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10-08-2012, 11:20
So im heading to university to 6 weeks or so now and was wondering have anyone had any experience on trying to balance the hobby and uni life. Playing games i cant see as a problem but the modelling side as it takes up so much space

Can anyone offer any help?

10-08-2012, 11:24
I don't see how going to university means not having much space, but speaking for myself, I don't feel that modelling takes up much space at all. All you (read: I) need is a small desk with a lamp and room for your paints and modelling tools. What is it exactly that is so space-demanding about modelling as a hobby?

10-08-2012, 11:48
Sadly I've had to give up my hobby due to lack of time and lack of local gaming group
however if there is one in the area, there is nothing wrong with you shiping your stuff with you- though transport can be a pain if your brining your army back and forth every holiday

10-08-2012, 12:31

This is my set up at the moment, I'm in travel mode in a far off country. All my paint, glue and brushes in one box + a carry case. Being compact during uni is key, as I lost minis to drunken visitors from time to time. So being able to pack your stuff away is essential. You'll have plenty of time to hobby at uni. I finished 3 carry cases worth of minis during my first degree.

10-08-2012, 12:38
When I went to uni (in the UK), I took some stuff with me and had no problems, though my available desk space was somewhat cramped what with having my PC on it too. That said, 3 months after I went I ended up working part-time at the brand new GW store that had just opened up and ended up doing most of my hobby there as normal!

10-08-2012, 12:40
When I was at uni, ALL of Sydney's (as an example - there were 4 of them) universities had their own gaming clubs (and at least one of them ran their own convention every year, during break. With up to 10-15 separate rpg "team" tourneys (scored on how "successful" they were at the mission, how well they got "into character" and so on) as well as the same or more of miniatures games.
I'm led to believe that two of them still have their clubs, so I wouldn't be surprised if other universities overseas have a similar thing.

10-08-2012, 14:14
I'll hopefuly be off to Uni in September as well so I've been looking into the best way to transport down what I'll need.

I think I'm going to take a small selection of my hobby with me that can hopefully all be kept in a case or something. I've been looking for hobby case backpacks which will hold everything I'll need from rules, models, accessories and model supply's. This would also help not only travelling to and from Uni but also from my accommodation to game store/venue as I'll be in London and don't fancy trying to get a game case on the underground.

The only one I've found so far is this backpack:


10-08-2012, 14:15
I go to University full time, have a casual job and manage to get in a game a week. Just manage your time well and you'll be fine, it is no different to balancing the hobby and a full time job etc

Laser guided fanatic
10-08-2012, 18:29
I'm going to uni (uk) in October as well, and atm i'm building a new space wolves army which hopefully will all be built before then, but it's a no vehicle army so I can fit all of it into 1 small citadel carry case
Also I've looked and both my firm and insurance have societies/ clubs for Warhammer/ wargaming in general. However, I don't think I'll have that much time to paint but hopefully I can get a game every one or two weeks

10-08-2012, 18:42
I made use of a painting tray that I could pick up and move off the desk when I needed to work. Just a sheet of cardboard, works great!

Laser guided fanatic
10-08-2012, 18:51
It's more the time, I like to spend a few hours painting in one sitting but given that I plan to take up other stuff when I get to uni I doubt I'll have the time.

10-08-2012, 18:56
Imo, There's better stuff to do at Uni than warhammer. I, and a lot of other people I know, knocked the hobby on the head when I went to Uni and didn't pick it up again until ~5 years after I graduated. But I was never hardcore, so good luck to you if you keep going!

Light of the Emperor
10-08-2012, 19:12
I'm going to Uni across the pond. While I'm not taking armies to play, I am taking a bunch of unassembled Empire troops and the paints I need to finish them. Spending a year overseas, there's gotta be downtime somewhere! And when I come back, I have new big units to play with.

10-08-2012, 19:17
It was nice to be able to do a bit of painting as a quick break between questions (science student, but I'm sure essay writers take little breaks too), usually just painting a base coat or highlight on a batch of models. If I had enough time to sit down for a few hours painting, I would spend that doing something else!

