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09-06-2005, 17:13
Well here it is

Out and About
This Saturday, June 11th, Forge World will be at Warhammer World in Nottingham for the Cry Havoc! Hobby Day. Of course Forge World is going to be joining in with Operation Armoured Assault, the UK wide world record attempt for the most tanks used in a linked battle. We will have a range of heavily armed and armoured machineries of destruction available to ‘test-drive’ on the day so you can decide which tank or weapon best suits your needs before buying it! A huge tank-tastic day like Saturday wouldn’t be complete without the biggest, baddest tank of all would it? As long as there isn’t a huge blizzard or it doesn’t tip it down with rain all day we will have our unique 1/6th scale radio controlled Baneblade rumbling around outside. If you haven’t seen Forge World’s biggest ever model then this is your chance to see and hear our monster in action. If you can’t make it to Nottingham this weekend then we hope that you can catch up with us at some of the other shows and events we’re attending this summer. Without going into too much detail and clogging up the newsletter I do have a list of where we will be over the next month or so and we have just updated the Forge World Events page where you can click on the event you are most interested in for details. July is when I get busy travelling again as we have Conflict! London on the 10th and then the truly massive War and Peace show down in Kent from the 20th through to the 24th! (Five days camping in a field! Help!!) A few days later I pop over to the US for Games Day Chicago on the 30th. I do get a little bit of a break as our annual trip to Cologne for Games Day Germany isn’t until August 28th. If anyone would like to place a reservation order for collection at any of these events, either give one of our guys a call on the phone or drop us an email titled ‘Forge World Reservation’ with your name, the event you want to collect your order at and the list of what you want us to pack up especially for you. We’ll confirm all the details with you as we get closer to each date and make sure your order is sitting waiting for you.


The Thunderlord Cometh!
In the last issue of the Newsletter I talked a little about this bad boy and I’m glad to say he’s all done and ready to go on sale. Unlike the previous two Ogre Rhinox Cavalry Daniel made, the Thunderlord does not use any plastic components, instead it is a complete resin kit and a good bit larger as you might notice. The size of this model really is quite something; I’m writing this with the Thunderlord model sitting next to my Snotling Pumpwagon and Gobbo 3 Wolf Chariot and today is as close as they are ever going to get if I have anything to say about it. The complete Thunderlord is about 120mm/5 inches tall and that isn’t a cavalry base he’s standing on, it’s a chariot base! I think perhaps my favourite part of this model is the little Gnoblar wearing a fake peg-leg to imitate his boss. I am beginning to think a little bit about adding some super-heavy cavalry to my Orc and Goblin army now, hmm…. If like me you are tempted to add one of these huge monsters to your collection it is available to pre-order now for release from Monday July 4th.


Terminators Decorated for Valour
Space Marine Terminators are perhaps the most fearless and valiant warriors defending the Imperium and to shield Humanity from the alien and the heretic they are given only the best weapons and armour that their Chapter can provide. To help make your squads of new plastic Space Marine Terminators become a focal point of your army and the envy of your peers, Forge World are pleased to release the next two sets of Terminator Shoulder Pads with a pack for the Raptors Space Marine Chapter and another that can be used for both the Imperial Fists and the Crimson Fists Chapters. Both the Fists and Raptors Terminator Shoulder Pads are available to pre-order now for release from Monday July 20th.


Fresh from the Painting Table
A few days ago we had another of our larger new models returned after being painted. To be completely honest this is the second time that Fil brought our huge Chaos Dragon back to us because he wasn’t 100% satisfied with the work and knew he could do better! I think Fil has done an amazing job with this model as it is just so enormous and positively dripping with fine detail crying out for careful painting. Well done mate.


New Downloadable Catalogue Supplement
You know, when we publish a catalogue it seems to be out of date almost immediately because the guys downstairs make more new models! Well we’re halfway through the year and we have quite a number of models that aren’t in our catalogue. Our solution is to make supplement sheets that we can keep changing as new models are released and send these out with each catalogue. But it is still possible that quite a number of you don’t have one of our most up to date supplements and rather than send out thousands of envelopes all over the world we thought it would be easier to let you download it as a .pdf file. The file isn’t too large, a little bit over 1meg, but has enough resolution if you want to print a few copies off. I hope you all do have a copy of our 2005 catalogue by now? If not please just send us an email with your name and postal address to ForgeWorldCatReq@games-workshop.co.uk and we shall send one to you right away.


mostly warhammer stuff, but the new terminator pads look fantastic!

Lion El Jason
09-06-2005, 17:30
I've been thinking about getting terminator pads just for the left side!

Lord Setra
09-06-2005, 19:05
The terminator pads look really good and that ogre hero on the rhinox is amazing, not to mention bloody huge!!

09-06-2005, 19:26
Shaweet IF pads fro my new IF Termis nice to see my timing is cool! However I must say those Raptor pads are the pic of the bunch currently.


09-06-2005, 20:34
Who the hell plays Raptors? -seriously?

10-06-2005, 02:02
Who the hell plays Raptors? -seriously?

No one, yet. Once the Taros campaign book comes out they'll probably start showing themselves.

Inquis. Jaeger
10-06-2005, 02:18
Who the hell plays Raptors? -seriously?

Don't forget that design is used by loads of chapters - Black Consuls, White Consuls and Emperor's Storm amongst them, not just the Raptors. ALthough I agree, a more mainstream chapter would have been more apt.

10-06-2005, 02:51
I wonder if they are going to do a series of chaos terminator pauldrons.

10-06-2005, 04:59
I've been thinking about getting terminator pads just for the left side!

Which is what I did last week. I just knew that once I did it they'd then bring out something better :D

10-06-2005, 06:29
I'm just bemoaning the lack of any information about Imperial Armour 3. I was hoping this would be the newsletter telling us we could go order it now. Dang.

10-06-2005, 11:06
Must have Tallarn heavy weapon teams! *wheeps*

Inquis. Jaeger
10-06-2005, 12:28
So, in the light of support the Raptors are getting, can we expect to see them in IA3?

10-06-2005, 12:36
isnt IA3 the crusade against the tau?

thus they could be there!

Lord Setra
10-06-2005, 12:54
That is indeed correct.

The new Forgeworld book is going to be focusing on the tau campaign.