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Morathi's Darkest Sin
07-05-2006, 22:10
okay so I've been messing around with GW stuff for a long time, still will, (you know.. Eldar are out this year.. :D ) but I fancy a change on the side. Also I'm figureing supporting the companies that might eventually force GW to lower prices can't be a bad thing. :cool:

Now if I could I'd go for Flames of War, sadly it's not going to happen as I'd be playing myself, its the one game my wife draws the line on, she has a moral objection involving games where peple actually died... the fact she knows I'd probably have a core force based around the SS werewolves doesn't probably help.

Anyways back to this thread, I've been looking at other games Warmachine is out as I don't like the jacks or whatever they are called, don't look right. However Hordes appears interesting, as does Confrontation.

My reason for the thread however is how do they play, do any stand out in particular and does anyone have any good alternatives to those I've entioned. However please note Models are important, long past are the days where a couple of cardboard cutouts are do-able for me anymore.

Hmmm... mind you this comes from a man who plays Heroclix.. scratch that I'll consider anything.

08-05-2006, 02:22
If you want to stay sci-fi and have possible alternative troops for GW. I think Infinity is great. to be honest i haven't played yet but i've read the rules and like them a lot. the figs are also fantastic. it's a new game so they haven't come out with a lot yet but what i've seen is great. check them out at www.infinitythegame.com . I can also say the same for Confrontation. fantastic minis and artwork. the little background i've gotten is cool and the rules are good. One nice thing. no matter what there's a max of twenty figs! they could be 5 really expensive guys or lots of cheep guys.

08-05-2006, 02:45
Starship Troopers seems to be picking up steam over here.:D

Mongoose has a fair bit on their site in PDF form.

08-05-2006, 04:53
infinity is a a good fledgling game with great minis.

starship troopers was fun while i played it, and the arachnid models are nice....as wella s most of the bugs...but thats about where it ends. the game gets semi monotonous having only 1 opposite force to face. i dunno how it is with skinnies out now

my best recommendation is

dark age

dark age is a fast paced skirmish game based off of similar rulesets to warzone. dark age uses D20s which adds a whole new level to gaming that d6s physically cant encumpas. it is actually really true, simply because you have 14 more variables ont he dice that you can add in. also, dark age doesnt feature that irritating 'i move shot assault then you move shoot assault' syndrome. dark age uses alternate activation, moving units and squads at a time. dark age also has some kick ass miniatures

a while back a had a thread running called 'the best game in production' and i really stand by such things. dark age has been a blast, and will continue to be once the game evolves even more. the minis are really nice to boot, and 38mm some reach 40. the brood stuff is HUGE along with the dragyri. the forsaken will be beefier than your average 40k mini and have waay more dynamic poses. its a cheap game too. cost wise id say its slightly under warmachine and waaay under gw

i too have played 40k and fantasy, and am as we speak selling off all my unfinished armies to do 1 40k army, which will be tau, and thats simply all im doing, but point being is ive had a long run with gw, and warmachine and if you want something completely different definatly pick up dark age


and if your at kublacon on friday/saturday, ill run a few demos for ya! :D

08-05-2006, 07:51
some goood sci-fi games outlined above. Don't forget necromunda now the full rules are available free on the net - you can add your own and use different figs - it's still a very enjoyable system.

I would still encourage you to at least try FOW as it is an excellent game. I regard myself as anti-war (doveish, whatever) but still have that interest in WW2 instilled in most blokes born of a certain time. I had the same moral discussion with my girlfriend (and with myself beforehand). If anything FOW has encouraged me to read more about WW2 rather than absorb stuff through popular culture - particularly the easern front and it's consequences.

I enjoy the game over a beer with friends but am very concious it is just a game. That has no bearing on my views or feelings of respect and gratitude for the sacrafices made by my Grandparents generation. Should FoW be seen as better or worse than the hundreds of WW2 computer games out there (IMO better as you at least have a human face to discuss the morality with) or the toy guns/soldiers we played with as kids? Guess it comes down to whether you think playing out an action, even a fictitious one, belittles the memories of those who did so in real life.

Not trying to encourage an argument - but the moral issue is interesting and not straightforward. I don't think I'd want to play an SS formatinon but i've been alright playing russians (?!). As i said - it is a very good game.

08-05-2006, 08:46
Urban war! Its like 40k (Well necromunda) for adults. And with the metropolis big battle rules due for a september release you could probably proxy your whole 40k army for one of the factions.

Check my sig for a bit more info.

Morathi's Darkest Sin
08-05-2006, 09:34
CelestialDragonKing - I'll take a look at Infinity games rules looks like there are some links and downloads, figures look okay as well.
Confrontation is in my top three just for the models, and I think I'm going to try it as well as one or two others.

Starlight - yeah I've been thinking about them, I have Call to Arms and after playing B5Wars (which is so complicated it's insane but in a really cool way) A call to Arms seems to work quite well as a more Fleet based game... (well you could play B5Wars with a couple of large fleets but It'd take you a couple of days to mark all that damage down :) ) .. so I have some trust in Mongoose, its definatly one I'd consider as I'm a big fan of the movies.. yes even the 2nd one.

TanithScout - Thanks for the link dude, to be honest I didn't realise that Broms inspired figure game was out... I remember seing a review of it in wargamming mag a while back but I'd forgotten all about it.. hmm interesting, some nice quality figs on that site. Thanks for the offer on the demo game... but thats one hell of a walk. Seriously though, nice info.. thats in my top three right now. (I think its now a given that I'll just go with the whole top three just to find out which one I like best anyways.)