Leth Shyish'phak
10-08-2012, 20:00
Space shouldn't be too big a problem. When I was living at uni, all I had was a bedroom; I kept 8 different armies in that room. Remember: the space underneath your bed makes an excellent storage space/hiding place for boxes of models. It also gives you an excuse not to have to hoover underneath your bed...

10-08-2012, 22:11
Space will probably be less of a problem than you think. Just make sure you have containers to pack up everything into if you need to without wrecking it -packing foam is good for this- and you should be fine.

Money may be a more pressing concern. Not sure how much funding you're going in with, but once you see how much a box of marines/whatever stacks up against your weekly student shopping bill... well...

Also I'm going to second the above sentiment that there may be other things you'll enjoy more at uni. See if you can find a roleplay society and get them hooked on Dark Heresy. Transfer your (likely better than most) painting skills into a general art society. Or join a sports team and seduce the gender(s) of your choice. There's lots of things to do :)

Laser guided fanatic
10-08-2012, 22:58
Oh of course there will be other things to do but I'm sure I'll have the time to get the odd game in, any serious modelling/painting can wait till the holidays

10-08-2012, 23:04
My friends were able to go to uni and not only were able to raise 4000pts of skaven, empire and vampire counts but also got their house mates involved effectively turning their living room into a warhammer club. :D

The Dire Troll
10-08-2012, 23:20
I am in this exact same predicament of to uni hopefully,am thinking of using the time to concentrate more on painting individual miniatures, I think space will all depend on your room, i will be using my laptop for most of my work, so will have desk space handy. I think Beppo has a great idea with the biscuit tin full of essentials, and a lovely looking Demon prince as well.

10-08-2012, 23:37
I took a few minis and my paints with me.

I think I painted about 4-5 the whole time I was there, and that's because I stayed on campus over the xmas and easter holidays and didn't go home. Frankly if you have enough spare tiem from enjoying uni during term time to do hobby stuff, you are prolly doing uni wrong.

If I was at home and not on campus it would be different, but you simply end up playing beer pong etc in most of your spare time :P

11-08-2012, 01:59
I'm in nursing school and I still find plenty of time for painting, it's just a matter of how much time you have to study do other things, the space isn't much of a issue. If you have enough room to study you have enough to paint.

I also paint at my FLGS Organized Play in Knoxville alot. When Magic or warhammer isn't taking up all the tables, there's usually plenty of room to paint and model.

11-08-2012, 07:44
I agree with the people who say bring a small force along.

Yes space can become an issue and time can be short between various commitments, but with good planning I'm sure someone could fit a few games in each month. Universities are breeding grounds for geeks, theres got to be some fellow gamers around somewhere, and if you start up a club/ society that would look cool on a CV.

So take a 1000 points and see how it goes, if you find time to play more you can always send for more of your stuff from home.

Corvus Corone
11-08-2012, 10:39
When I was at uni, I just worked on one squad a time. I had a drawer in my desk where I had the box for the squad and only the paints, brushes and tools necessary for that squad. From time to time I'd spend half an hour or so on it, and each term I'd complete a squad.

Never played any games at uni; all my nerdout time was spent on bridge and MTG; warhammer was more of a quiet, therapeutic thing I could do to relax and focus. I played all my games in the holidays, which made it somehow really exciting and special.

11-08-2012, 16:24
I would recommend taking no more than a single model carrying case for everything (Models, glues, paints, brushes, etc). That way you can get a 1k list, a few colours to get a minimum paint scheme, and the ability to fix a few models for less than a cubic foot. Use the first month or 2 to figure out if you'll actually use regularly.

11-08-2012, 16:56
Where is everyone going to uni then?

11-08-2012, 17:15
I'll hopefully be going to the University of Westminster to study Politics and History. Being in London, should hopefully increase my choice of gaming clubs/ venues.

11-08-2012, 17:17
Im heading to Lancaster university to study peace studies and international relations

11-08-2012, 17:33
I'm in my 3rd year now and luckily I've got my own flat close enough to uni to commute, so it's not really an issue for me.

