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17-05-2006, 00:21
Ok, so I currently have 3 Mech Inf Companies, 2 Tank Companies, 1.7 Super Heavy Tank Companies (one Bandblade shy), 2 Sentiel Squadrons, and of course the Command Company.

So I have 1 Mech Inf Battalion, 2/3 Tank Battalion, .85 Super Heavy Tank Battalion, 2/3 Recon Company, 2/3 Anti-Air Company, & the Command Company.

So here is my qualm. I like the idea of a full Regiment to center my IG around (yes thats right center them around).
I odviously need one more Tank Company to complete that Battalion and the least Bandblade to complete the Super Heavy Battalion, possibly 3 more Super Heavies after that. I also need to round out the Recon Company, for this I am thinking a squadron of Salamanders. And lastly the last battery of Hydras to add to the Anti Air Company. (I am not shy of buying vehicles from FW odviously.)

So I am thinking what I need to add to complete the Regiment after filling those out is:

1 Mech Inf Battalion (3 Mech Inf Companies)
1 Artillery Battalion (3 Artillery Companies)

1 Support Company

2 Supply Platoons (total of 6 Torjan Support Vehicles & 30 troops 6 stands)
1 Medical Platoon (total of 3 Turretless Chimeras & 15 troops 3 stands)

So right now the 333rd Macragge Mechinized Infantry Regiment at completion would be (all modelled!):

1 HQ Co.
1 Support Co.
1 Recon Co.
1 AA Co.
2 Mech Inf Battalions
1 Tank Battalion
1 Super Heavy Tank Battalion
1 Artillery Battalion

But back to rounding this stuff out.
For the Recon Co. I have 2 Sential Squadrons and am going to add a Salamander Squadron.
For the Tank Battalion I am considering making the 3rd Company a non Standard Leman Russ company and instead have it made up of Conquerors or possibly Destroyer Tank Hunters.
For the Super Heavy Tank Battalion I am thinking of making the 3rd Company either Stormblades or Stormswords.
For the Artillery Battalion I am thinking of doing 2 Companies of Basilisk and 1 Company of Griffons or Medusas or Bombards or Manticores.

So my question to my fellow Epic fans is first - what do you think about the additions to be made which direction should I take them and what do you think of the idea?

It will come out to around 20k pts.

I am also considering building a Infantry Battalion from 332nd Macragge Infantry Regiment(4 Co.), a Battalion from the 335th Macragge Drop Regiment (2 Inf Co in Valks, 1 Squadron of Vultures), and probably a Company of Imperial Stormtroopers.

Incase you are wondering, yes I like the idea of big armies, I have a full Company of Ultramarines for 40k and ~ 3 for Epic.

The Ape
17-05-2006, 09:20
Get some shadowswords for anti-titan fun. Play them as seperate units in game and stick a commissar with each :)

17-05-2006, 16:19
Actually a company of Shadowswords are part of the Super Heavy Battalion.

20-05-2006, 00:21
A quick note:

GW's Guard 'Regiments' are actually at division strength of three brigades... check the TO&Es in Imperial Armour Volume 3: The Taros Campaign for example. Your regiment will be two brigades short, unless you want to call a regiment a brigade.

Good luck though, and have fun with 'em. :D