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New Cult King
08-06-2005, 04:07
I'm looking at branching out from 40K into a different game system, and wanted some thoughts, opinions, and experiences from you motley lot about some of the other games out there...

Currently, I'm mostly interested in BFG (I've been playing the Homeworld PC games ;)) and Mordheim, but would like to hear what people have to say about Necromunda, Epic, Inquisitor etc...

Help me make up my mind :chrome:

08-06-2005, 04:12
Blood Bowl
Most definatly blood bowl.
You only need 16 models tops, only 11 or 12 if you don't to a goblin or halfling team and don't intend on playing a league.
It's very easy to learn the basics but once you get into it it can easily be one of the most tactically demanding game there is. Also it is incredibly fun, usually even losing is great fun and you'll always come out of a game with something memorable happening.

*though I might be a bit bias as I'm currently on a 3 game unbeaten run in a BB League*

Easy E
08-06-2005, 05:26
I'm a fan of Necromunda. The campaign options are nice and you can really watch your gang develop. There can also be a psuedo-roleplaying element to it.

The game play is similar to 2nd edition 40k, but different enough to make it distinct. Cover and range rules all!

08-06-2005, 05:33
I suppose I might say that I also love, Necromunda, Inquisitor and Mordheim.
As far as the games (Necro, Mordheim and Blood Bowl) that require book keeping during extended play go blood bowl has the simplest and quickest while still being very effective.
I've not played BFG but I must admit I'm rather tempted, I just can't afford to buy rules and models.

08-06-2005, 08:27
My favourite 3 non-core games are Mordheim, Blood Bowl and Warmaster.

Its not that expensive to get into either Mordheim. Download the living rulebook and buy the militia regiment box and you are almost ready to play. You might want some scenery to make your games interesting and I can only recommend that you buy the boxed game but it is a cheap way to get started.

And as nexus6 says you can't really go wrong with Blood Bowl :)

08-06-2005, 09:44
Necromunda hands down, even over the 'core' games. The combination of the ongoing story, finer detail rules, gang progression all add up to a really satisfying expeiance.

08-06-2005, 09:51
I love BFG, but in larger battles it gets quite unweldy remembering whos used ordanace, damage left, criticals etc. Plus all those blast markers eveywhere!

Blood bowl is great for a one off game or leauge.

I really like epic, great system, real tactics, but not had as many games of the new system as i would like.

Inquis. Jaeger
08-06-2005, 10:42
Bloodbowl for the comedy value, plus the ease of play. Necromunda for the great 'claustrophobic' setting and imagery, as well as the fantastic progressive play. Inquisitor for the kickass models and the way you can let your imagination run wild.

08-06-2005, 11:16
id say inquisitor, as long as you have a good grasp on the rules, and some nice terrain.
the best thing is, you can let your imagination run wild.

ever tried catching banana flavoured squigs for a hungry ork before?

always good for a laugh!

otherwise, necro and mordhiem are good.

08-06-2005, 11:25
Tough call, but I'm going for Necromunda. Great game mechanics, great atmosphere, (mostly) great mins, great for story telling (watching your gang develop).

You get highs, you get lows (I shall never forget the time athamas killed my rock hard leader... I genuinely felt loss! He had to buy me a pint to make me fell better :p )

Generally, a great game!

08-06-2005, 11:49
Well, Mordheim is a great game in my opinion. You get the full-out gang fight feel, and you get to see your warband either grow or decline in power between games. Also, if you ever intend on getting into fantasy you can't go wrong with a gateway game like mordheim.

Don't forget about bloodbowl either though. It's great fun, I'm even wanting to get a team of my own after having played one game! The rules come quick and it provides something to do on the day that none of the gaming tables are available.

But I'd say go for mordheim, simply because it's a cheaper more representative version of each model in warhammer. Plus, in my experience I have only found a few people who play bloodbowl, whereas if you have the rules almost any fantasy player can make a mordheim warband of their own from regular guys in their army.

Inquisitor Samos
08-06-2005, 18:15
If you're wanting to stay with something related to the "40K Universe," BFG, Epic, Inquisitor, and Necromunda are all really good games. I play them all, and I'd be really really hard-pressed to say which one I like the best!