What I'd say if you're going into halls though is depending on the size of your collection and the speed you paint, take enough to game with and build for a semester, but not more than a small GW case. Most hall rooms have a desk, so as long as you're tidy and clear up after yourself when you're modelling and painting, it shouldn't be an issue. You'll find your quality of painting will go up when you're devoting all your painting time to one or two units over the course of a semester.

I'm studying Writing and Film studies at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge, if anyone's around that area

11-08-2012, 17:38
Im heading to Lancaster university to study peace studies and international relations

I teach at Lancaster as a PhD student - PPR Department right? :D

11-08-2012, 18:51
So im heading to university to 6 weeks or so now and was wondering have anyone had any experience on trying to balance the hobby and uni life. Playing games i cant see as a problem but the modelling side as it takes up so much space

Can anyone offer any help?

For me while being at the university (http://www.studies-portal.com/best-engineering-colleges/) I got myself a tool box (plastic) modified some of the trays and used that for all my hobby work. With this i could put everything close up and be on my way within a few minutes.. The idea is to have everything in 1 place and not here, there and everywhere.

Laser guided fanatic
11-08-2012, 18:57
I'll either be at Cambridge or Warwick depending on results, doing mathematics

12-08-2012, 11:27
Carson Newman myself heh. I'll tell you right now, if you have less vehicles and more infantry, you'll find it easier to find space for em with the containers etc, because point wise nothing is denser than them really.

12-08-2012, 12:43
Just going into my third year at Kent, I have found a few good friends who all play but in two years we have never got round to having a game, I tend to keep everything in one box which has paints, models I want to work on an bits an pieces. Then at the end of the term I tend to swap it around and work on something else.


The Dire Troll
12-08-2012, 12:58
UCP Marjon for me, starting the first year of my creative writing course, hope I will have the time for hobbying, but only time will tell.

12-08-2012, 13:06
I teach at Lancaster as a PhD student - PPR Department right? :D

Yeah thats right

12-08-2012, 13:08
At the lower levels, the majority of university classes are the same between universities (or, at least, similar enough). You can find university courses on youtube and iTunes, if you're willing to try. This is because various universities and professors record and put their lectures online for their students to listen to, and then we can take advantage of that.

It's very, very, very useful to listen to lectures of the classes that you're in - the iTunes variants will give you a slightly different perspective, but that's really useful for understanding anyway. I find that it's very possible this way to study with your ears while your hands are doing something.

Just remember, university is vastly more important than the hobby.

12-08-2012, 13:59
I'm going into my 2nd year at Lincoln uni (UK) and i've fortunately found plenty of friends who play 40K and Fantasy. There's a pretty big group at the university gaming society as well as one the oldest UK gaming clubs Gobstyks which has over 40 people each week. There's also the local GW which has a great manager and is always busy.

In terms of space I had to lean to pack tightly to fit my armies in but it works, and in your 1st year at least you'll have plenty of free time todo whatever you want.

13-08-2012, 10:55
if you dont take it, you will regret it until you manage to get home and get it...

13-08-2012, 13:18
if you dont take it, you will regret it until you manage to get home and get it...

This is exactly what happened to me. I have found that I have a ton of down time while I'm at College. Even with dorm life (which is great by the way), Army ROTC, three business clubs, a veterans club, and Monday Night Football you still have time left over.

I didn't bring an army with any intentions of playing though. I just brought my paints and a squad or three with me. I've gotten more points painted last year alone than I have almost the rest of my decade long service in the Imperial Guard.

That being said, make sure you stop and enjoy the things around you. You only get to go to College once*, so don't forget to stop and smell the roses. And the girls.


13-08-2012, 14:06
Firstly, well done for getting into university in the first place. I went to Lancaster Uni a few years back and have to say i had some of the best times there. There was (at least when I was there) a campus based gaming group which i never joined unfortunately. But there was another group that met in the town centre itself that i played at a few times. I was told about it by the guys who run Micro Markets in the indoor market there (its also a great little shop).

