View Full Version : Cannon hits vs Chaos War Mammoth?

Hudson Gameover
13-03-2013, 18:24
What happens when a cannon hits a War Mammoth with a howdah and the unit/character in the howdah?
Its say that you treat the howdah just like a building for shooting so does it....

a) Hit the mammoth, the howdah and every model in it?
b) Hit the mammoth, the howdah and D6 models in it?
c) Because you can pick the howdah out as a seperate part to shoot, just the howdah and all/D6 models?
d) Hit the mammoth only.

I know you dont see these guys very often, but any help would be appreciated.

13-03-2013, 18:31
If it is a model (like a ridden monster) that has independently targetable parts, a cannon hits all parts. It is a little ridiculous at times (ping pong cannonballs?), but that's the rules (and why ridden monsters aren't as common this edition).

13-03-2013, 20:19
The mammoth is still part of the model so I'de say it hits the mammoth and the building, just like any other template weapon.
So that's D6 hits on the unfortunate souls in the building, and one hit on the mammoth itself.