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15-12-2012, 09:07
I'm putting together a set and making tokens for the monsters since I don't really want to have to paint a bazillion new models.

What do you do with large base monsters? The basic rules seem to assume everything, even things like ogres and minotaurs (and by extension any 40mm base) go in one square.

I could make all the tokens small enough to fit in one square, or buck the trend and make big beasties fill 4 (or 2 squares for cavalry bases). But that would change the game since there will be more squares to attack from/at.

What do you do with big based models? What should I do with my tokens!

15-12-2012, 10:19
Personally I keep them on their usual size base and if that takes up 2x2 squaeres, so be it. I do give the larger monsters a few extra wounds (depending on level) to compensate though. After all, having a bigger base puts them at a disadvantage - they can be attacked by more guys, can be seen easier by projectile weapons, etc.

I'm still not sure what to do about narrower sections though, such as a 2x2 monster trying to go up the higher level in the Idol room for example. The stairs are only 1 square wide, so technically they won't fit. My thought was to allow them to fit on a section that is 1 square less than their base size as long as they do not finish their movement on said section (ie they can get up the stairs as long as they start their move from below and finish on top - they cannot finish their movement halfway up)

Any thoughts?

15-12-2012, 10:33
Sounds sensible, good idea. I'll see how it turns out.

Your great unclean one is horrible... in all the right ways!

16-12-2012, 15:24
If the monsters are so big their bases don't fit on the stairs, I would say they tend to be big enough that they don't need to use the stairs! :D I have also been making my own set, but I'm crazy enough to be collecting all the monsters. Since I'm using modern models, the minotaurs for example come on 40mm bases. I'm happy to just run with that. There's no problem with a bit of overlap. With bigger monsters I think I will let them overlap multiple squares. I like daemonslaves thought of giving them more wounds. By the way, how do you deal with the long thin bridge rooms from the necromancer expansion? Or have you not had to fight anything big on that room?

16-12-2012, 18:59
In that case, and when crossing the rope bridge in the fire chasm, I allow the overlap to the sides as there is only open air around, which wouldn't limit their movement. If you wanted to be picky, you could give them -1 WS as they are 'tightrope walking' their way across, but I don't bother. In the case of the collapsed corridor, where there is something on either side that would limit their movement then I simply do not let them go through.

Just my thoughts though.

16-12-2012, 20:08
If you're making tokens why not just make them all 1 square to keep it simple? Might not be the most realistic option, but it is theeasiest gamewise...

19-12-2012, 21:09
I used cork bases on mine to match my dungeon and managed to get minotaurs onto 30mm bases.... just!
I'm with daeomnslave though on BIG models (like a dragon) they should take up more than one space.