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08-01-2013, 22:19
Good day to all.
I bought WHQ a couple of months ago, and have got to the point where i need to start adding bigger monsters/ect. Never really played WH games before, apart from space hulk so i haven't got armies at the ready to start picking and choosing what to use (unless i use my genestealers and they would own **** ofcourse), so i guess im just asking if anyone has any good tips on where to look for good CHEAP ways to make my quests more complete with enemies and ofcourse new heros waiting to become legends.

Thanks for your time

08-01-2013, 23:12
Check out the reaper miniatures BONES range. They had a very successful kickstarter a while back and they are adding a bunch of models that should work pretty well.

09-01-2013, 01:30
Yep, BONES and eBay are the way to go - I got 3 BONES minotaurs and a metal halfling thief for 10 from eBay, all BNIB, and the thief was more than 1/3 of the total price. BONES can need a little shaping, but they don't lose as much detail as you'd think (wash still picks out the detail lovely) and for the price, they are excellent.

09-01-2013, 02:53
haha what are the odds on that? I've just been looking at the reaper page on ebay for like the last 2 hours. Got so much inspiration now. I was looking for a kinda greek mythological feel, found a couple of gorgons, male snake dudes and a sparton hero for less than 20buff.

Also i found this guy

He's a beast and could easily replace the barbarian i have at the moment.

So yeah, reaper miniatures is definitely a good call...

Cheers for the quick reply guys and any other ideas will be welcomed.

09-01-2013, 08:28
Also, take a look at mantic games, they gave some cheap plastics (especially when bought via other online stores) and I think they are currently having a clearance sale, so you can get 40 goblins or mixed undead for about 14. They have some cheap-ish bigger beasties as well, and are planning ogres, werewolves and stuff for this year.

They are also a good source for 'Abyssal Halfbreeds' which look a lot like bull centaurs.

Apart from that, ebay and the Bones range are your friends, like the other mentioned.

Good luck!

10-01-2013, 11:53
Yeah cheers man, the mantic models look all right and they are at a good price, think i might get a new load of goblins off them. Pay day today though so i've got to TRY and be sensible, so i bought a nicely painted troll slayer, 3 trolls (2 stone and 1 with an axe), a shaman skaven to lead the skaven for the moment and 10 skeletons, because, Hey it just wouldn't be a dungeon without skeletons right???

I think i'm gunna stop buying for today though.

Cheers for your help though guys, ill probably post all the crap i got when i get around to painting it. I would also love getting in to making my own board, but i think ill take it 1 step at a time :D

Peace !

24-01-2013, 17:18
Also my mate has just bought a Witch Hunter and we cannot decide which name is better... Mitch Hunter or Dan Helsing lol what do people think?

24-01-2013, 17:49
Dan Helsing, definitely.