I think the answer to which one to choose would sort of depend on what you're more interested in for setting and game mechanics, as well as some other factors:

Epic = large-scale battles; completely different game mechanics from 40K; can be a bit expensive to get a good-sized army; some recognized 40K forces not well represented (or not really available at all) BFG = ship & fleet actions (obviously); again very different mechanics from 40K; not that many ships needed for a decent fleet, so not that expensive to start "cold;" some models hard to get or not available Necromunda = gang-based action; mechanics much like earlier "skirmish" versions of 40K; many "character" 40K figs can work in this game; has a "campaign development" system for characters; pretty easy to modify to another setting if "Underbelly of a Hive world" doesn't suit your fancy, but harder to get out of the "gang wars" context Inquisitor = individual and small group action; very detailed rules in many respects; some RPG/story-telling aspects; really needs a GM to coordinate play as some "rules" are really just guidelines; open to just about any setting your imagination can devise; actual 54mm figures for the game are expensive, but playing it with 40K/Necromunda figs is possible

Hope that's all of help!

08-06-2005, 18:27
Epic (the latest edition) has to be the greatest rules set games workshop has ever produced, it is elegant and very tactical, the only problem is with the basic withdrawl of support for the system as unlike the other specialist games epic needs a huge amount of models, at the moment only marines, imperial guard, eldar and orks (with varient lists) have been released. Other armies are expected with one a year but the majorityof the miniatures will be re-releases (and quite alot of hem wernt that great)

08-06-2005, 20:46
Epic and BFG are my favourite systems by a large margin. They both have pretty clean and smooth mechanics. Epic has a larger range available while BFG is probably the cheapest GW game to get a fleet for (especially if you play Chaos or Imperial).

Lord Lucifer
09-06-2005, 13:18
Warhammer Ancient Battles ;)
Hey, 2,000 point army for less than the price of a regiment box, can't go wrong with that!

But aside from that, Necromunda, Mordheim, Inquisitor, Warmaster etc. all get the Lord Lucifer Official Seal of Approval
Go with the one that interests you the most. If it's a break you're after, Mordheim is the easiest and most direct break away from 40K.
Rulebook's free, figures are insubstantial in cost (the Militia box can get three, four warbands worth if you try really hard, but best for two warbands), and scenery's easy to make.

Necromunda is a brilliant game, but I don't really know what the new rules have done with it

Inquisitor is great if you have a hell of a lot of scenery

09-06-2005, 13:30
Definitely Necromunda. The growth and development over time, the versatility and the fact that GW seem to be promoting it with the release of the living rulebook.

09-06-2005, 14:59
Blood bowl. But I like them all alot.

09-06-2005, 15:10
BB and necromunda. Haven't really played the new Necro, but we had hours of fun playing the old one.

My redemptionists had a great old time burning captured gang members at the stake! :evilgrin:

Apart from that i wouldn't mind giving Mordheim a go, that carnival of choas gang is some gooood eye candy...

Commissar von Toussaint
10-06-2005, 03:10
The best non-core game is 40k 2nd edition. :p

In terms of the games that are still almost supported :rolleyes: I'd have to say Blood Bowl.

You don't even need BB minis: I've played games using Space Marines as one team and an Undead army as the other.

I've also played more BB than any of the other ones because it's pretty damn fun.

I like BFG a lot, but it's harder to get people to play. Blood Bowl wins on set-up, ease of play and accessibility.

10-06-2005, 03:20
Necromuda, EPIC, Inquisitor, BFG
I like them all, excellent games that should get more support then they are recieving.

10-06-2005, 05:20
I'd say Blood Bowl. It's a laugh, and even though it's a lot of tactics involved, the atmosphere is much more light-hearted than in other games. It's not like you can really complain that your star catcher, who was heading down the fields towards his touchdown, suddenly fell down a trapdoor...

And if you have two teams, it's really easy to get people into the hobby. They play one team, you play the other. At the end of 2nd half, you'll probably have another addict... :evilgrin:


10-06-2005, 09:39
It has all the best bits of 2nd edition, your collection of 8 men quickly develop their own characters and what memorable characters they become!
You can play an endless variety of scenarios from any movie you've seen and...it's just brilliant. It's also the cheapest game to play.

