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Dwarf Longbeard
19-10-2012, 13:20
Hi all

I'm currently building up my new Imperial Guard upto 3000 points, I've got 3 unbuilt Leman Russ tanks which I'm going to use as individual units my original plan was to have them in the following ways: -
Leman Russ battle tank with hull mounted heavy bolter and sponson heavy bolters - I'd use this to target marine squads
Leman Russ Demolisher with hull mounted lascannon and sponson multi meltas - this would be used to target heavy armoured units like terminators
Leman Russ Vanquisher with hull mounted lascannon and Pask upgrade - I've seen this used a couple of times and though its quite expensive its great for sniping off land raiders, bastions and other types of stuff

The problem is now with the Leman Russ being made a heavy tank and losing its Lumbering Behemoth rule the first two tanks have become less effective due to having ordnance weapons so I've swapped the tank styles from a Battle Tank to an Eradicator and the Demolisher to an Executioner thanks to them only having heavy weapons.

Before I get round to building them I'm wondering if this is a good idea and what are peoples views of the Leman Russ now its a heavy tank; my main opponents are various types of Marines, Chaos Marine, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Orks

Thanks for any replies

19-10-2012, 13:43
I love the Leman Russ Exterminator with three Heavy Bolters. It puts out a lot of shots and chews through all types of infantry.

A plan Leman Russ Battle Tank with a Battle Cannon and Hull Lascannon is cheap an effective. With the change to the blast rules, it is very effective against most armor.

I like the Vanquisher but the Vanquisher Cannon is not as reliable as the Battle Cannon; however, the Vanquisher is pretty cool and I would take one with a HLC and nothing else. Take two of these and you'll pop a lot of tanks.

Reasonable Commissar
19-10-2012, 14:18
I used to go Vanquisher with the LC and a plasmaspamCutioner but with Gets Hot being able to damage vehicles now Im not sure if that would still be viable but it is an excellent MEQ and Termi killer.

19-10-2012, 14:31
Magnetize the turrets and sponsons!

Seriously! Learn how to do it, it will be your best investment by far.

19-10-2012, 18:01
Hmmm vanquisher with past is very situational (and a lot of points) I would keep the demolisher, and two LRBT

19-10-2012, 18:18
Executioner with camo netting?

19-10-2012, 18:27
I've never really been a fan of Sponsons on a Russ, save the Exterminator/Punisher. If I were to take a Demolisher, I would use a Hull Heavy Flamer. I would avoid Plasma Cannons in this edition as they will quickly eat away at your Hull Points.

Dwarf Longbeard
19-10-2012, 19:52
Thanks for the replies, I'm going to have a try at magnatizing but a bit iffy at it
I do avoid the plasma cannon sponsons now because of the gets hot rule for them but mostly look at the heavy bolters for a bit of extra firepower; plus on a modelling side I think the tank looks better with the sponsons on

I do like the LRBT and the Demolisher but am put off by the guns being ordnance but I've certainly got a lot to think on now