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Asuryan's Spear
13-03-2013, 13:31
Having played my first few games with these fellows I am wondering how good they are in relation to similar units (Greatswords, Templeguard etc). For their points do they do their cost justice and what are their best uses on the battle field
So I put it to you dear citizens of the interweb

13-03-2013, 13:38
I think Bestigors are really good value for their points. If I remember correctly they are 2 points more expensive than a Greatsword. They are S6 instead of S5, which is a lot more useful, and their Hatred thing works every round if they pass a Ld test on Ld8, so more often than not they'll be rerolling hits, which is just brutal, extremely brutal. Yes they're not stubborn and have only heavy armour not full plate, but they shouldn't really be losing any fights. Greatswords have the added versatility of being stubborn so you can throw a small unit in to hold a particular section of the field even if they'll be soundly beaten. Temple Guard are good but IMO overpriced, I think they're priced to have the Stubborn from the Slann, so they're pretty rubbish if fielded on their own as they're 4 points more expensive than a Bestigor. They have +2 save vs shooting and +1 save in combat. Attack-wise, I'd rather have 1 WS4 S6 attack that rerolls to hit, than 2 WS4 S5 attacks that don't. Temple Guard kind of rely on being buffed in order to be truly scary (lucky for them that they have the best buffing machine in the game in the same army as them, then), whereas Bestigors are scary even when unbuffed.

Waagh Rider
13-03-2013, 13:49
I think Bestigor are only Ld7

13-03-2013, 14:05
They usually run with the banner of discipline to make it ld8.

I tink bestigor are fantastic, cheap enough to chuck in a hoard of 40 and throw at the enemy. They're also t4, and sometimes can get frenzy and hatred (though rare, I admit)

Asuryan's Spear
13-03-2013, 14:15
Actually not that rare on the hatred front...I run the Ld8 Wargor or Bray shaman in here so with the BsB re-roll it works out at almost every turn that I get hatred. The match up I've been dreading is taking on Blorcs as I know they are about the same points and are the lynchpin in my friends army

13-03-2013, 20:16
At base cost they perform better than other 12 PPM models and as well as models that cost more.

Unless a Beastmen general is specializing their list, a unit of 25-45 Bestigors is in every army.

13-03-2013, 22:43
Bestigor are excellent. The main thing is to make your unit large enough, for me 30 at 2k points is the minnimum I will take.

14-03-2013, 13:04
Bestigors have the best synergy in the beastmen book with magic users (the signature spells of both beasts and shadow are hugely useful to them) and with their army special rules; hatred on s6 ws4 troops almost every turn is very useful.

As long as the unit is big enough to take some hits and keep hitting back, a horde of bestigors are your most reliable hammer in the beast book.

Asuryan's Spear
14-03-2013, 14:38
My beastmen came up against some executioners today...12 points each and they absolutely carved through me...in a straight up fight they mauled me first turn...any other units I should look out for?

14-03-2013, 14:52
Well actually, if he dosent have the ASF hag bsb in it, it should be chop and go for any units, with bestigors advantage turn 2 cause of primal fury. If he does have bsb hag then yes, but thats only cause they strike first. Vs anything with rerolls and s6 wich strikes before you, stay clear.

Asuryan's Spear
14-03-2013, 14:57
No hag bsb or buffs of any kind...second round was better but I lost too many in the first to come back from it(only have 30 bestigor atm) WS 5 really made the difference here

14-03-2013, 15:03
Bloodletters with Frenzy or Hatred can be an issue, if they charge. I don't know exactly how many points a Bestigor is to do a full cost comparison, but a charging unit of these Bloodletters should kill about 17 Bestigors before the Beasts get to swing. A full 30 Bestigors swinging back with re-rolls should only kill 13.

There are a lot of variables, though. If the Bestigors fail their Fear test, they should average 8-9 wounds, but have re-rolls. If the Bestigors are the ones who get the charge, the Bloodletters should only kill 13. If the Bestigors fail their Primal Fury, the should get about 8 wounds. If the Bestigors fail Fear and Primal Fury, they should average 5-6 kills.

