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14-12-2012, 13:33
Hi guys!

I am planning to do my own warhammer quest dungeon tiles, an like to know whats the exact size of the dungeon tile squares? It is exactly one inch or is it a little more?

Thanks in advance!!!

By the way i am really looking forward to play whq since it seems such a good game. I cant believe GW droped it... its a shame.

14-12-2012, 21:03
If I wasn't so lazy, I'd walk over to the box, take out a tile and measure it, but I thought this might be more useful (and less effort for me;)):


That's the official GW Dungeon Bowl PDF, complete with scans of the WHQ corridor tiles for you to print (again, just in case certain admins are sniffing around, this is from GW itself, easily found from a simple Google search - 1st result by the way - and free for personal use). Print it using the 'actual size' option, and you'll be able to measure them for yourself (and even have a mini set to test out some basic dungeons, especially if you combine with the amazing rooms Teal has put together).

Doesn't really 'answer' the question, but hopefully helps you answer it yourself and MORE.

EDIT: Just double checked to make sure that version has got the WHQ tiles attached, and it has a LOT more than just corridors...

14-12-2012, 21:25
Wow, that does more than answer my question! Ive been in search for some of the little counters like the traps etc. untill now. Glad i have these also now.
Thank you sir!

14-12-2012, 22:07
each square is 3cm wide, the black border around the edge of the tile is 1.5cm so you need to take into account an extra 3cm to cover the top and bottom borders amd 3kcm for the side borders.

other than that, it's your basic 3 x table.

look forward to seeing some


15-12-2012, 08:22
Allright, thank you talion, i assumed they are a little wider than 1 inch.

It will take some time to build the dungeons up, since i am not yet sure how to do it, but it seems around here is quite a lot of inspiration.

16-12-2012, 16:30
You don't have to stick to the official size if you don't want to. I have gone for 40mm squares on my dungeon to make fitting bigger monsters in easier. Although maybe I don't understand your project right. Are you making your own hand made set, or are you making extra room tile PDFs to print out and add to existing sets? If its the latter you'll of course want to stick to the 30mm standard

16-12-2012, 20:13
I am planning to model my own tiles when ive got enough spare time to do so. Maybe the Christmas Holidays will be a good start. At first, i am trying to get into the game (dive into the dungeon^^) and have a few test games to know where to watch at when building my "terrain".
HereBeDragons, Your idea with extra wide squares sounds good, iwould be interested in how it looks scale wise? Sure, if you want to do the roleplay and going to face a lot of huge monsters (thats what you want to do) then big squares are necessary.
I am not yet convinced if i ll do it all by myself or do molds, or buy groundplates etc..

Offtopic, after having a few testgames by myself yesterday i did a little game with my girlfriend this evening and to my asthonishment she really liked it even so he had problems remembering all the rules (she isnt into tabletop, miniatures and all that stuff)

It is really cool to play a game which brought me into the universe of tabletops long long time ago when i was 8 or 9 years old and lent a copy of my neighbor! That time i really had no clue even that rules for this game existed but these figures all were so fine! Feels so nostalgic... :-)
But in the end i think WHQ defined what is "Fantasy" for me.

19-12-2012, 22:05
It is a great game, but be warned- you'll probably die in the first few attempts ( I did anyway!)
I made tiles using cork, and based it on 30mm squares....

23-12-2012, 16:38
Haha, i have experienced that in the last days Andy_T :)
But its fun non the less. You always have to urge yourself not to bend the rules to full extend. In the first games it happend a couple of times that our characters died, but we played it that your dying character is back in the game the next time but has lost a big part of his gold. Since the wizard of my mate got the healing hands spell now i think there will be no need for that rule change anymore.

By the way, your cork terrain looks really good. Maybe ill give it a try. For now im teally busy in doing the haracters for our games.

26-12-2012, 19:13
Cheers! Have a look for the deathblow magazine as one of them has the article in about making a cork dungeon (Ian pickstock wrote it I think...)