Characetr wise we've had greats such as:
"Bomber Betsy" The escher juve with a lobo chip, a collection of useless skills, BS1 and armed with only a frag grenade (heh heh)

"Dead Eye Dick" The Orlock ganger armed with a lasgun and a knife, only one eye who gets seriously injured every game, but always survives against the odds.

"Hobbling Nick Nitro" The Orlock heavy armed with just a flamer. With an iron lung and a shot up leg he was the favourite target of every gang. Once he managed to get into combat and the best he could do was weeze over someone.

"Strangely Brown" A Vansaar ganger oddly named due to having been painted 6 years ago when the owner was a youth. His skin was painted a rather unusual shade of brown.

"Goggles McKenzie" In his first fight against some Orks camped out in the wastes, he stood in the clearing, shouted "Freeze you guys!" As he shot at point blank range at the nearest Ork and...missed.
20 Orks turned aimed their autoguns and a month later he was just a head and a torso living on a drip. We put him out of his misery with a bolter round.

Yin - Yang
10-06-2005, 13:08
It's gotta be Blood Bowl for me. The light hearted atmosphere of the game makes for a really enjoyable expierence, and it's also very tactical. Great fun to play.
Yin - Yang

10-06-2005, 17:02

But, as relatively few people play that (please join my "Bring Back Gorkamorka!" Group, under Other GW discussion!), it's then Necromunda. Gotta love dishing out Police brutality from the Arbites.... :evilgrin:


Captain Brown
10-06-2005, 17:05

Always was a hoot, only issue was if a gang started to fail the end was near and a new gang would emerge. Then this gang would get beaten up by all the other more experienced gangs. Sort of like real gang warfare...

It was a fun quick game to play, did not require lots of figures (although building the terrain took some time as we found the cardboard stuff from the box got boring fast).

My two cents.

10-06-2005, 18:05
Battle Fleet Gothic by far. I personally think it is the best designed rules set so far, with good models, excellent background and a good excuse to tie into games of 40k. i really can't fault it. Brilliant.

10-06-2005, 18:11
Good thing with BFG is that you can tie it into a massive 40k campaign, loads of fun!

10-06-2005, 22:21
Mordheim. It's got rules for everything from random encounters to insanity to skills.

40K 2nd was unplayable, but far more realistic and diverse than 3th.

WAB is a cool system as well, but it has some incredibly silly things (quick march triples your movement) and the lists lack flavour.

The one and only James
11-06-2005, 02:10
Well I've only played two of the non-core games. Those were Blood Bowl and Mordheim. Out of those two I think Mordheim is by far a better game, mainly for the fact the rules are simple and the model count is small.

11-06-2005, 03:25
Blood Bowl is far simpler and uses less models than Mordheim. Also in extended play Mordheim has way more book keeping in comparison. But yes, both are good.

11-06-2005, 20:52
Battle Fleet Gothic by far. I personally think it is the best designed rules set so far, with good models, excellent background and a good excuse to tie into games of 40k. i really can't fault it. Brilliant.

I second that.........BFG is great fun

11-06-2005, 21:23
Inquisitor. It is so fun to be able to play a single game for two days, virtually non stop, and walk away from it without fatalities because all the players were RPing properly.

11-06-2005, 22:45
My vote is for Necromunda. No other GW game compares. Here's why Necromunda is better than GW's other games.

Necromunda costs less
Necromunda has more exciting gameplay
Necromunda rewards good strategy & tactics
Necromunda lets you play more often
Necromunda makes painting and modeling fun
Necromunda has exciting (even addictive) campaigns

Yep, it's all true. If you want to learn more, read this article I wrote about Necromunda.

Why Play Necromunda? (http://www.easternfringe.com/necromunda/why-play-necromunda.php)

Truckler (Necromunda: it's what's for gamenight.)

11-06-2005, 22:49
Personally, I'd go for Epic or Blood Bowl - Cant stand Necromunda. Bores me to tears (sorry everyone...)

11-06-2005, 23:03
Battlefleet Gothic. It requires very little in the way of terrain that can't be sneezed out, but *can* have absolutely beautiful tables to look at. Vessels. Thats the key. It's a game with starships. Massive gothic behemoths traversing and laying waste to things that move(and some that don't) in the void.

