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10-02-2013, 03:28
1: are there any casual Netrunner players in the outer south Melbourne suburbs around?

2: what's every ones favourite Runner/corp?

3: do you Prefer the Runner our the corp?

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10-02-2013, 22:34
1. Not me
2. Iīm playing Anarch (Noise) and HB (ETF) mostly in recent times. I do enjoy the other fractions as well, but if I had to pick these two would be it.
3. I like both about equally. I think playing the game from one side adds to the experience of playing the other, so I donīt find the experience all that different - when I play corp Iīve got my own "virtual runner" playing against me in my head for a couple of turns all the time.

10-02-2013, 23:43
hmmm, i like jinteki and haas myself, but i feel there are a few jenteki cards missing at the moment to make a serious deck

I think though i do prefer to play the corp over the runner, it just seems more fun to be the one setting the pace

13-03-2013, 22:21
Can't help with being in Oz I'm afraid mate, but as for the other points.

I prefer corp as a rule. My favourite is currently Weyland but I really enjoy the play style of each. My favourite runner is Shapers (Kate) with a few select Criminal cards.

I love HB and played it exclusively when I was starting out, but just beware that a few of their ICE can be bypassed with clicks, which can make for bad times!