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07-06-2005, 21:42
Hey guys, I am currently collaborating on a Map/Node campaign and I have come up with these initial rules. Please give me some comments and input please, as these are just some initial brainstorms.

World Types and Campaign points

Every person signed up for the campaign will be begin with one quadrant which contains their homeworld and 3 other worlds. From any of their worlds, they make an assault against any other adjacent system following the lines (warp routes). If at anytime the player has no more worlds to defend, they will no longer be able to partake in the campaign until the next league starts up. Also all homeworlds are worth + 1 Campaign point.

Worlds have a set worth determind by the kind of world they are. These are the points values for the worlds:
Death World-2
Feudal World-3
Hive World-4
Civilized World-5
Forge World-5
Research World-4
Dead World-1
Points are tallied up for the total amount of sytems under control of that player. If a player loses a system, points are deducted from his total and added to the capturing players total.

Races and Special Rules

Special Characters: Every army has access to one special character allowed to their army. If that character is ever killed, he will no longer be accessible to that army for the rest of the campaign.

Imperials- Imperial armies may not attack another Imperial held world, with the following exceptions:

Imperial Guard- The Imperial Guard is a strict hierarchy, and officers follow orders from their commanders. An Imperial army may invade a nearby Imperial system, but will immediately be considered renegade, and will be open targets for any other Imperial army.

Space Marines- Marines may only make a planetary assault against another Imperial world if that world is under the control of a renegade Imperial Guard Commander. Marines will also gain 1 Campaign point whenever they capture a system from Chaos.

Witch Hunters- Witch Hunters may only make a planetary assault against another Imperial world if that world is under the control of a renegade Imperial Guard Commander. They may also attack if the Imperial army is led by a psyker. (Space Marine Librarian, or Imperial Psykers in a Guard Army, or a psychic Inquisitor.) Also Witch Hunters will gain 1 Campaign point whenever they defeat an army that includes psykers.

Daemon Hunters- Daemon Hunters may only make a planetary assault against another Imperial world if that world is under the control of a renegade Imperial Guard Commander. Also Daemon Hunters will gain 1 Campaign point whenever they defeat an army that includes daemons


Eldar: Eldar do not start with any systems under their control, only one base system, their Craftworld. They can attack any system anywhere at anytime. Their Craftworld can not be assaulted by another army unless the Eldar fail in their planetary assault. This signifies the Eldar repulsing the counter attack after a failed assault from their Craftworld. If a Craftworld comes under attack, the Eldar will rally to the defense, and no matter which mission is chosen, they will have 25% more points to choose their forces from, and will always be able to have defenses. Any world captured by Eldar is worth +1 campaign point.

Dark Eldar: Dark Eldar do not capture worlds, nor do they have a desire for territory. The Dark Eldar can attack any system at anytime, but will never be able to capture the world. Instead they gain 1 campaign point from every unit that they take slaves from. For example: A Dark Eldar force attacks an Imperial World, and during the conflict they assault 4 different squads. From 3 of those they capture slaves. As long as at least one Dark Eldar unit is alive at the end of the battle, the Dark Eldar will claim 3 Campaign Points for that battle.

Tyranids: Tyranids will gain Campaign points as normal. However, any world taken by the Tyranids is Immediately turned into a Dead World. Also after the Tyranids have captured a world, they will not lose any campaign points for anyone capturing the world from them as it has already been absorbed into the hive fleet. Tyranids will never assault a Dead World as it has no meaning to them.

Tau: The Tau way of war is for the greater good of the Tau Empire. Therefore no Tau army may assault any other Tau controlled world.

Necrons: Necron Homeworlds will always be Dead Worlds. They fight and gain campaign points as normal. Yet due to the speed of their ships, they may make a planetary assault up to 2 sytems away instead of the normal one adjacent system.

Orks: Orks are a very warlike race, and will always have the upper hand in a planetary assault. Whenever the Orks are the attacker, they will have 25% more points to choose their army from. However Orks are not good at holding Territory, so they will hae 25% less when being the defender. Example, in a 1500 point battle, if the orks are the attacker, they will have 1875 points to choose from. However if they are the defender, they will only have 1125 points.

Chaos: Chaos gain Campaign points as normal, but against Imperial Worlds they gain 1 Campaign point for every system captured.

The Beast
08-06-2005, 13:50
Maybe you could have the nids forced to hold onto that world for a turn. That way it shows them taking time to absorb it.

Wolflord Havoc
08-06-2005, 13:59
In my experiance - keep it simple otherwise you will find that you have done all this work for nothing as people lose interest.

08-06-2005, 19:58
Keep it simple, and make sure the focus is on playing fun games of Warhammer 40,000.

Example: one campaign I was involved in had a Risk element to it; we were moving pins on the map, each pin representing 250 points of troops. The focus went from playing Warhammer 40,000 to achieving a superior position on the campaign map. People started refusing to attack without points superiority, which led to a very annoying stalemate as everyone spent their time massing their forces.

While people might point out that only attacking when you possess a significant adantage may be realistic, it's not as much fun in my book.

08-06-2005, 20:04
We will be doing something similar with the map and tacks, but points are always set at 1500, and you must be involved in one battle per week. It's going to be part of the league at our local game store, so everyone will be involved as the one with the most points will win some sort of prize.

08-06-2005, 20:30
you may want it combine the armies of the imperium into one rule, to prevent confusion.

08-06-2005, 20:55
One other comment; the army special rules look pretty good to me.

The key is rewarding aggressive play. It serves to keep things interesting and makes for a more dynamic campaign.

09-06-2005, 00:09
Yeah, I was thinking that whoever wins the previous campaign, will get first move the next week to make their assault with. Should make winners want to be more aggressive, and maybe take out that Eldar craftworld!

Captain Brown
09-06-2005, 00:20
Your biggest challenge will be keeping players engaged. Sadly most campaigns as soon as a player works out that they have been mathematically eliminated they often do not bother to show up. This is especially true if this is between people who generally do not hang out together (thus there is no stigma in quitting).

To better explain this point: Most fantasy campaigns I have seen end as soon as one player acquires enough territories to make their army very powerful (whether from extra points or magic gear) and then the lesser players start to drift away. Now I realize that your system does not reward like that (other than the overall points for campaign victory), however you should be aware that players at the bottom will start to drift away once a clear victor or combination of victors emerges. It will also make the campaign boring for those players as they start to see the same opponent over and over again.

What are your plans for those players who are eliminated early? Do they just watch or do they leave without a word? Perhaps they get to play spoiler later on?

My two cents.

09-06-2005, 01:41
Well everyone will start with 4 systems under their control, so it should be fairly hard for someone to be eliminated early. Unless of course they are Eldar, but I hope the 25% extra points should deter anyone from attacking them too often.

If someone doe get eliminated though, all they have to do is hang on for a week or two, and the campaign is going to stat over for the next league.

09-06-2005, 01:59
there should be like a seperate campain for the people that lose early

09-06-2005, 04:37
I prefer a more relaxed form of campaign, where we set up a general background, then just write up the plot as we battle each other.