Have you never wanted to have a reason to yell "Damn the torpedoes, all ahead full, ramming speed! All hands, brace for impact!"?

It's simply a fun streamlined and mostly elegant game. Keeping track gets a bit fiddly in larger games, but at small sizes the games are fast, and more importantly fun.


12-06-2005, 13:35
1. BFG. as Xisor and many others have stated
2. Wm. ranks upon ranks of units in a battleline with banners high is an awesome sight.

20-06-2005, 15:55
I would say any of the non core games simply because it dosen't cost a lot to get started. Iwould suggest finding out what non core games are being played at your local club or store then take it from there. good luck the choice is yours.

Lord Lucifer
21-06-2005, 13:52
Perhaps Warmaster Ancient Battles?

Figures can be gathered cheaply, the game itself is Warmaster, which is a very good game, and you could practically play against a standard Warmaster Fantasy army or Battle of Five Armies army and still work out fair (unit prices are the same for at least Warmaster and Bo5A, and I'm assuming Warmaster Ancients will be the same)

I'm getting the book as soon as I can spot it :)

22-06-2005, 00:01
For me it has to be Necromunda - mainly for all the reasons that have been mentioned before.

It's just such an enjoyable game, and we always find that the games are more fun - whereas our games of Warhammer always tend to verge on serious - especially on the later turns.

The fact just about anything is possible - if you can think of something then there is usually no problem in making it work in the Underhive.

And if you incorporate them in your games, then Plague Zombies defiantely become a focus of fear and hatred amongst the various gangs.

Brilliant! I can't rate it high enough.


Freak Ona Leash
22-06-2005, 00:06
For me, Mordhiem for t3h win!!!111!!!!! :p I love my Norse/Albion warband, wulfen are so killy...

Ravening Wh0re
26-06-2005, 20:39
1. Bloodbowl
2. BFG
3. Mordheim

for me :)

Grand Warlord
26-06-2005, 22:14
Mordhiem, i have played it since the beginning and I still greatly enjoy it.

27-06-2005, 22:40
For me I would definately have to say Warmaster. I have played mordhiem (and loved it) and Blood Bowl (didn't like it so much but it may have been who i was playing against, and yes I am a big football fan) but when it all comes down i love Warmaster cause you don't need alot of room to play. Scenery is fairly easy to make and you can have a massive army and fit it all neatly into a 1ft by 6in container. Not to mention the minis are cool. I am getting ready to build my first Warmaster Fortress tonight :D

28-06-2005, 03:27
It all really depends on what you want. My personal favourites are BFG, Warmaster, and Epic.

I lurve the idea of huge ships crusing through space laying waste to all and sundry. Ditto for waves of attack craft skimming the surface of gargantuan battleships, looking for that key weakness to unleash plasma death, ala X-wings and the death star.

I'm also a huge fan of massive scale battles, both fantasy and 40K. So epic and warmaster are a big win for me. I'd rather command a legion or a battle-fleet than a handful of warriors, so the games of a larger scale are, for me, more interesting and fun.

28-06-2005, 17:34
Mostly the games that are now long gone; Warhammer Quest, Man-O-War.

03-07-2005, 02:03
This is my opinon on the non core games i have played over the years.

In my opinon steer clear from inquisitor especally if your like me who gets bored to
tears trying to remember a new rules system. Even after a weekend of more or less non stop play me and my friend still struggled to remember the rules. Its a poor subsitute for a prober 40k rpg in my opinon. Nice fluff and models though but as a game i wouldnt recommend it.

Battle Fleet Gothic i can certainly recommend that it has some of the best rules of any GW game in my opinion (though the eldar fleet is a tad bit to powerfull if you ask me.) The ships themselves (the imperial and chaos ones anyway) are brilliant models (very easy to paint quickly AND look good) I like the imagery and fluff as well, read Gordon Rennies Execution Hour for a real taste of BFG.Trying to name all your ships alone, especally if you have a chaos fleet, should keep you ocupied for a while, never will a Latin dictionary prove so invaluable.

Blood Bowl. What can i say that would possibly do justice to this game? It is the very definition of the term "cult classic."

