View Full Version : Greseus goldtooth VS skrag the slaughterer

07-06-2005, 14:57
which do you think is better in both stats and story?

also post paint jobs of either/ both

Inquis. Jaeger
07-06-2005, 21:03
Story - Skrag. Displeased his master and got his hands cut off. Left for dead and returned to wreak destrcution on his tormentors. Great.

Stats - Don't know unfortunately.

Models - Both rubbish. Greasus is perhaps the worst model I have seen come out of GW since Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists. I hate it. Why oh why did they turn the very cool, very brutal looking picture that accompanies his list entry into that rubbish?

Skrag, equally rubbish. He doesn't look pissed off and brutal as he should, but rather just constipated. Similar to all the Butcher models actually. Probably all that meat.... Ho ho.

This is a characteristic shared by most of the OK range for me. If they all looked as cool as the plastics, and a select few of the Maneaters, it would be an awesome range. However, for a race supposed to be so brutal, most of them just look goofy. Having grotty looking gnoblars and rubbish yettee and sabertusk models doesn't help either.

Cpt. Drill
07-06-2005, 23:02
i think that greasus wins hands down! he is very cool has the best rule name i have ever seen (also one that i wish i had) which is "too rich to walk" he has the cooler background i quite like the model and he would win easily in a fight! but both definatly improve in the context of an army! remeber that fact!

07-06-2005, 23:38
in my opinion i like the skrag model but i would green stuff a hood and vile cloak on him or something to cover his eyes. as for greseus i will have to agree that i am displeased with the model. i think it would be more fitting to make him on foot and about the size of a giant with that 'uge club of his. as far as story goes i think greseus wins but not by much.
also a question, would greseus get an armor save at all?