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20-12-2012, 16:24
...in the vein of axis and allies....

ideally WW2 based, but not essential, I enjoy A&A but find it a bit fiddly, not ideal for new players, also like risk but not the whole 'homogeneity' of it all

so either risk with more resource management and unit types, or a dumbed down less piddling around version of A&A

is there such a thing?

20-12-2012, 18:38
Hmm... the WWII games I can think of are Tide of Iron and Memoir '44. Memoir '44 is very low-level tactical scale, and pretty dumbed-down... one of those might or might not be what you're looking for.

25-12-2012, 09:39
I would check out the GMT games, they make a lot of historical board games and there's likely one that is similar to your criteria.

25-12-2012, 12:35
Must it be WW2? If not resource management type things could be Hamburgium or Lords of Waterdeep or Agriccola

30-12-2012, 03:14
Risk 2210 is a much improved version of Risk with heroes, bases, and resource management. It's very good for newbies.

GMT games are nice, but except for Command & Colors (which I really cannot recommend) they're not simple games for newbies. Memoir '44 however is the best implementation of the C&C system (improved the basic system without cluttering it with too much fiddliness).

06-01-2013, 12:01
That's very interesting. What I heard of Command and Colours so far was basically immense praise with comments about Memoir'44 being the weakest of them all. Weird how opnions tend to differ. :D (note that I played neither)

24-01-2013, 18:26
I recommend RIVET WARS.

Recently Rivet Wars has been and is running as a Kick Starter Project at


Here's a little Rivet Wars short story inspired by the Rivet World:


THE TRENCH RAIDER by Carsten Schwartz

Excited Herbert Von Schleichkärl jumped into the enemy trench under cover of the creeping morning fog. Sweat running down his back and the moistness of his adrenalin forced body threatening to disable his vision through the glass of the gasmask. This must be finished fast. Soon my gasmask must be removed to be able to see properly, he reflected, as dew slowly appeared on the inside of the glass of the mask. No problem I'll just sit here in the trench and clean my mask, before I continue. The raider silently passed a corner with an abandoned dugout, surveying the surrounding area, he found it to be a safe spot for the task at hand. After a couple of minutes the he carefully snuck on.

This was for real! He thought excited. Only a few months ago he had been awarded as the best raider trainee in years at the academy, Von Hindenburg himself had personally attended and pressed his hand at the finishing ceremony. After a few quite boring skirmishes he had been selected for this mission to gather intelligence behind the allied lines. After several minutes of hide and sneak he reached a larger bunker complex. Huge concrete walls filled the silent foggy morning landscape. What was that! He could vaguely perceive excited voices nearby. Carefully approaching the bunker he noticed a rusty venting grate. After careful inspection the raider deemed it safe to approach the grate in the damp concrete wall, silently the Herbert slipped though the sandbag and the barbed wire surrounding the small concrete fortress.

"I just got news late last night that a squad of 20 M3's will arrive in a couple of hours to lead the attack this morning", Colonel Brickton smiled as he brought the good news to his staff. Faces all smiling with enthusiasm looked back at him. The colonel paced the main staff room with an inner peace not to betray his joy of this news. The General had come through with his demands after all! He had tried to convince him of the need for a tactical advantage on this section of the front for weeks and here it was. He checked the small opening in the concrete wall to survey the muddy grey terrain covered in the morning fog, was somebody moving out there? Probably the morning patrol, that went along its business this hour.

That was to close for comfort, only moments ago an middle aged face with cunning and experienced eyes had appeared in one of the narrow window slits of the bunker near the vent grate. But no dogs barked and no alarms sounded, the raider considered his options. The M3's where a dangerous move and would surely be a set back if the attack started without a warning. He had to get back faster than a monowheel from hell. Cautiously he slipped of and disappeared into the all engulfing fog.

‘Mad’ Fred Larson strode confident forward guiding his patrol forward as he and his men performed their morning duty in the front line. Fred had recently been appointed leader of the morning patrol and looked forward to carry out his duty in a spotless manner. Somebody must have fallen ahead in the front line trench Fred though as he tugged the leash of patrol mascot Spunk to move him along. Spunk was a marvelous animal wide and muscular the bull dog had helped them out in several pressed situations, the enemy often never expected a wild muscular dog to be an option in combat, and their surprise often cost them dearly. The muscle driven animal appeared to be nervous, something out the ordinary must have caught its attention, Fred thought. The Patrol leader gave the sign of silence to his fellow soldiers and the patrol moved cautiously forward as Spunk started barking uncontrollably.

Just a piece of bad luck, that's all he reflected. It had been almost too easy to move back to the front line of the allied forces, and now the fog had started to disperse endangering his mission. My gas mask is dryer and I can see clearer, it's just a change of conditions that's all. The raider jumped into the front trench and rushed silently towards the point nearest to the Blight lines. But what was that, a patrol and a dog barking. Quick and silently the raider pulled out his newly acquired gas grenade and lopped it at the approaching patrol. A hiss, a bang and the patrol was down coughing their lungs up. Serves them right the allied scum! He thought. Von Schleichkärl slipped overjoyed through the dying allied soldiers, now the road was clear.