Necromunda. Did n't take to it myself. Havent tried the new edition. And seeing the hash their making of the new models (especally the ratskins, the originals of which were some of my favorite models) its not a game ill return to any time soon. But i think its just a matter of taste. Give it a try if you can as it might be right up your strassa so to speak.

Though these two arent specalist games i think they are worth a mention.

Space Hulk, like Blood Bowl a cult classic that is sadly no longer with us ,the reason for which eludes me.But if you can track down a good copy on ebay i promise you will not be disapointed and if you are then quite simply your dead inside.

Finally Warhammer Quest. My god this game is fun and like Space Hulk you may have to spend some time on Ebay to find a copy. I think because of the fact players work with each other not against each other makes a refreshing break from todays more competion driven breed of GW game I mean its possible to have Chaos Warriors, Dwarf Slayers and Wood Elf Wardancers working together so it shows we can all get along. I think this is maybe my favorite of all the games i have mentioned.

But the best advise i can give anyone looking to get into non core games is pick up a copy of Fanatic magazine from your local GW that should help you make up your mind.

Sorry to harp on but hey its not often i get to talk about non core games.

Strictly Commercial
08-07-2005, 08:24
BFG. It is the most intricate game geometrically, since you have to consider percentages of movement long in advance, where your firing arcs will be, where your opponent may foil you by moving, how you may foil your opponent, etc. My favorite thing to do is manage to move to a location where he has no choice but to move out of range for a counter attack, it makes you feel like you're really mastering the tactical situation well. Most of the fleets have strengths that it takes good tactics to bring out, making it challenging and rewarding. Not recommended to those for whom mathematics is nightmarish, but if one is reasonably good at math this should be an exciting game.

08-07-2005, 11:53
Mordheim for me - the pure amount of variety in each and every warband is superb, and the models that have been released for Mordheim are usually pretty damn good too. However this may have something to do with the fact that I play an Undead Warband which has yet to lose a game in over 3 campaigns so far. :D

08-07-2005, 17:40
Necromunda: your fighters develop their own stories, glorious or otherwise, your gangs victories and defeats mean more, your gang also grows in unexpected ways, the terrain is dynamic and effects gameplay, you only need a handful of models, and its cheaper than most other GW games.

Ramognino @ Project: Necromunda (http://necromunda.diaryland.com)
+ Home of The Necromunda Name Project (http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/The_Necromunda_Name_Project) & the Necromunda Ring (http://m.webring.com/hub?ring=necromundaring).

Bad Mr morTant Returns
27-07-2005, 02:22
And as nexus6 says you can't really go wrong with Blood Bowl :)

Ever played without deathzone? :o I've never played a more boring game in my life! It's a cack with deathzone though and I love it.

My favorite is Mordheim though. Cheap, easy and a whole lot of fun. It's probably one of the minute few GW games that a non-gamer can get into and learn in less than an hour. I'm currently playing a campain with a couple of other Mordheim players (In Townsville and there's room for more, to whom it may concern) and there's actually politics emerging!

BTW we found a great campain rule to stop people renewing their warbands over and over is to let each person make two and go between those two at their liberty and you can even ally and mix them for special scenarios.

Alco Engineer
27-07-2005, 02:46
Started with Blood Bowl in 94. that's where GW came into my Life (hero quest and Space crusade don't really count).

Blood Bowl is sweet, played it for years without Deathzone and loved it. Skaven rock and I have never lost a game.

Necromunder is cool but a little out dated. I find it hard going back to 2nd ed shooting rules.

Gorkamorka is just plain fun, I use speed freaks in 40k so I bought 2 boxed sets. same old shooting and HTH rules but lots of vehicle smashes so lots of fun.

Epic and BFG ....Bah boring as.

Mordheim would like to get into it but need players willing.

11-08-2005, 10:30
Blood Bowl is a very different game from the other, it's not really a miniature game, it's a Board Game with minis, but with current rules is probably one of the best board game ever conceived. I'd say try BB Online on fumbbl, and decide for yourself if you want to get the board version or not... if you manage to stop playing it the time needed to go to the store, that's it :)
Another favourite of mine is first ed. Space Hulk, if you can get it and its expansions it is one of the best games I ever played, tense, tactical, full of atmosphere and really immersive. Grab it if you love termis and stealers...

