View Full Version : WHQ fanpage on Facebook

24-08-2012, 21:02
If anyone is interested, i set up a WHQ fanpage recently. It's a great place to post a couple of images, make some comments, ask some questions, and share some news and stories. It's fairly active each week. You should check out that birthday cake posted by a fan - pretty awesome!


Best regards!

25-08-2012, 16:57
Thanks for the heads up Littlemonk, much appreciated, as is all the work you do to keep Quest alive and kicking.

Shas'El Tael
28-08-2012, 11:51
I'm not one for Facebook, never have been, but this is a cool idea and works well to connect fans spread across so many forums/nations. Good idea Monk, some great images on the page already :)

30-08-2012, 11:29
Excellent page, awesome to see Quest alive and kicking still. GW's best game in my opinion (even with the balance issues!)