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Blood Bowl

Zlatlan Small Horns

By Karl pepper

The Zlatlan Small Horns Lizardmen Blood Bowl team trained on the icy mountains of the great mountains. They did this because of there many losses to the Norse away games so to combat the bitter cold they trained in the cold so as to be prepared, plus since Zlatlan was a hidden city they couldn’t hold games any were near it. However this was too much for the cold-blooded creatures and as a result the entire team came down with either hypothermia or frostbite and more than half the team died. After they’re well thought out strategy failed miserably they recruited new younger recruits and tried thinking of new ways to combat the bitter elements. Then the Slan mage priests found an ancient potion, which was used when the ancient armies of the west had to travel north to fight enemies of the wastelands. With this travel came bitter cold mornings and even colder nights which left them vulnerable to attack. So a Slan mage priest called ''Xahumec'' created a potion to turn the reptiles from cold blooded to warm-blooded while in cold regions. The Zlatlan mage priest (who was also a big fan of blood bowl and heard of the small horns predicament) found this potion and handed it over to the team coach. The entire team drank the potion and at first felt no difference until they came to the icy ridges of the mountain and then they realised that now they were almost invincible. The coach was so pleased with the result that he set up a village which grew and grew until they finally came to the decision of full time training on the mountain and even building a blood bowl pitch up there which he thought might give them an extra edge as there opponents would expect the sweltering heats of the Zlatlan rain forests. But one night something extremely bizarre happened. To the shock of the coach and the fans, the entire team had turned an icy blue colour which at first the team thought the Slan gods we bestowing on them chameleon abilities to change colours with the weather, but this I’m afraid was not so. When there next match came against the champion team the Dwarf Giants at an away game, which happened to be in the heat similar to a desert, there tragic curse was made aware when they entered the stadium under the burning sun. Many of the team collapsed due to heat exhaustion half way through the match and the rest only barley stood up thanks to a half time brainstorm from the coach to give them supports attached to there legs and backs keeping there legs and bodies straight. It appears that because the team spent more time up in the cold then in the heat it caused the team to have an almost opposite effect to the potion as in there were immune to the cold but now heat is deadly to them, an ironic turn of events. The Zlatlan small horns almost lost 6-0 that day at the blood bowl match that is till the Dwarfs coach felt so ashamed for the lizard men coach he called off the match causing a forfeit for the Dwarf Giants.

2481 The Zlatlan take there first victory in the Zlatlan Cup and was one of many to come becuase Sotek's Word was so humiliated after there terrible defeat to the Amazon team that they refused to play again in the Zlatlan Cup saying it was beneath the great team. However the team are still reluctant to play Amazons teams.

2485 Set'ess retires and hands over his clipboard and his team to his young towel boy/strategist Raymond StickBack. The team take four years to reclaim the Zlatlan Cup but are undefeated since.

2496 The Zlatlan Lizards decide to make a legal Blood Bowl team in the NAF league.
Creating a small village far from the hidden city they build a regulation Blood Bowl pitch for home games.

2497 After months of arguing with NAF officials to get the go ahead to create a Zlatlan team located away from the actual city. They decided on blindfolding the players and there band of fans, staff and commentators while travelling to large league games.

2498 The teams worst defeat against the Norsca Rampagers demoralised the team and brought there fan factor down considerably with the match ending in a 5-0 defeat. This is the same year of the coach’s ‘great mountain training’ idea. This is also the year they lizards got the Spike! Magizine award for most assistant coaches sacrificed in one season.

2499 The Slann Mage priest Xahumec stumbles upon the ‘stay warm potion’ while clearing out trash in the temple.

2500 The team turns BLUE! Thanks to the potion, the team turns an icy blue colour and believe themselves to be invincible.
The rich Lord Karl Robert Pepper purchases the team (because his favourite colour is blue) and builds a proper stadium on a high plateau on the Great Mountains by enlisting the help of some Dwarf miners. They then changed the teams name to the Zlatlan Small Horns.

2501 The year of the nearly fatal realisation that there not invincible while playing the Dwarf Giants, its also there first victory by forfeit.

2502 The Small Horns enlist a Kroxigor by name of Stop ’n’ go who turned blue almost instantly after drinking an entire cauldron of the ‘Xahumec madness potion’ mistaking it for home made Kroxoade. The coach believed that more muscle on the team would prevent so many of his captains from dieing, he was however mistaken.

2504 aXceec Sable becomes the new team captain and holds the position longer than any two previous players.