My advice would be to take a small force to paint in your first term as you get a feel for the place and living alone for, probably, the first time. There's a lot to take in after you first arrive (and a lot of good times to be had...) so dont burden yourself with a mound of unpainted models. Again, well done and im sure you'll enjoy it- there are 9 bars on campus after all ;)

Leth Shyish'phak
13-08-2012, 14:22
That being said, make sure you stop and enjoy the things around you. You only get to go to College once*, so don't forget to stop and smell the roses. And the girls.

Just wanted to say here that in my experience, smelling girls while at university (or anywhere else) is generally classified as "not cool". Wait until no one's looking first.

I'm joking of course, please don't hurt me.

13-08-2012, 14:50
I took everything....had no choice as my family home was being sold and they didnt have room room for my junk. So into a tiny flat i moved with 9 other students and all my Gw stuff had to go into a single box. Many things were lost at this time and i didnt touch the hobby for 3 years. Once i was out of uni i got right back into it and was glad that i had taken that time away. I dunno, i was just so busy in uni doing random stuff that i didnt have the free time that the hobby needs. Even my free time was more structured in a uni mode.....join a darts team, build a firepit, train the chickens....that sorta thing. Just didnt cross my mind to get back into it then.

13-08-2012, 15:13
I Guess in a what it depends on the kind of social groups you hang out in. . . The struggle i have is balancing 40k, Parties, Money and Studying.

I still model from time to time, and the nights i dont have work to do or the money to go out i still model. I dont really play games here, but i occasionally visit home for a birthday or a holiday, then i can cram a few in then. Modeling isn't that hard to get round, and as for a collection? well i left most of it at home, i have a Chaos Space Marine army here. theyre my main army anyway, no vehicles like someone posted above, and mostly stuff im working on.

For me gaming groups are difficult to find, i live quite a way away from all of them and being a student i can afford to keep my car here. (100) a term for a parking space . . . (I know where they can put that . . ), my University is full of Jocks and Plastics (not the modeling kind the omg i broke a nail kind), so there isnt a gaming club there, although ive still met a few people who play the game. However theyre on different timetables and courses and i have just lost contact with them, Although they occasionaly pop up in some of my favorite watering holes :L

What are the chances anyone on here is in Southampton UK? If you are message me id like to meet people into the hobby :)

13-08-2012, 16:53
I think I played one game the whole time I was actually on campus, though I had my army with me pretty much the whole time. I did get plenty of incidental, "I just need a break," painting done though, which was a nice option to have since I'd usually be tired of reading from half my classwork and tired of looking at a monitor from the other half. There wasn't any established gaming club at my school though (this kind of gaming at least, we had chess... bridge had died out a couple years before I got there though and I wasn't organized enough to put it back together).

I just had my models in a case and my paints in a box... and got my "needs paint" items during the summer and winter breaks when I'd be at home playing with my friends there and either working or via (gift-giving holiday of your choice). Actually took up a lot less space at the dorm compared to some things because it's easy to pack away.

13-08-2012, 18:55
I'll either be at Cambridge or Warwick depending on results, doing mathematics

Awesome, let me know if you get into Cambridge and we could get some games in. GW Cambridge is a good store, really friendly and no pressure selling once they know you.

Is that Cambridge proper, or Anglia Ruskin?

14-08-2012, 15:14
I largely knocked my hobbies on the head for my first 2 years at Uni and then took them all up again for the second 2.

If you’re going to be in Halls for your first year, I think you might be right to worry about space. Certainly my room in Manchester’s student bit (Owen’s Park ftw) was barely big enough for me, my clothes, books and xbox paraphernalia. A few paints and something like a necromunda gang may have been viable, but an army would be right out.

Once I was living in a house though, I started moving all my stuff over from my parents’ and soon had a full hobby station on the go.