Colhodg - Necromunda is already one I use on occasion, (Escher player since its release.. :D ) as to FoW potentially there is always hope, but I'm willing to wait for the moment... it seems to be doing very well anyways. As to Werewolves thats probably a joke.. I say probably as I look at WW2 on a more Academic level, and I am interested on the whole issue of fantasicm installed in the troops that followed Hitler at the closest level... although I have noticed (I admit only via skipping through their website so I may have missed them) that currently they have no officially marked SS troops, which I figure is probably a wise move. Anyways to be honest I'd probably go with a Welsh regiment, or possibly American Rangers if I ever went that way.

Luke - Urban war looks interesting, I also like the look of a few of the figures in your linked thread. I'll try looking for their site later.


A 2nd question, something that is important to me when setting up games is Background, I've forgiven GW alot in the past (for bad models, delayed figs, price increases) just because their background is so well thought out and very well done. You get a real feel for the armies and that always drives you on.

So how do these other companies fare, do any of them really stand out with some nice ideas?

08-05-2006, 15:56
I'd just like to point out that while there are now *only* three races available for starship troopers, the rules mean that the outcome of the battle is dependent on tactics, rather than the army list. I've had more variation in half a dozen games of Starship Troopers than with over 150 games of 40k.

There are no gun-line armies, there are no charge-straight-at-the-enemy armies. You have to think, manouver and out-manouver your enemy, rather than just work out how to get as many assault cannons into an army as possible.

08-05-2006, 20:34
UW, you can take what you want from the background. To a new user, all you need to know is that the fighting is taking place on Iskandria, a huge city continent on an ocean world.

An ocean that has been invaded by an infectious alien race that is prety damn superior to humans in every way. The human presence is represented by pdf type forces posted there by the major human factions in the galxy in an attempt to keep its neutrality and force a peace. However, the Alien (Koralon) invasion has cut the world off and now the factions are turning on one another in the shadows whilst trying to appear to be remaining neutral.

It is set in the void universe. I do not know the void history but presumably it would add a lot more meaning to the fight. Expect more though when "metropolis" big battles is released (effectively VOID 1.1 re-released with better rules and newer models)

08-05-2006, 21:18
You could also try out standard Void 1.1 I personally like its play better than Urban War (I loved the AI rules for robots) biggest problem is finding opponents as Void is kinda dead (being replaced with Metro as Luke said)
For more Void/UW fluff check out their Dowloads page (http://www.urbanmammoth.com/um/html/void_dl.htm)
Ive enjoyed my times with Gangs of mega City 1 (also mongoose) but its supports basically relegated to Signs and Portents right now plus its basically a different feeling Necromunda

Dark Age is basically humans get dumped on a backwater fairly desolete planet and eventually form a theocratic society with some living legends in the form of Saints while having to deal with another marooned alien race (Dragyri) the cyborg-drug-addict-sadistic human renegades (Skarrd) and the bioengineered swamp monsters who basically worship a pool of primordial ooze

Id also suggest Rezolution (http://www.rezolutiondt.com/) its a cyberpunk scifi skirmish game with a nice ruleset and fairly unique background
the models are sorta a mixed bag but I will say most of the in house paintjobs (especially the early ones) dont do many of the figs justice

09-05-2006, 01:28
dark age fluff is a bit more than that jazzdude, but thanks for the summary

the dragyri, slave and trueborn, are actually two different races who over time have been bred into similar ones. over their long existance on samaria, the slaves have been bred to worship the trueborn to the point where the slaves view the trueborn as their gods, simple as that. the slaves are a fanatical weapon the trueborn use, and use it well they do. For in order to have the honor to die by a trueborn blade, one must survive the slaves first :D

jazzdude nailed the forsaken, the humans that is. they've been dumped on summaria and struggle to survive. eventually religious texts were uncovered and a sort of enlightment flourished throught he brokan and battered humans. the saints were and are the forsaken military generals. as the religious explosion burned through the forsaken populace, andrew markl realized he could capitolize on this fervor. So he demmed himself a reincarnation of Saint Mark, and pretty soon the power of religion and politics were all intertwined in forsaken society. any military general who shared a name with some of the religious prohpets claimed to be reincarnations, all of which only inspired the forsaken people even more.

jazzdude also nailed the skarrd. they fill the roll of 'outcats' type society. they are sadistic and massochistic with what seems like a fanatical devotion to the fusion of technology and flesh

the brood are quite interesting. the original company on samaria that later abbandoned the humans also had some shady dealings. like all good humans, they were working on a biological weapon project. The Mjb, Hxl(i beleive) and brood mere projects were their attempts at a biological weapon. As the company was forced off planet and abandonned the forsaken, they similarly abandoned their projects. the mjb, nick named mean jelly bean, and hxl which turned to helexa projects struggled for life, but the brood mere, being a superior biological cesspool, kept them alive, but in doing so, it drove her insane. the brood mere is now somehwere on samaria psychotically twisting and bending genes and bio matter into creations at her whim. these sick paradoies of nature are of course led by helexa and mean jelly bean

dark age fluff is quite cool

@kingNic: you're right. i was slightly vague in my comment. I had quite a bit of fun with sst, but my gaming group bottomed out :cries:

13-05-2006, 16:37
Stargrunt II.

This is by far the best set of sci-fi wargames rules around at the moment, to be honest. Produced by Ground Zero Games (http://www.gzg.com), it caters for everything from squad v squad skirmishing up to company level and beyond.

Best bit? You don't need to buy new figures for it unless you want to. You can play using any figures you want. Go Stargrunt II - you'll love it. :D

21-05-2006, 18:06
Yep! StarGrunt is the way to go.What better way to use any and all minis you have in one game?Excellent game focusing more on suppression and reaction than uber troopers vs anything else? :chrome: :skull: :wtf: :angel: