View Full Version : Question about inquisitorial henchmen

16-08-2012, 02:54
I am currently in the process of starting an inquisitorial army. I am using Coteaz as I want the henchmen as troops. I don't plan on playing in tournaments, just wanted to throw that out there. Anyway, I am trying to decide on how to make up the units of henchmen. I like the idea of a bunch of warrior alcolytes with bolters but I am curious on how well they would do? Probably adding in Jokero weaponsmiths. I have read some posts telling me to arm them with storm bolters but, honestly I don't know where I would get that many storm bolters to model them. How do you think alcolytes with bolters and carapace will do? I assume I should be using them mainly as a shooting unit with the monkey weapnsmiths. Any suggestions?

16-08-2012, 03:07
As someone who uses a decent amount of bolter armed acolytes, I can say they are fine. Not great mind you. They are very ok. Don't expect great things from them, but they make up a solid base of troops, though they need to be well supported (Psyrifle-dreads or Dreadknights work well). Sotrmbolters are good, but the advantage is less pronounced this edition. Don't forget to load up on your special weapons (I'm a big fan of plasma guns on Carapace troops).

16-08-2012, 04:53
Thanks Sazabi. I will arm some with plasma weapons and add a dread and maybe cinvert up a dreadknight. fun

16-08-2012, 21:01
and i'm a huge fan of a trio of plasma cannon servitors acting as a retinue for coteaz.