View Full Version : need help to build 1.5kpt dark elves list

13-03-2013, 17:19
Hi guys, im getting ready to start a new dark elves army.. thinking of making a 1.5k list.. im building it from the dark elves battalion need help and suggestion what to start building it with. ;)

13-03-2013, 17:27
A unit of spears (go for around 20-30), 1-3 units of repeater crossbows (id say units of 15-30 but it varies on personal preferance), sorceresses are the best hero choice (although death hag BSB is good) and executioners require an army to be built around them...so dont bother

13-03-2013, 17:30
should i add in some hydras?

13-03-2013, 18:01
Thats up to you. I personally dont use them...but others swear by them. My main opponents are dwarves (runes of burning) and tomb kings (flaming weaponry etc)