BFG is a favourite of mine, since it is a much deeper game than the core one with a lot of tactics and maneuviring involved, with the only drawback that games tend to be long, expecially with big fleets clashing. It is really an inexpensive game as far as GW games go, and the fleets feel really different, the only problem is that if you plan to play big games not all the fleets offer a lot of option when it comes down to fleet building.

I used to play Necromunda as a diversion, but unless you have a big group involved I found it a little boring after some games. Mordheim is even worst than that, if you want a fantasy skirmish game that really captures the ebb and flow of the melee combat go for Confrontation 3, Mordheim feels too "plain" for my tastes. Of the "skirmish" games, the only one I really love is Gorka Morka, it has vehicles, orks rebounding everywhere, and if played with the right mind setting (i.e. you must feel orkish, mad maxish and speed freakish) it is a blast. It also offer a lot of fun on the modelling side, since you can build up almost any kind of vehicle you can imagine and actually use it in the game.


11-08-2005, 12:50
Warhammer Quest and Space Hulk, they were the first GW games I ever played, Space is excellent for new players getting into the hobby.

Gorkamorka, that game was so awesome. Doing crazy things like jumping from one trukk to another while they're speeding along, the chase scenario. A very fun game.

WM, along with Epic are probably GW's most tactical games. WM addresses something which alot of GW games don't address, the importance of manuvere and command. WM is a game where you need to think a couple of moves ahead and take risks ("okay if I move them there to charge next turn it could fail"). The actual rules themselves are very simple to learn, the only difficulty coming from the confusion and evade rules. Also WMA is a good alternative, it builds on the basic rules of WM and is alot cheaper!

Also I do enjoy BFG just because I love the idea of Space Battles.

11-08-2005, 15:16
1. Warmaster. In my opinion it is the best miniature game ever. Too bad so few people play it.

2. Battlefleet Gothic. I have played only few 'Cruiser clashes' but I know the rules and I really like them. Too bad so few people in my area play it.

3. Mordheim. Well the third non-core game I play. Its just really fun and great way to introduce new people into wargaming.

If I only got to play it, I'm sure I'd love Blood Bowl and Necromunda looks great too. Heck, I think I like the non-core games more than the core ones.

11-08-2005, 15:22
Adeptus Titanicus, and add ons, up through Titan Legions. Even with its flaws, i like it so much better than the newer version of epic.

11-08-2005, 18:12
WFRP and Blood Bowl. In fact, I probably played both more than I ever played WFB or WH40K, even when I had armies for them.

11-08-2005, 19:26
Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl....

So fun, I recommend playin it, it is not extremely expensive becuase the team size is only 13 players.

Unki Skarga
12-08-2005, 17:05
GorkMorka & Warhammer Quest

or our own homebrewed "Warhammer Golf"

Captain Brown
12-08-2005, 17:27
Have anther one...Talisman, really great fun for a single evenings play.

04-05-2007, 16:26
Epic. Its just such a dynamic, quick flowing, strategic game that is easy to play and lots of fun.

04-05-2007, 18:18

04-05-2007, 20:42
I loved Mordhiem. Yes it could be cheesed out, but if you were with a good group of players there was nothing like watching the members of your warband grow in strength or the sheer shock of when your main guy got cut down.

08-05-2007, 22:16
Epic Armageddon - 2nd Ed Epic was my first proper GW and the new one's my all time favourite one.

Dwarf Supreme
09-05-2007, 17:37
Epic. I've been playing since Adeptus Titanicus was released.

Gobskrag 'Eadbasha
12-05-2007, 07:27
Inquisitor and GorkaMorka

12-05-2007, 12:39
Inquisitor, then Epic, then Necromunda

Follower of Zork
12-05-2007, 21:36

I know the meaning to life

13-05-2007, 02:50
Space Hulk

The Dark One
13-05-2007, 11:57
Warhammer quest but thats discontinued. blood bowl is my favourite non-core game still available

17-05-2007, 10:33
I like Mordheim. The game is solid, and you get enough stuff in the boxed set to keep you busy for a long time. Plus, you can use everything in the box for games of WHFB.

18-05-2007, 18:29
Blood Bowl tbh, imo best GW game ever, except possibly Man O War

The Judge
19-05-2007, 23:22

But I also love Gothic a lot.

