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31-08-2012, 06:28
Hey Warseer-ites,

So about 3 years ago i bought a FW command squad, militia arms set + a couple of other things. I called them up last week just getting back into the hobby and the guy was really nice. He told me i should really call within 30 days of receiving it and still managed to send out the command squad plus arms, because the sets prior to that came in mismoulded and broken. Now getting the replacements just now (which was actually really quick), i was going through the parts everything is fine and fixable (bubbles, mouldlines etc) Except this, the commanders plasma gun has a mouldslip and comes out to 2mm. I mainly collect for the purposes of collecting/painting and dont care too much for gaming but this im not too sure whether just do what i can with it (considering they were in fact free models shipped to me in a timely manner, but were replacing faulty ones..). Or just give FW another ring.

31-08-2012, 06:29
Hmm, how do i attach pictures?

31-08-2012, 07:29
Through a photo host (easy way) or use the proper full add reply option (not quick reply).
There should be a 'manage attachments" button that will allow you to import images (new pop-up window) down under the text entry field and UNDER the "submit/preview" buttons.

31-08-2012, 07:50
I think you probably pushed the replacement time to the limit there but they are very nice chaps at forgeworld so it's well worth giving them another phone.

Just because it's a "free replacement" doesn't mean you should accept a crappy one.

What's the worst they can say?

31-08-2012, 16:15

Commissar Davis
31-08-2012, 16:57
I would call them up, talk up how great you think they are, then ask if they will replace the one dude.

31-08-2012, 17:21
Outch, that's one bad mould-slip. I'd send them these pictures via eMail including your replacement-order-number, customer-number and address.

31-08-2012, 18:36
Mold slip to the left....

mold slip to the right....

Lets call..FW...agaaaaaiinn...

01-09-2012, 06:34
Haha, okay thanks guys. Usually id just try to work with it, but didnt want to damage the model after realizing i made it all worse. And didnt wanna be one of those guys on the forum that bitch and complain about the smallest thing and abuse FW's trust.

01-09-2012, 06:40
Oh, btw just incase any one was wondering what i was working on... lol :)


01-09-2012, 11:35
You're supposed to get what you pay for, so yeah, send pics over email and ask for a new one. Considering that FW stuff is expensive "competition-level" stuff, it's completely reasonable to ask for a faultless one. In fact, that is what everyone is supposed to get - accepting any mistakes is the exception and it's the customers decision to make, not the vendors.