One piece of advice though – the more coursework, revision and reading you do the better the degree you’ll get. I wish it wasn’t that brutally simple, but I can say from experience it is. If you want a first, you need to be ‘that guy’ who lives in the library and goes out on the town about twice a year. Me, I got a Desmond, a Space Marine army, and borderline liver failure ;-)

Death Korp
15-08-2012, 00:18
Quite an interesting thread.

In my first year, I didn't do anything wargaming related at all. I just wanted to get settled in, enjoy the Freshers lifestyle, meeting new people, partying and drinking too much (occasionally studying, can't get away with that this year though!). I kept in touch with the hobby however through the interwebs. Some friends know about my geekiness, but I gave up caring after college.

But, this year I'm planning on taking some stuff with me to my student accomidation (thats near Warhammer World, just because I'm an awesome University of Nottingham student ;) ), like paints, Space Wolves and some books to read. I feel with my own space that I can comfortably find time to do some hobbying, as my life isn't going to be constant studying and socialising like it was last year.

Its all about finding a balance really, but remember, you're only at uni once, you have the plastic crack forever, so don't let it become a piority! :P

15-08-2012, 09:45
@Khorneguy: I've just finished at cambridge, but I've been playing at the Sons of War gaming club for the last year, they run a weekly games night every wednesday if you are looking for a game. It was always a little tight at the GW, but theres alot more space there, I can completely recommend it.

15-08-2012, 16:09
I see your concerns with it all. I myself have been through uni and understand where you feel it can be a problem. I did find that a lot of my models had to stay back at family home when I moved away and that could be awkward because travelling a long way public transport wise can be horrid times for your models.

Although if you have a good gaming group in your area then you should be fine and it shouldnt be hard to find one. I myself never really continued gaming when I got to university because i was working and trying to keep up with my uni work as I studied graphics where a lot of the work was outside of uni.

Another key thing is making sure you keep yourself balanced between your work and your hammer. I know your maybe thinking its easy to jump between the two but thats the problem I found. You need to make sure that if your taking you models up with you that you make sure they dont become too much of your time spent instead of working on your uni work.

A fair few times I felt that I could spare a bit more time working on my models as i had all day then to get to about 5 or 6 and think crap there goes the day I needed.

Hope that helps out, dont want to scare you from the hobby but just remember. For once theirs something your paying for thats more expensive than warhammer...

I wish I could get back into it now but working up here in Manchester its hard to get a game or find chance to find groups to go to...

Aurelius 12
15-08-2012, 17:01
I went to the good old UEA out in Norwich and made the deliberate decision not to take my wargaming stuff with me. I promptly regretted this decision and a month later all my armies were with me. That said I didn't play many games, especially in first year where I dedicated most of my time to creative writing, RPGs and my beloved Xbox.

2nd year I played a lot more Inquisitor than anything else, largely due to not having a large enough space at my house and not really liking the tabletop side of the games society. Though I did take part in their necromunda campaign which was awesome.

Third year was better and involved me building my 3k of Guard but it wasn't till I started my masters that I really got playing again. This was for a number of reasons though- more time (despite working much more in my job) more space and more mates who played.

My advice is definitely take something to paint or make in your downtime (although if you're not spending said time in the pub you're a better man than I!) and perhaps a small force. However I'd also recommend checking out your local and uni gaming clubs at socmart in the first week where they all advertise. If there's a league or group you gel with then there's no reason not to pick up the rest of your force when possible.

As for the degree, obviously it's the reason you're there and you really ought to give it the time it deserves, but I'd disagree you need to be a billy no mates to get a first! I was working part time, running a a Uni society that met twice a week, gigging once a week and still found time to socialise, game and get a first. So it is possible! Just organise yourself, don't leave things to the last minute and you should be fine. But don't stress- it should be fun!

Laser guided fanatic
15-08-2012, 17:54
Awesome, let me know if you get into Cambridge and we could get some games in. GW Cambridge is a good store, really friendly and no pressure selling once they know you.

Is that Cambridge proper, or Anglia Ruskin?

Cambridge proper.

Yeh I'd love to play a game once I get settled in with everything uni wise as long as you don't mind playing against unpainted stuff.