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12-10-2012, 01:48
Well hi I'm new to warseer and WHFB
But here is the wood elf list I'm starting with.

Wood elves 2400

Lords: 600
1x Spellweaver @ lvl 4 with Lore of life dispell scroll and The ranged shooting attack spite.
300 pts

1x Spellweaver @ lvl 4 with Lore of beasts divination orb and The ranged shooting attack spite.
300 pts

Heros: 150
1x Noble (BSB) with HODA and Bow of Loren
150 pts

Core : 820
8x Dryads
96 pts
8x Dryads
96 pts
14x Glade Guard with musician( bunker for BSB and lvl 4)
174 pts
15x Glade Guard with musician, Standard Bearer ( banner of eternal flame)( lvl4 bunker)
202 pts
10x Glade Guard with musician
126 pts
10x Glade Guard with musician
126 pts

Special: 455
3x Treekin
195 pts
4x Treekin
260 pts

Rare: 364
1x Great Eagle
50 pts
1x Great Eagle
50 pts
6x Waywatchers
144 pts
5x Waywatchers
120 pts


I still have 11 points and no idea what to do with it.

12-10-2012, 13:36
a lot of small unit blocks, Not a huge fan of the wood elves but if you play to avoid combat and try to shoot your way to victory you have a good list for it. I just don't see it happening. With charge ranges changed you will have to make sure you play careful and avoid the front arcs of units so they wont get the charge... I say this because 3 + 4 treekin are nice... till they slam into a unit with the burning banner... but this is more speculation then anything. I play WoC and O&G and if I was to play against you I would try to lock you in combat as fast as I could while hero sniping the lords...

But anyone who can play wood elves and pull a victory now days is a better player then I. I wish you luck

19-10-2012, 18:14
Hi, First your list is slightly illegal, you can't take the same sprite twice in a list.
The only combat "punch" you have are the treekin and they aren't that dangerous. They could be if you cast some spells on them, but don't count on that. Average power dice you will get a turn is 7 to 8, and your opponent will likely dispel most of your spells. You have 49 GG shots, which means against regular Tough 3 infantry you may kill 15 per round if you are lucky. Against a horde this is nothing.
Drop the waywatchers, the killing blow is useless and they are very expensive. Use the points to get more GG if you want to go all shooting. Drop the treekin and get more GG. Drop the Beasts spell weaver and BSB upgrade to get more shooting... Once you get to the point where you can wipe out a unit of 40 infantry in 1 round of shooting then you are ok.

19-10-2012, 22:05
Well, this is my first post here on Warseer as well.

You also have few more things that are illegal as well...that bow of loren and hoda combination goes over the point limit for the hero's item list.

In my opinion, you don't necessarily need two Level 4 mages to begin with...pick one of two lores and stick with it. In this case, since you seem to prefer pelting your opponent with arrows, why not go with Life? Perhaps that Dweller spell could complement the shooting phase well. That would save you some points to get more core units. In your case, you should even think about getting some more dryads (maybe 1 more unit of 8 should be fine), especially since the only combat units you got are two dryads and a treekin unit. The more things you have to distract the opponents away from the GG units, the better.

Speaking of the mage..never designate a single GG unit as bunker. There are several reasons, but generally, 15 GG are (or any number of GG) too brittle against anything that they face (e.g. magic, artillery, and so on). Also, if your Lord miscasts, that whole unit could be completely gone..trust me, I have been there. The better strategy here is to hop between unit to unit depending on the situation that you are given. For a spite, I would go with resplendent of luminescence instead, but that is completely up to you.

I wouldn't say that waywatchers are that useless...although you may consider dropping the unit of five that you have for another 10 man GG unit.

About the treekins...if you really want to keep them, drop one treekin and make it a one unit of 6 'kins. That would give you some more points to throw around.

Anyways, that's all I gotta say. Good luck, but most importantly, have fun

19-10-2012, 23:30
Life compliments elves well, but beasts is only so-so. Wildform is an excellent spell but it is meant for combat units, of which you have very few. Transforming into a large monster could be helpful, and the magic missiles seem redundant because you have so much shooting and also because Life's magic missiles are better. Drop the beast wizard to a level 2 or don't take her at all. For the sake of advice, I'd say take the level 2 and see how many power dice you have extra after casting your life spells at the end of every turn.

units of 8 dryads are too small and will lose to almost everything. Combine them into a unit and even add a few more. I would consider 18 run 6X3 a minimum with 20 even better. Same problem, the units of treekin will be more effective in a unit of 6 or 8. 6 with a champion is probably the way to go or even a unit of 7 so you can afford to lose one without losing any attacks is fine.

When fighting a ranked up unit, you want to be able to beat static combat resolution of 4, which is what people will have if they have 3 ranks and a banner. Since Treekin/dryads have no command, small units of them with no ranks can't do this. If you start to rank your guys up and add some more attacks to the mix, then winning becomes an option. For example, lets say your 8x dryad unit gets into a fight with a unit of 40 empire swordsman. Assuming you go 6 wide, your attacks will deal about 4 wounds while the swordsman will deal about 3. However, since he's got his 3 ranks and a banner, he still wins. If you up that dryad unit up to 20, go 10 wide to meet the charge of his horde formation, suddenly you're doing 7-8 wounds and he's dealing 3. Same thing with Treekin. A unit of 3's 9 attacks and 3 stomps is going to do somewhere between 4-6 wounds, which won't be quite enough to break static combat res plus the 1-2 wounds you'll suffer in return. Throw in 9 more attacks and suddenly you can beat units straight up, plus have +1 for a rank.

I wouldn't bother with 2 units of waywatchers. They are extremely expensive and specialized. Their purpose is to attack low toughness but high armor models like knights that you regular shooting won't be very effective against. If your opponent doesn't have any/much of that, or if they have the ability to deal with waywatchers with autohit attacks/spells or flying troops strong enough to beat them, that's a lot of points down the drain. I think you'd be better off keeping a single unit, then adding archers to your smaller archer blocks. Alternatively, war dancers could give you some close combat killing blow or punch where needed and protect your frail archers from quick enemy units so they don't have to waste shots on them. Glade riders could also offer you some speed and redirection, although your eagles are capable of that already. Lastly, you could lose the waywatchers all together and get yourself a Treeman for some heavy combat punch as well as a guy who can take a pounding from enemy elites and survive.

20-10-2012, 00:11
Hi bellon13,

Not so much advice on your list but just an idea in general :) I don't know if you have already but I think it could be useful to watch tmarichards battle reports on youtube. He plays a similar list and to me anyway appears to have great knowledge of how to pull off double fleeing and redirecting successfully. Might be worth checking out as I think it would really be the primary playstyle for a list like yours.