View Full Version : Biggest combat?

18-10-2012, 00:00
I know 6th is mostly shooting but I just had THE most awesome game of 40k I have ever played in just about any edition. It was against my mates new chaos marines and my tyranids, neither was a chessed out waac list and both mainly about close combat. So lets cut to the chase, smack in the centre of the board we had...

My Hive tyrant, 60 hormagaunts, 15 or so genestealers and a few raveners and warriors and a trygon. He had Abbadon, 20 or so bezerkers a sqaud of nurgle termies and a bunch of raptors alongside those new fangled warptalons, plus a few of those new mutilators. This is the single largest cluster**** of stuff I have ever played with, it was just nuts having that all in the combat. I was actually surprised as we handled the allocation quite easy. It was mainly a single combat as the two blobs of gaunts kinda smushed it altogether like some sick, brutal 40k cake bread or something. Not sure if we played the whole combat right but it was fun nonetheless.

Anyway, whats your biggest most facestomping combat this edition? Plus it was pretty cool to see this "small" in comparison army of chaos in a tide of tyranids! My HT barely managed to hold on against abbadon thanks to having rolled both iron arm and endurance that game heh.