoretically they're also known for fielding Daemons and Possessed (although I never fielded possessed with mine, but that's mostly because possessed have never really been even remotely competitive so far - hoping for a dramatic change in the new codex, but not really expecting one). Otherwise, go crazy.

Sons of Lorgar
19-07-2012, 00:14
I got an idea the other day for human uses for my own Word Bearers; amass a fair mumber of Empire militia/flagellants, necromunda gangers (preferrably ratskins and other less powerful factions) and possibly VC ghouls and zombies for more variation, assemble them and paint them up as ragged slaves, finishing off with making a greenstuff collar with two 1/16" cylindrical rare earth magnets at 730 and 430 o'clock and two small black-oxidized jewlery sized 2" chains at 1030 and 130 o'clock positions, ending the chains with another pair of magnets. That way, you'd end up with a squad of chained-up slaves/sacrifices that's still possible to separate for casualties and storage that will always be in unit coherency as long as they are chained together.

19-07-2012, 02:47
Cool thread with great ideas for conversions and other Word Bearers goodness.


19-07-2012, 03:20
judging from word bearers omnibus :
They have dark apostle (current codex should just be chaos lord, but next one they get their own rules)
they have coryaphus , right hand man for dark apostle on military matters (should be chaos lord in terminator armor)
they have chaos standard bearer (anyone can carries this but from novels, it was given to possesed marine)
they have dread nought advisor (at least from novels)
they have chosen terminator
they have possesed terminator
they have crap lot of chaos marine (normal ones and havocs) and cultist (currently unavailable but next codex should be in)
Couple of chaos landraider transport and chaos rhino and helltalon/hellblade flyer (at least from novels)
and daemons (lots of them, mix and match from all chaos gods)

And no, they didn't include any cult units

Sons of Lorgar
19-07-2012, 10:21
My Word Bearer host do use cult troops, but those cult troops aren't Word Bearers themselves, but instead keeping their parent legion's colours, eg. Nurgle marines beeing white and green with heavy corrosion, decay and Death Guard symbolism, Noise marines custom paint jobs all over, Ksons blue and gold and Berzerkers white and blue base with heavy red-brown wash of 'blood' to the point of obscuring most of the base colours.

I have read the WB omnibus aswell as all the HH books detailing the WB and I have conciously taken a step away from that canon towards a slightly more 'humane' Apostle leading my host.

I have roughly 80 berzerkers, 20 noise marines, 20 plague marines and 12 Ksons, with around 200 Word Bearer infantry of all types, 1 DP with wings, servo skull and croxius, 40 or so lesser daemons (generic metal VC Ghouls and metal bloodletters), one bloodthirster and 150 traitor guardsmen, of which 90 are ungor/catachan/marauder/vraks/cadian/old plastic mutation sprue kitbashes.
Also there are seven rhinos both Mk1 and Mk2c, 4 Mk1 hull predators, 2 land raiders, 3 vindicators, a Thunderhawk gunship, a chaos warhound scout titan, 3 dread claws, 3 dreads, 2 Hell blades, 1 Hell talon, 1 defiler, 22 Leman russ chassi vehicles of most variants, 11 chimeras, 6 bassilisks, 3 medusas, 2 salamander cmnd veh, 3 hellhounds, 4 sentinels, 1 manticore, 1 deathstrike, 1 hydra and 1 valkyrie.

My lifetime goal is a Host of Word Bearers the size of a loyalist chapter in addition to a Combined arms brigade of traitor/mutant guard, a titan taskforce, a chaos undivided daemon host and about a thousand of the slaves described in my first post in this thread.

A Shadow
20-07-2012, 04:23
If you want a really good look at Word Bearers, read the Word Bearer series by Anthony Reynolds.

20-07-2012, 10:35
Use whatever you want in your Wordbearers army. A Dark Apostle rules his warband without any constrains and if he wants to add a few plaque marines ( mercenaries perhaps? ) then
few would dare to object. As a rule of thumb i would suggest that everything but cult warriors can easily be considered to be a part of the warhost ( and even cult warriors can be explained by stating that they are mercs ).

When it comes to colours i would suggest a dark red ( scab red as basecolour, can't remember the name of it's current replacement ) that is slowly built up to a lighter red ( perhaps scab red-> 2 parts scab red,1 part blood red -> scab red, blood red -> 1 part scab red, 2 parts blood red. For the shades you can darken the scab red with increasing amounts of black and/ or perhaps a dark violet ).

Perfect allies are daemons of all kinds. The Word Bearers tend to use lesser daemons as cannonfodder.

20-07-2012, 10:38
As everyone else has suggested, pretty much anything goes with the Word Bearers, there's no units in the current codex that they'd have an aversion to using.

20-07-2012, 15:00
As others have said, stay away from Cult exclusive troops and you should be fine. I started my Word Bearers for an escalation league, and it was a blast. I hampered myself some what by my adherence to the fluff, but it was worth it I think. I made a bunch of battle reports here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?306344-Word-Bearer-s-Escalation-Campaign).

Chaos Undecided
20-07-2012, 15:12
As others have stated pretty much anything bar the cult troops could feature in a Word Bearer list they're one of the few Legions that by all accounts havent fragmented into disparate warbands since their exile to the eye/maelstrom so probably have better access to the full repertoire of support units compared to others.

They would be more likely to include possessed units that other Legions I believe and though personally I have no issue using the units at present rumours seem to suggest they'll be better in the new book ( might be wishful thinking though :p )