View Full Version : Quick question on the Primarius Psyker

Commissar Davis
11-03-2013, 00:05
Ok, a quicky that I guess some one here would know.

I've looked over the FAQ and it is not 100%, but I can choose to change just one power on the psyker?

Thanks in advance.

11-03-2013, 00:24
rule book on pg 142, says you can substitute whenever you roll. So it's per table.

I always do divination and telepathy on my librarian since the pri powers for both of them are pretty sweet :D should i not get somthing good and even then i often think the pri powers are better

Commissar Davis
11-03-2013, 00:36

Well the Primarius only comes with one power that I would want to ditch, the other being equivalent to a bolter that has 2d6 shots. Telepathy is the only one I think is useful, unless one puts the psyker with Orgins. Not having access to divination sucks.

11-03-2013, 00:39
If ye playing guard pri power for telepathy is brutal if you can pull it of with a psy battle squad nerfing their leadership!!

Commissar Davis
11-03-2013, 00:48
Nah, the idea is to stick him with some STs with plasma and a Val, droop him in to say hello to the annoying stuff back field and basically be as much as a pain as possible.