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11-10-2012, 17:37
Hello people, i know that many of us are desperate to see the new Tau book, i know i am, well i was talking to several people at workshop and they suggested that if i really wanted to make a different on when tau comes out or atleast get some sort of "leaked" info it might be a good idea to send GW HQ a letter with people names and signatures, but apparently it had to be a letter not an email if i even wanted them to even bother looking at it. I was wondering if anyoens tried this or heard that such things even work, they did say id need quiete a few signatures, but all wed have to do is make them realise that alot of people do and play TAU and are waiting for a new book and that if they was to realse them, that they will make money, hope this makes sense, please tell me what u guys think, thanx

11-10-2012, 17:41
The rumors say first fully 40k codex of next year. (so second after chaos daemons)

11-10-2012, 17:43
You expect GW to release a book early, disrupting their timetables, because some people sent them a letter with their names on it?

11-10-2012, 17:45
maybe, i dont know, maybe if they realised what high demand it has? or if we flooded them with emails maybe? im just saying what i got suggested, beacsue one of the guys told me he emailed them before and they told him, "dont worry the release is not far off" basically...so i dunno i thought id share it with people anyway :)

11-10-2012, 17:48
I would understand if it was for something like... Sisters or bt with no codex on the immediate horizon, with something ridiculous like 1000 signatures, but for the tau codex that is coming out soon(tm), it prolly isn't worth it

Col. Dash
11-10-2012, 17:52
I honestly would rather them wait, get out of the weak codex cycle they seem to be in and go from there. If the newest chaos codex is any indication of the type of codices they plan on putting out in the near future, I would rather my secondary army not get screwed over for the next few years as bad as my primary army.

11-10-2012, 17:54
yh, i dont know, i kind of gave up thinking its going to be "soon", because dwarfs were rumoured to come out after empire? did they? nope. WoC were meant to be gettin a new book, now they are only gettin miniatures updated and then a new book god knows when, lets not forget that dark angels where rumoured to be out before chaos, and then it turned out that chaos were actually released before dark angels, so its a hit and miss thing really, we dont know anything for sure, "soon" can be in a year...just saying, not having a go, but ive been watching rumours for a bit now, and theyve been all over the place, we only really know when something is out only about a month before it comes out...if that

11-10-2012, 17:55
@ col. dash what do u mean? u think the chaos codex is weak? :S

11-10-2012, 18:14
@Col. Dash:
Weak codex cycle? You realize the previous codex was Necrons, right?

11-10-2012, 21:00
...and just like that the topic goes back to the pet whine of the week.

On topic though its a good idea, but I'm not sure you would be able to mobilize enough people to get the signatures you need.

The Orange
12-10-2012, 03:43
First, I doubt GW would do it, even with enough signatures. Second, I'd rather GW did a good job and gave their developers the time needed to come up with and flesh out good ideas to put into the codex (like Dark Eldar), rather then give into consumer demand and make another half-arsed stop-gap codex like the 2nd one we got which was little more then a "here's some new goodies we didn't even bother to play test, thanks for all the $ btw".