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31-07-2012, 15:57
In the grand and noble quest to collect models to represent the endless hordes that make up the monster tables in this game, there are some entries that cause more problems than others, and few that cause more problems than Hobgoblins! While I still hold out hope that forge world will eventually release them, I am forced to consider alternatives. The original OOP models cost a small fortune, and although there are one or two D&D type models that I've seen, the sculpts are rarely any good and you end up having to buy 12 individually packaged metal models. I found these guys from Otherworld miniatures:


These would cost 40 for the required 12, but annoyingly force you to have 4 with bows!? Pfffft...

I have come up with an interesting possibility however: GW LotR range Morannon Orcs:


Since the LotR range is slightly smaller than the normal WH range, I'm hoping these orcs would be the right height for hobgoblins (which I think were a little taller than normal goblins, but not as big/chunky as orcs right?). With a bit of greenstuff I'm thinking the characteristic noses could be added, and to top it all off, they come in a box of 12!

What do people think? Good solution? What other monsters in the tables are particularly awkward to get hold of nowadays? Have you found any solutions for them?

02-08-2012, 17:15
There is a fellow who has written a guide to converting the much more common Battle for Skull Pass night goblins into Hobgoblins.


I thought they were decent conversions, without much need for converting expertise. They also look very "Warhammer" appropriate.


03-08-2012, 14:19
Thats a pretty cool conversion. The morannon orcs don't match the warhammer look I must admit, though they do seem to match the traditional roleplay look. How similar are the battle for skull pass goblins to the current night goblin box set? Could the same conversion be applied to those?

04-08-2012, 21:56
For now I just use Gnoblars as Hobgoblins. Though a poor proxy they work and since the hobs don't show up that much they seem to be just fine and cost very little.

05-08-2012, 09:31
The old preslotta ones come up frequently one eBay and they were quite common, so they don't go for crazy money. They have a very different 'look' to normal Goblins too, more fierce and Eastern, a bit like Samurai.

Shas'El Tael
16-08-2012, 01:39
I've always checked out Chaos Dwarf forum for inspiration with these. Here's a link to a thread folks add their versions too:


The best seem to utilise Skaven Plaguemonk bodies and current goblin heads, or Skaven clanrats bodies plus goblin/gnoblar heads.


24-07-2014, 16:30
Sorry to necro but there's still no hobgoblins out, I use the goblins from mantic games kings of war, they have everything I needed for them, and are really cheap hope this helps

24-07-2014, 19:14
I plonk Gobo heads on anything I think suitable, old style chaos warriors, or celtic warriors from Warlord. :)

25-07-2014, 10:30
The Reaper bones goblins make nice hobgoblins. They are a bit skinny and lanky looking. Really cheap too!

26-07-2014, 05:09
Almost completed lvl 1 tabel. Just have Dark Elves and Savage Orcs then the dreaded Centaurs and Hobgoblins to do. For the Hobgoblins I'm being torn between old plastic Night Goblin heads on Plague Monk bodies or Battleforge Hobs.

28-07-2014, 07:51
I went with the Reaper Bones goblins in the end, seriously toyed with trying to convert night goblins but saw a pack of reaper bones dungeon critters including the goblins for about 10 so went with them.
Not heard of Battleforge before, they look pretty useful for filling in the blank spots in the Monster Tables with Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins. Bookmarked!

29-07-2014, 17:09
Ha! Was I surprised to see this thread pop up again :p it's been almost exactly two years and I still haven't bought anything to represent hobgoblins. Other projects distracted me but I shall get round to this eventually. I just finished assembling some of the new dark elf kits! So all these suggestions will certainly be useful to me!

On a similar line, and since Geo mentioned it, what are people's preferred centaur/centigor models?

29-07-2014, 18:04
If you can find get them (smiles smuggly to myself), Rackham made some excellent Centaurs which of course are oop


Failing that, Otherworld do some nice Centaurs, Heresy has a nice one and Gaspez Arts do some nice Dwarf Centaurs.

Also I have seen some nice conversions simply replacing a horses head with the body of a human/beastmen

30-07-2014, 06:04
Hobgolins that look like GW ones.......easy how about these guys



They are from Russian-Alternative


30-07-2014, 06:30
I used Mantic Goblins for my Hobgoblins. I Found a box of Metal Chaos Centigors (x5) in my local Hobby shop for 20 (although OOP now ) and also found 2 boxes (x10) of Finecast Centigors for 50 delivered on Ebay. Will use the various designs to make up a different look for champions, heroes etc. Still expensive, but at 40+ for a box of 5 from GW, it did work out a bit cheaper. Mantic are usually my first place to look for stand-ins, but I have used Avatars of War quite a bit for special characters, heroes and champs.

23-12-2014, 21:36
Thanx for the tip on the Gaspez arts one. Too bad there is only 1 model and need atleast 3 models for the bull centaur let alone the champions. I really love the ones from forgeworld but they are simply too big I think. Normal centaurs are easy to convert but the bull centaurs are quite a lot harder