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13-03-2013, 16:52
So I just started High Elves (yes I'm an army whore) and my brother recently started Warriors of Chaos and I thought it would be interesting for us to do a slow grow where we have monthly battles and painting requirements.

This could have been in the painting section, but we seriously aren't good painters and are in it more for the game so it really belongs here ;)

This is how it will go:

March - 500 Points (no painting requirements)
April - 500 Points (primed and at least 1 color)
May - 500 Points (everything from this point must be fully painted)
June - 650 Points
July - 800 Points
August - 950 Points
September - 1100 Points
October - 1250 Points
November - 1400 Points
December - 1550 Points
January - 1700 Points
February - 1850 Points

So really a slow beginning to allow us to settle on a painting scheme and get our initial force painted and then going up 150 points a month until we end up with a fully painted 1850 point army. March being a good start time since both of our birthdays fall in March ;)

It's possible that we may both agree to even bump up the point levels if we get enough painted on both sides for a month, but I wouldn't hold your breath as we each have other projects going on at the same time.

Here is my initial 500 point High Elve list:

Lvl 1 mage (fire) 100
15 spearmen 135
10 archers 110
7 sword masters 105
Eagle 50

And here is his initital 500 points Warriors of Chaos list:

Level 1 sorceror, mark of nurgle, enchanted shield
11 warriors, mark of nurgle, shields
Chariot, mark of nurgle
5 doggies
5 doggies

Personally I'm scared, but we'll see how it goes down and how it grows from here.

There is no need to keep the same list or use one list to grow into the next, so for you HE and WoC vets out there feel free to help us out :)

First game will be up soon!

Game 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfXYL2hRW7g (500 points, no painting requirements)

13-03-2013, 21:24
Sounds good!

As for army whore, that doesn't sound right... Army pimp may be more fitting... Hm the thought of a show called "pimp my troll" sounds.... Well not promising....

14-03-2013, 04:46

Looks like a fairly good matchup on paper, fireball is a killer in these small point games :)

14-03-2013, 06:27
It is, and I'm hoping for at least one solid fire ball during the game, but you never know what the winds of magic will give you.

16-03-2013, 10:56
I'm thinking less core and more specials would make your list stronger, is it too late to change?

16-03-2013, 12:42
Go with archers to kill chaff drop the spears and take a tiranoc chariot (impact hits), or something out of special. good luck! :)

16-03-2013, 13:41
Yeah i Agree with Fire :) the sig is so versatile, the 6 dice for 3d6 (hoping to get it i mean) is so nice in this kind of games.

Looking at his list, the chariot seems like a big threat ( dont mean warriors isent) but if he gets the charge off its goodbye to whatever unit he charged.

If you can handle the chariot im actually betting on the high elves. With that gone you can dance around and stay back of his warriors, hit them down alittle and then swordmaster in.

Both looks solid though.

For my HE tips, i dont really like spearmen that much in core when the points go up. They are pretty much the stink vs anything t4 or 4+ armour. Only good for steadfast tarpit. Archers is the way to go. In the 500 list, the chanses are not great that the 15 spearmen will do anywound exeapt to the hounds.

Get White Lions ( Duh!) Ridicolous unit. Due to asf works even in small points game, like 10-12 of them.

Waiting for the batrep.

19-03-2013, 16:49
Here is the first report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfXYL2hRW7g

Went farily well, although I'm really worried about dealing with nurgle chariots in the long run. I'm thinking my best counter is going to be cav, but it's going to be a while before I can fit dragon princes in my list. A RBT might also work but would fail me more often than not. Another option is a combat combat character.

Either way it was an eye opener and I can't wait to start painting and get ready for the next one :)

19-03-2013, 23:39
Nice game, haven't got much usefull advice, have never played so small battles in whfb :)

Spearmen come more ino their own if you use a shadow or death mage, increased str or reduced T on the target does wonders (can HE take lore og beasts?)
In such low points I think fire was the way to go though, fireball can really hurt MSUish armies

20-03-2013, 04:29
Awesome game 1! Do you have any restrictions on magic for your 500 pt games? I find that disallowing uber spells (the sixth from each lore) and limiting the max amount of dice rolled to 4 (or maybe even 5) helps balance the crazy power magic can have in such low point value games (it really prevents the game turning into russian roulette!). Are you really going for the pink (or were you being facetious?), suprises surprises! There is a really cool "pink theme" example in the armybook gallery, I wonder if you'd do something like that or would it be something entirely different. ;) Awesome! I'm really looking forward to all these batreps.

20-03-2013, 06:24
Awesome game, I was amazed by how much magic was going on! In my small games where both sides just have a level 1, you each cast 1 spell each turn and each turn we throw all our dispel dice at it and it's stopped. Other than irresistible force spells only really go off if you roll really low for dice. If you have 2 and they have 1 then it's great. If you have 12 and they have 6, it's basically just a case of both throwing 6 dice and seeing who wins.
Or if you're unwilling to risk blowing up 30% of your army for 1 spell then there's no point even trying to cast, they'll just dispel it with everything.

So I never really use magic in low point games.

I'd drop your spearmen and get an extra couple archers to fill out core requirement and use the points saved for white lions. They'll be an okay solution to the chariot too if they can be the ones charging.

20-03-2013, 17:22
Thanks for the comments guys. And yes, I am thinking about making them pink ;)

20-03-2013, 17:27
Yeah I want to second the fear a Horde of HE spearmen backed by Mindrazor causes

20-03-2013, 18:13
My thought on that is that yes a mindrazor spearmen horde is insane, but if they stop one spell they aren't really special. If I run a battery of lvl1 beast wizards then I can get off 1-3 wildforms and they do some serious reliable work.


Warrior of Chaos
20-03-2013, 18:39

Yup...just ask Lord Inquisitor.

20-03-2013, 20:14
My thought on that is that yes a mindrazor spearmen horde is insane, but if they stop one spell they aren't really special. If I run a battery of lvl1 beast wizards then I can get off 1-3 wildforms and they do some serious reliable work.


uhhh, it just depends on how beardy you want to be. In higher point games it's really not that hard to get mindrazor through with the Banner of Sorcery and Book of Hoeth combo. Really, it's not hard, and it is so beardy ;) I don't recommend it.

Beasts is pretty solid for high elves, so is life magic, and even metal (situationally).

On a different note, you might find this useful, a guy who goes by the name swordmaster on the warhammer forums has a really strong and awesome MSU style high elves army (I find it really appealing), and he does lots of really nice bat reps:


Invaluable resource, hopefully it gives you some ideas if you're interested in MSU play styles (which I think you do based on your wood elves army?). It's also an invaluable resource for high elves in general IMO. Cheers!

23-03-2013, 13:20
Bringing 3 lvl 1 beast mages isn't cost effective, because they cost 100 pts each, taking at great chunk out of your army. That tactic would work better with other races with low cost casters. And if you insist on a coven, go for light. The rest og the army looks ok, but for the core focus on one of the units, preferably archers. For now the swordmasters are good, but consider white lions or phoenix guards. Lions for high str and guards for a pain in the ass roadblock. Guards in my opinion are better, because they are harder to bring down, easy acces to helpful banners and spells and str 6 attacks would in most cases be overkill. Let the mages deal with the worry some part of the opponents army. Get some more fast elements and you have got yourself a good army :)