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12-03-2013, 19:36
this list is just something ive been thinking about for a while because you dont really see alot of beastmen lists out there

feel free to leave criticism no matter how harsh ;)

wargor w/ BSB. Beast Banner. shield H.armour

Great bray shaman w/ level 4, lore of shadows, gamblers armour. crown of horns

bray shaman w/lore of beasts level 2, AHW, Feedback scroll

bray shaman w/ lore of beasts level 1. Shard of Herdstone


horde of 60 gor w/ AHW and full command

unit of 20 ungor w/ spear and full command

unit of 40 bestigor w/full command and razor standerd

razorgor chariot

now my method to this madness is place the Wargor/BSB in the gor horde so with the beast banner were at +1 strength
also place the great bray shaman in there so they are also stubborn

SO potentially should miasma and wildform get off your looking at +2 strength stubborn gors with AHW plus whatever they are fighting potentially could be D3 down on their stats

slugtongue is there purely for his special rule.

the level 1 bray shaman is here purely for the shard of the herdstone. he can sit by that and maybe pop a wildform off

the level 2 will probably go in the bestigor unit, the feedback scroll is a nice little feature i think

bestigor unit with razor standard. Armour piercing attacks really will help the bestigors go up a level i think

and the chariot is a general trouble causer

feel free to pick this apart perhaps its not practical and will ripped to shreds by more experienced players but i just wanted to see what you guys think :)

13-03-2013, 08:52
anyone got anything to comment guys? :cool:

13-03-2013, 11:00
Doom bull all the way....haha. first thing i noticed is that your army is smaller then my WOC army at this point level. you have 3 blocks and a chariot for deployment. i would try to find room for some chaff, and maybe another chariot. your army is a little slow too..

13-03-2013, 11:22
Doom bull all the way....haha. first thing i noticed is that your army is smaller then my WOC army at this point level. you have 3 blocks and a chariot for deployment. i would try to find room for some chaff, and maybe another chariot. your army is a little slow too..

Yeah all valid points. Ive just gotta find room to get the chaff in :cries:

14-03-2013, 04:21
On bsb put gnarled hide giving him a 2+ armor save. Always take gnarled hide on something its too good and cheap to pass up. You can take chaos gifts and a magic banner just not magic banner, magic items. That bsb build is commonly called the 206.

I'm pretty sure you can't take gamblers armor on your GBS since he's a caster. Also if you want stubborn take crown of command instead of crown of horns its substantially cheaper. Never take crown of horns unless you want 2 stubborn units. Why take a lvl 2 beasts? I'd just go with 2 lvl 1's beasts for wildforms.

If your GBS is going to be frontline I'd take rune of preservation at minimum. If you have points to spare fencer blades for protection so most things only hit you on a 5+ or brass cleaver with jagged dagger for more dominance in magic phase. Jagged dagger is SO cheap its almost a must have with a frontline gbs.

I'm assuming the 20 ungors are a bunker for the herdstone? I prefer 2 units of 10 ungor raiders for bunkers then a block of 20 ungors. With Raiders your shamans miscast will kill less friendly models, harder to hit in the shooting phase, can shoot on the chaff sent to kill you And you get stand and shoot. If one raider unit is taking too much damage jump the shamans in the other raider unit. And since its a skirmishing unit its highly mobile. That's what i like to do. A single spawn is also good for herdstone protection if you have points to spare.

If ungors are not going to bunker 20 won't do. You need at least 40 to be a ok'ish tarpit unit. If your going for a toss away unit our chaff does it better and cheaper.

I don't think you ever need to go higher then 50 gors in a unit. Otherwise ungors do it better for cheaper. If your going 50 gors or 60 I don't think its worth it to go ahw. Ahw is good on smaller gor units imo. Thats 50 or 60 points which is a razorgor or a unit of harpies.

I highly suggest at least one unit of 5 harpies, always useful.

You might want to go totem of rust instead of razor standard for only 5 more points. Its at your preference type thing. Ya i know it takes some of your armor save away on your bestigors but that 5+ armor save wasn't going to help you anyway. If your having your gor and bestigor work off each other(which they should), totem of rust helps your gor unit also. Totem of rust takes 1+ as to 6+ as against your bestigor which i think is worth the trade. Just embrace that we have no armor as an army. Now this does conflict with he gnarled hide though mentioned above. Which is something to think about. You also could cut on some command also. If no charactors are going in your bestigor unit they don't need a champion. I like to play charactor light and bring more toys. At 2500 points i try to keep my characters under 600 points. Your going 900+ points. This is a preference thing.

We have some of the best chaff in the game. Its also really important that we get the right matchups. Which can be solved by bringing more chaff for additional drops in deployment. Single Razorgors are amazing, hitty and cheap.

things that go well with a herdstone list is hunting spear on a herdstone bray shaman

So the cuts
gors dropped from 60 to 50 no cmd and stripped, saves 155 points
crown of horns to crown of cmd saves 40
lvl 2 bray shaman to lvl 1 saves 35
which gives you 230 points more without gutting your list.

14-03-2013, 04:25
btw your original list is only 2300 points ish not 2750

14-03-2013, 12:01
Im gonna post a new thread with 2 2500 point list for comparison.
Hope you guys check it out and tell me what you think