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08-02-2013, 15:28
I've just bought it on Amazon...has anyone else played it?

It looks a bit less manic than TC: Zombies!!!, but just as tongue-in-cheek.

08-02-2013, 16:38
Great game. Can be tense, or hysterical depending on the players and the cards drawn.

09-02-2013, 00:06
haven't played it, but from what iveread in reviews, its a little on the easy side (for any halfway compitent group), but a much better version of TC zombies.

The difficulty sort of put me off buying it, and I wasnt that much of a fan of zombies anyway.

Please correct me if im wrong though, There are scant few good zombie board games out there at the moment.

Chapters Unwritten
09-02-2013, 02:57
This game is a great game and worth every penny. I've played it many times and it's just a pitch perfect representation of the source materials.

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09-02-2013, 09:27
All sounds good, thanks.:yes:

I was also looking at Zombicide, but the 30 price difference swayed me towards this one (that, and you also get expansions, which is one of the best things about TC: Zombies!!!).

10-02-2013, 03:24
If you like expansions, try Arkham horror....... :sly:

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20-02-2013, 18:51
Had our first game the other night. 4 players, two as people and two as zombies. Was a zombie win but it got very close towards the end.

Everyone enjoyed playing it, and the co-op aspect is quite a big change from TC: Zombies!!!. Can't wait to get a couple more players involved.

The whole board looks a little small at first, and anyone who played TC:Zombies!!! might be put off by the lack of zombies available, but it really works. Took us a couple of hours for our first run through, probably take a little bit less when we get used to it.

Is it better than TC: Zombies!!!? Difficult to say...it's very different. Only time and games with some expansions will tell.

23-02-2013, 22:58
There's an episode of tabletop where they play this :)

26-02-2013, 10:55
We had another go at the weekend. I played on the hero side this time and won. I'd say it's a bit more fun to play as the heroes at the moment, as you get better cards and weapons, but expansions may change this.

26-02-2013, 12:40
Can anyone help with a quick query? I've been looking into the expansions and can find some on Amazon, but there are a few others I can't locate:

Stock Up Supplement (2007)
Revenge of the Dead Supplement (2008)
Zombie Pillage Supplement (2009)
Radioactive Grave Dead Supplement (2010)
Advanced Abilities Supplement (2010)

Looking on the Flying Frog Productions website, it states that they are "Web exclusives", and I can't seem to find them to buy anywhere.

Does anyone have these expansions, or any further information about them?

11-05-2013, 21:11
I can't recommend this game enough. Great party game. Have the Growing Hunger and Survival of the Fittest expansions. Expansions can be had here:

http://stores.homestead.com/FlyingFrogProductions/Categories.bok?category=Last+Night+on+Earth%3AWeb+ Exclusives

Also have Zombicide which I kinda like a hair better cause there is no zombie player and everyone has to cooperate or die.