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14-05-2006, 14:25
Well, as the topic asks really. Im really in the mood for all things in all games Nurgle and remembered the carnival from a while back, i have played most other warbands in Mordheim, so i just wondered if anyone has used them and what they thought about them? What kind of thing is a good starter band for the carnival?



14-05-2006, 15:45
I've used them. Great fun to use and great fun to model, though not a powerhouse at all (unless you use Nurgle's Rot, in which case your opponents will castrate you when you're sleeping - we made Rot a curable disease at our club to prevent major Warband extinction).
The CoC heroes are quite expensive and fragile (bar the Strongmen, who can whoop some butts after a few advances), but I've found Nurglings to be quite invaluable as living shields and Cloud of Flies delivery system.

I went for a setup with the five heroes, cheaply equipped (clubs, clubs, clubs, More Clubs, and then some clubs and Clouds of Flies for the Tainted Ones) and the rest of the gold spent on Nurglings and some Brethren with either clubs or short bows. Lost a lot of games and models at first, but that was mainly due to Very Bad Dice Rolls (half my Warband was well and truly Dead after my first game. Nuff said. :p).

I've kept a blog of both modelling/painting and playing with the Carnival, which you can see here:
And the WIP/finished stuff gallery is here:

After the last game of this year's Mordheim League, I finally had a Brethren promoted to a Heroin. I stil made the model .... hopefully she'll be promoted a bit earlier on in the next year's campaign. :D

14-05-2006, 16:05
wow, well thanks for the lengthy post, certainly have given me some food for thought, and some beautiful models to boot! i did notice the inherent er, 'problems' with Nurgle's Rot; What were they thinking!

Your starting warband sounded very similar to what i had in mind, so its good to see im on the right track.


15-05-2006, 19:08
rot's been toned down some, check the RR.

it's still overpowered.

One option I've seen used to make it less of a no-brainer:

Roll a 6 to wound: either attempt to infect with rot or crit. Then roll a T test to find out about Rot.

you can't both crit and infect at once. Much more iffy.