It’s strange what Spunk has got scent of in that in that wrinkled face of Fred reflected as the dog started barking more intensely, its eyes two angry lantern behind the glasses of its special design gas mask. As the patrol rounded a corner near a fresh dugout, Fred thought he could hear a vague hissing sound ahead of them, the squad leader started readying his gas mask. The hissing got louder as a hand grenade flew out of the morning fog and exploded amongst the men. But this was no ordinary grenade, white smoke surrounded the squad, and they started screaming and coughing. Fred felt the light disappear in his own private world and his legs go below him as he managed to get the mask on in the cloud of poisonous gas.

Spunk didn't like the loud noise and that his masters had been put down, the bull dog was angry and saliva was dripping out from the gas mask. Pure instinct made the dog jump into the shadow where the hissing sound had first originated. Even through the gas mask the dog's preprogrammed smell of the enemy suddenly became much stronger and its claws stroke home on soft tissue. “The evil that hurt my masters!” was the only message in Spunks ferocious brain as he clawed wildly and swung his spike clad tail at the intruder.

Where did that come from the raider thought as a large, white muscular dog with a gas mask and a vicious spike clad tail, flew out of nowhere attacking the soft unguarded tissue of his left thigh. Quick as a flash he smacked the dog on top of its large muscular head with the butt of his pistol, as it went down the white bundle of violence lashed its spiked tail straight into the right thigh of the raider. With a muffled scream Von Schleichkärl jumped clear and quickly limped silently away from the disabled dog. Damn nobody had informed him of dogs that could survive gas attacks! Slowly but confident the raider nimbly limped towards friendly lines.

Hope some of the other guys have managed to get their masks on Fred thought as he slowly stood up and surveyed the damage, in the distant horizon a shadow with a spiked helmet disappeared into the fog over against the Blight front line. Somebody was in a hurry to get to the enemy lines and taking no chances.

It was a disaster, none of the blokes had even touched their mask they all lay dead with contorted faces that signaled horrible pain and death, blood mixed with white saliva running out of their noses, mouths and eyes. Spunk was whimpering nearby, but the white monstrous animal of a dog was slowly getting up and started barking insanely towards the Blight lines. This was no ordinary soldier who had attacked them this morning, he’d better report this to the section leader. Medic-Medic! He shouted as he moved away from the front line through the narrow communication trench.


I recommend pledging! - You get a great game and a ridiculous lot of minis for the $90 reward or even more for the $150 reward.

Goblin Gonads
25-01-2013, 00:03
I play command and colours ACW and Napoleonics, I would strongly recommend either. The ACW version known as Battlecry is simple enough that my wife enjoys playing it, the napoleonic version from GMT has a lot more unit types so has added levels of complexity. Have a look over at Boardgame Geek for recommendations.

29-01-2013, 09:30
Have a look at tide of iron by ffg its a scenario based game set in ww2

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03-12-2013, 09:29
Not a boardgame but have you tried boltaction. Very easy to pick up and play. It is a minature games but you could use the rules and just use tokens. or even create a board for it like the War 44 boardgames

21-12-2013, 12:47
In our gaming group a few of us have started playing Risk Legacy. Great game, each game evolves a little more making the next game different.

25-03-2014, 15:05
I second Risk Legacy ,its great . I'm not the biggest fan of risk but legacy will convert you .The game develops with your group creating a very personal investment

26-03-2014, 02:51
Little late here, sorry.

I have never played it, but I have heard very good things about Attack! by Eagle games


that it is basically a game for people who would like to play axis and allies but don't want to play axis and allies, if you know what I mean.

It is nominally WW2, though abstract, rests somewhere between A&A and Risk, and is supposed to be very easy to learn and fast playing. The base game covers the European theater (I think) while the expansion adds Asia and the pacific.

12-06-2014, 05:58
Battlelore is my favorite tabletop war game. It is fantasy based but it is a lot of fun. A very head on battle with lots of strategy based around unit placement. Then there is Runewars. This one is a tabletop war game, also fantasy based, and has a lot of territory control and resource management strategy mixed in too. Almost a risk on steroids. Both are really fun.

12-04-2015, 08:23
I like looking through Whoes turn now and looking through their family games (http://www.whoseturnnow.com) and finding new games. I do that pretty often...

Khaines Wrath
13-04-2015, 11:28
If you haven't already I highly recommend trying King of New York, amazingly fun and entertaining.

25-05-2015, 20:22
I recommend backgammon live (http://www.gamecolony.com/backgammon.shtml) and dominoes live (http://www.gamecolony.com/dominoes.shtml). They are the best board games with hundreds of online players from around the world. Enjoy! :)