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29-01-2013, 09:36
Ok so I own dungeon quest (super sadistic), infiltration (quick but easy) and cadwallon city of thieves (super bitchy)

Can anyone recommend any other press your luck games (possibly even a fully cooperative one)

I'm not gonna lie,I have a lot of ffg games and thir production values have spoiled me, so component quality is also a definite factor

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29-01-2013, 20:27
The "push your luck" games I own and would recommend are ...
Roll Through the Ages
No Thanks (a lighter card game)
Lost Cities (for 2 players) & Lost Cities Board Game (also Keltis)
The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus (picked up by FFG)
The Adventurers: Temple of Chac (also now picked up by FFG)
Ra: The Dice Game (I've heard that Ra is even better but don't have it)
Nanuk (card game ... but this is a weak recommendation)

Of the other games I would consider, other than Ra mentioned above, I would take a look at Incan Gold as this always seems to get good reviews. None are cooperative.

Hope that helps.

30-01-2013, 00:04
ive been looking at the adventurers games for a while now, how punishing are they and do they have a better stratergy such as in infiltration, its way better to sit by the door and pick up all the small loot there than rush in and hope for somthing better.

30-01-2013, 19:11
I can’t compare to Infiltration, not one I own I’m afraid, but the games can be really brutal if you get too greedy but that’s true of many push your luck games.
In Temple of Chac the “Indiana Jones” style rolling boulder eventually seals you inside whereas in the Pyramid of Horus the exit/entrance gradually fills up with falling ceiling tiles. These are both at heart light (family) games but we’ve had loads of laughs when someone gets crushed by the boulder, falls into the molten pit, gets crushed by the encroaching walls etc … my favourite out of the two is the Temple of Chac.

31-01-2013, 19:11
Zombie Dice is a good push-your-luck game. Not really enough for a full "session" but great as a game to play between bigger games, especially with the 3 "expansion" dice that add extra variety and strategy to the game.

04-03-2013, 13:10
We picked up the temple of chac, and ran through it once today, of the press your luck games I've played, this is how I would rate them.

Dungeon Quest:
Very sadistic (I have had my character die on the very first turn of the game), requires a certain type of mindset going in (I've had many players ask what the reward is for killing a monster or succeeding a test, then pout when I tell them their reward is that they're not dead).
It almost completely random and you have very little control of where you go on the way in and its very easy to get stonewalled out (personally we play the no guts no glory variant, which makes the game damn well near impossible to actually survive), the combat mechanics cause a little too much down time for other players who aren't involved, with little to no player interaction.
Generally This game is a how far can I get, rather than a Who won game.

Systematic, games a predictable and by the numbers, and while there is a slight screw the other players factor, it rarely comes into play.
Depending on your preference of tactics, you can either farm the rooms close to the door, then duck out when the proximity meter hits about 75 -> 80, doing as much to sabotage as possible, while this almost leads to a 100% escape chance, the 1st level rooms generally only have 3 -> 5 data packets per room (or require special items to unlock the rest).
Or the other less safe bet is to rush into the facility as fast as possible, tripping as many alarms as possible, farm the 2nd level rooms where there is generally 6 -> 8 data packets per room, plus a few special items worth more data, then hope there is another exit on the second level (approx 66% of games), otherwise you lose.
The first tactic will win more often, but the second tactic, if the dice don't go against you will more likely win over the first tactic when it pays off.

Cadwallion: city of thieves:
Requires careful planning and a lot of luck, This game (especially with the expansion, which makes it WAY better I might add) is a gambling game at its core, you must stack the odds as much in your favor as you can, then put your faith in the dice gods, and while a slow methodical approach towards mission cards seems to be the superior tactic, there are numerous ways to go about this tactic.
This game gets the player interaction right, players need to work together to take down the leader by blocking out squares with their militias movement, and picking on isolated characters, but you still need to always work for your own interests, its no good knocking the leader out unless it puts you in a position to cash in on it, the losing players have the least to lose and the most to gain so to speak, meaning the winners will be more conservative and the losers will be trying to blitz the board.

The adventurers: The temple of chac
Quick and easy, definite set in stone tactics involved depending on which characters you pull, but the luck factor is still there. It has little to no character interaction apart from stealing the idols that other people planned to take, or deliberately smashing the wooden bridge. I think it has the right idea (as opposed to say infiltration) by not being able to exit the same way you enter the board, but by that same token the game feels more like a race than a press your luck, where the luck is more in line with what you manage to loot on the way through then deciding how long to stay in the temple.

so ranking them in order of best to worst:
Cadwallion (Simply due to the superior player interaction, but It needs the expansion, or its kind of bland)
The adventurers (because its quick, simple and possible because its still a novelty I guess)
Dungeon quest (because its not player friendly)
Infiltration (because its too predictable)