19-05-2007, 23:47
Battlefleet Gothic.

20-05-2007, 14:13
Necromunda: your fighters develop their own stories, glorious or otherwise, your gangs victories and defeats mean more, your gang also grows in unexpected ways, the terrain is dynamic and effects gameplay, you only need a handful of models, and its cheaper than most other GW games.

The same here ... it is fun to play and it is not always about "min/max".

2. Mordheim - for the same reasons.

20-05-2007, 20:59
Bloodbowl, with Epic: Armageddon close behind.

22-05-2007, 05:50
1. Warhammer Acients
2. Inquisitor
3. Epic

22-05-2007, 16:59
oh me?
28mm Inquisitor using modified Necromunda rule.RPG style.

22-05-2007, 18:29
Mordhiem is my fav hands down. You can play 2 or 3 games in an evening.We get 4 or 6 players together and roll off to see who plays who.

23-05-2007, 09:39
Blood Bowl tbh, imo best GW game ever, except possibly Man O War

I agree. BB first, then MoW (I also liked Heroquest in a strange way - but I don't suppose that counts on this thread).

24-05-2007, 18:07
Top space has to go to Battlefleet Gothic, its a beautiful system that works well from tiny escort missions of 500 points and below all the way up to apocalyptic 8000 battles between whole armadas of warships.

Second is Epic, not had a huge amount of experience with this as yet, but the system again is very elegant. Only drawback I feel are the models which are a bit small and can be a little uninspiring, however the armies really play like they should do (you'll find that a Space Marine epic army is worryingly similar to a marine army in 40K of similar points - but damn are those guys mean.)

Necromunda/Gorkamorka are good fun, but only if you have more than three players, otherwise one side will get absolutely raped one turn and never able to recover. That said, when its done right they can be amazing.

Mordhiem is similar, but suffers from a few serious flaws (critical hits are so important that they shift the focus from quality to quantity of attacks too far - if elite units suffer in warhammer then this is doubly true for Mordhiem).

Inquisitor - Ugh, its horrible. The system itself isn't too bad if you totally throw out all the classes and character suggestions in favour of something closer to WFRP levels (or bizarrely, just multipling most 40K stats by 10). It also totally lacks any usable background to assist you with a campaign and lacks any experience systems to be a necromunda style campaign skirmish game.
However if you rewrite the character system to give you a bunch of pathetic characters (with stats around 30-40 rather the official 60-80 range) and have it more co-operating individuals rather than warbands fighting against each other it can be a good game, it just fails abysmally at what it sets out to do. As a vague but lethal RPG system for adventures with an Epic Finale, its pefect. Stick with 40K models (and cities of death terrain), the large scale figures are a total pain with regards to converting new models and terrain building.
Don't forget that all PCs should have 'Heroic' as a skill.

Bloodbowl I've never played, but again I think its one of those things that need a proper league rather than 2 or three friends. Especially as a lot of the teams don't even get to do their interesting things until a couple of games in (elves will often start with just linesmen)

28-05-2007, 10:28

Seconded (Thirded, Fourthed?!?)

The game is simple, but a lot of fun. It is also very tactically demanding.

Necro and Mordheim are good, never played Epic or BFG (but would like to) and I can't be bothered with Warmaster.

29-05-2007, 11:26
Epic, it 's my favourite game, WFB comes a close second and Bloodbowl third(mosty because of the Evil tricks/tactics you can use)

Epic is one of the best game systems GW has ever made, there are very few holes in the rules and those that are there have been mostly solved, once you know what your doing, it's one of the most Tactical GW games you can play (and i've played almost all of them).

01-06-2007, 09:52
Hmmm tough one. Bloodbowl if I'm feeling in a silly mood because by the gods that's a brilliant game which never fails to amuse me. If I want strategy though I think you really cannot go wrong with Warmaster.

Heru Talon
01-06-2007, 12:55

01-06-2007, 13:04
Bloodbowl, with a close second Gorkamorka.

01-06-2007, 13:18
Space Hulk. You can't beat that time pressure excitement.

Bjorn Stormwolf
09-06-2007, 21:24
You haven't played Blood Bowl? You haven't truly gamed my friend...