View Full Version : Yorkshire opponent finder!

22-05-2006, 09:55
I live in a rural East Yorkshire and I have no-one to play Warhammer against :cries:

So I thought i would start the Yorkshire specific Opponent finder, so start your post with the 'Riding' and what you play etc etc....


name: Andrew
Age: 33
Game of choice; WHFB
Armies: Chaos Hord, Bretonnians (both 2000 points-ish)
Would play 40k (orks) at a push.

BTW: If I can get enough people together I am looking to start a club, i have access to some excellent (cheap) venues all within walking distance of my house. Situated in the estate village of Londesborough we have some hardly used village halls, reading rooms etc. All a good size but one person does not make a club.

Given the oportunity I am more than happy to get it going playing anything and everything GW & Non-GW (I do like the look of Warmachine!!!).

PM if interested!!