14-03-2013, 15:55
Bestigors are extremely good troops because the package gives you exactly what you need without inflating their cost by hampering them with all kinds of "nifty" extras they don't need. They have good enough WS, they wound Toughness 4 on 2+, they (usually) have Hatred so their damage output is extremely reliable. Also, while not exactly super-durable, they got just enough on the defense not to die in droves to bowfire and the like. And all this while still being cheap enough to take a bunch.

What makes them go from "good" to "great", though, is how it all comes together. While Primal Fury isn't as reliable as Hatred on the first round of combat, it's still a pretty sure deal as long as your BSB is alive and nearby, and it really starts to shine on the subsequent rounds of combat. Against something really elite such as Chaos Warriors or something like that, they'll probably lose the first round of combat, but because you're fielding such a big unit because the individual Bestigors aren't that expensive, you'll be hard pressed to break, due to ranks. And then you'll start steadily grinding them down on the following rounds of combat.

Bestigors are probably my favorite unit in the game. As I'm fond of saying, the only way the Bestigors can fail me, is when I run out of Bestigors. And I've only been using a unit of 30 (I haven't even been running them as a horde that often!) so I'm really looking forwards to when I assemble the next box and run 40 of them.

15-03-2013, 19:16
No hag bsb or buffs of any kind...second round was better but I lost too many in the first to come back from it(only have 30 bestigor atm) WS 5 really made the difference here

You kind of need 40 bestigors to have much staying power against equivalent units.

15-03-2013, 22:34
You kind of need 40 bestigors to have much staying power against equivalent units.Or a dominant magic phase. I usually don't go higher than 35 and that number serves me well emough.

Asuryan's Spear
16-03-2013, 17:15
Tried 2 beasts wizards + herdstone and buffed bestigor managed to roll over temple guard (T6) str(8) if only they could take lore of light....

16-03-2013, 17:51
Like everything, bestigors have bad match ups.

Pitching them against ironguts will not end well, as both will hit each other to death, and ogres will maintain their attacks back. This is when Gor come into their own, a bucket load of attacks that go first.

same against executioners, they strike first and hard, so again you really want your 40gor to plough into them with their gajiliion attacks that still wound on 3s.

It's picking matchups. Bestigor will happily take on monstrous cav, core infantry and the like, but if it hits hard, chuck in your gor.

19-03-2013, 20:26
That's interesting your Bestigors are not performing. Last game mine killed a WoC Slaanesh DP first round which IMO was a nice feat. I also had no buffs or hexes active, no character in the unit and the DP was full wounds.

Are yours unpainted? I heard that makes a difference ;)

20-03-2013, 10:51
I think they are very viable. They cost the same as a lot of comparable units that see play and work fine.

Last Sunday they performed extremely well for my opponent. A Bestigor unit of 40 (with a Warlord and a combat oriented Bray Shaman) Defeated 2 units of 30 GW dwarf warrios with a BSB Thane.

(Have to admit, the bestigors made every primal fury test, missed about 1 attack per round and the dwarves rolled below average. It was stil epic)

20-03-2013, 11:40
Bestigor are great against high armour targets with a few high quality attacks as they can easily out grind them, monstrous cav and knights hate them as do some comparable great weapon troops. Beast banner goes are there to take out things like guts. I think they are a very balanced unit, just wish they had a slightly more flavourful special rule than being pro at stealing banners and pooing on them.

That said when I feel like running my silly list I will take 50 of the, and people do grown upon seeing them haha, my wallet still hurts looking at it though.

20-03-2013, 20:10
Pitching them against ironguts will not end well, as both will hit each other to death, and ogres will maintain their attacks back.

Err you can get 11-12 guts for 40 bestigors. Bestigors hit on 3s with rerolls if you've got hatred. They should kill 7 or more guts (21 wounds). The guts would kill ~15 bgs.