Present The Zlatlan Small Horns continue to dominate the field and are quickly on there way to becoming Spike! Magizine’s award for most promising new comers.

The Team
One of the most famous Liazardmen teams known to the Auld and New world would have to be the Lustria Croakers. The team one there latest major victory in 2501 when the Slann team won the Chaos Cup and Spike! Magazine Trophy. The latest up coming team would be Sotek's word who one the Zlatlan Cup an impressive ninety seven years in a row however they quickly lost that streak when an Amazon team found the location of the hidden city and trashed the team.
These however never showed any of the prowess, skill or potential in there early years as the Zlatlan Small Horns did. However being in the shadow of Sotek's Word the teams ability and strength quickly changed with the help of there new coach Raymond StickBack, a skink named after an old player of the Riekland Raiders who his father was a fan of. With equal number of strength and agility players, there quickly dominating the Lizardmen playoffs and are quickly gaining popularity with the new world teams fans. Being brought up around the rules and guidelines of the game Xa’slee with the guidance of the great Slann.
They are renowned for there effective play of the 3-2-3-2-1 defensive line-u or arrow block defence as many call it, which is as many teams believe, is quite difficult if not impossible to get past.
Developed by coach StickBack, after a humiliating first half against the Elfheim Eagles were they scored after just 4 minutes while decimating and confusing there front line by leaping over the stunty Skink players.

Zlatlan Xa'slee Dragon Cup
The game Xa'slee is very old and is originally were Blood Bowl was formulated. The Lizardmen of Zlatlan are just a few of the Lizardmen cities who still play the ancient game as it was intended and every year the hidden city has a large tournament for the different Lizardmen tribes to celebrate the Slann gods and the wonderful game and skill in this game that they bestowed upon them. This is called the Zlatlan Xa'slee Dragon Cup, or just Dragon Cup as it is known by the auld and new world players. The Zlatlan Small horns (or Zlatlan Lizards as they were formally known) just barely scraped this tournament while the team Sotek's Word played in it. The head coach Set'ess Plack tried everything to stay out of the Word's shadow but to no avail. Set'ess' young skink towel boy was the teams secret weapon who provided Set'ess with advanced running plays and team deployment. After the crushing defeat from the Amazons to Sotek's Word, the team refused to play in the Zlatlan Cup again and the Lizards went on to win continuously for next few years.
After the old coach Set'ess retired, he handed over the team to his towel boy StickBack and the future of the team was laid out in front of him. The team never one the cup again for four years, it is believed that the coach intentualy didn't want to win because he didn't want to take part in the ritual sacrifices of sacrificing the team coach after every tournament win. Coach StickBack then came up with an ingenious idea of employing new assistant coaches after ever tournament and promising them a big payoff at the end of every tournament victory.

Race: Lizardmen
Number Player’s Name /Position

1. aXceec Sable......Saurus/Captain
2. Stop ‘n’ Go.....Kroxigor
3. Flux.......Skink
4. Red Tail......Skink
5. Strong Horn.....Saurus
6. Big Finn.......Skink
7. Gill........Skink
8. Gladus Smeak.........Saurus
9. Son of a Bloch..Saurus
10. Shiny Knuckle......Skink
11. Left Eye........Saurus
Black Horn......Skink
[B]Head Coach : Coach Raymond StickBack
Owner: Lord Karl R. Pepper

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aXceec Sable
Before the small horns took Xahumec madness potion, dubbed by the now ice blue team, there were few survivors from the first time the coach decided to train in the harsh weather of the Great Mountains due to frostbite and hypothermia. But a few did survive and now the only one of that starting eleven was of course our aXceec Saurus. Be it only luck that he receives this privilege of Captainship because his successors died one by one due to Blood Bowl related fatalities or by a dwarf Deathroller. He is the only player who has both skill and experience to lead the team to there destiny of supreme Blood Bowl greatness.

Colour Scheme

Skin- Regal Blue with Enchanted Blue highlights, wash of Blue Ink.
Scales- Regal Blue with Ice Blue and Skull White Highlights.
Skull helmets and claws- Base coat of Scorched Brown. Bleached Bone then equal mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White, highlights of Skull White.
Shoulder pads and jewellery- Tin Bits basecoat, brushed on Burnished Gold with wash of black ink.
Toga/Togs- Base of Shadow Grey, highlights with equal mix Shadow Grey and Skull White, highlight of Skull White.

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Looks good :) Always like to see teams with a story that doesn't make them into Reaver beaters, best team evers or whatever :) Well done :)