View Full Version : Packaging your minis for Golden Demons

16-05-2006, 20:46
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering how it works when you enter a miniature or few into the Golden Demons?

I have never been to a Games Day and I don't know how the process works. Do you just give them your entry and you are responsible for your packaging box, or is there somewhere for you to put it?

I am planning to over package my entry as I am flying across the country to enter it. I just don't want to have to be stuck with my box for the whole day.

So, if anyone can help with the process, I would be greatly appreciative!

19-05-2006, 16:49
Well I can only offer minimal info on the whole affair, having never entered into a Golden Demon Competition... my bet however is that you'll end up with your packing box to look after (I can't see them taking it or doing a good job of dealing with it considering the number of miniatures they'll be taking and keeping track of)

Consequently, provided the box isn't really large there may be lockers present at the convention centre (Scratching my head about that one, I THINK there are those coin operated bus station kind somewhere around)

Barring that check with the convention centre's guest services and they may be able to point you in a good direction or even check your packaging...