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14-03-2013, 13:03
So after playing chaff heavy lizards for a looooong time I've decided to joing the dark side and push big blocks into the center of the table. This is to speed up play and thus hopefully learn more by getting more games in- possibly get more wins? Or at least get less losses

Thinking maybe of maybe double light

Slann general lore master light
Slann bsb becalming light

Skink scroll priest engine of the gods

29 Saurus full command
29 Saurus full command
29 skinks 3 Krox full command
3 single swarms

Ancient Steg

Double light boosting my blocks across the board with +1 to light from the engine, swarms prevent overrun allowing me to get charges with blocks + steggies. Becalming needed although I would like to take +1 power die.
Could drop the ancient Steg to a normal to take the plaque of tepok on the second slann.
Tempted to drop the second slann in favour of a couple of scar vet cowboys or maybe even take the skink chief wars pear combo.

15-03-2013, 10:01
The non loremaster slann will only get the signature spell won't he?
Spells other than the sig can't be duplicated in the army (even with loremaster, afaik) so isn't he totally pointless with light?
If I'm wrong: dual slann plus a skink priest is too much to me anyway but with light and the engine making casting easier then it might work. I think not having rumination is a big missed opportunity though, +1 free dice on light spells can actually make your second slann maybe worth the points.

Dropping the 2nd slann would be best I think. Getting another steg would be a great idea. Not a skink chief though, wouldn't be able to fit that in the hero allowance.
1 slann and engine/ priest buffing your saurus and ranked skinks and a total of 3 (2 ancient, one normal) stegadons charging into combat to mess people up.

What do you mean your swarms prevent overrun? Do you mean to use them as speedbumps? 10 man ranked skink units would do that better I think.

I'd drop one swarm for a chief on a terradon to clear out war machines threatening your dinos. Better yet some chameleon skinks.

15-03-2013, 14:03
Er, I'm pretty sure that lore master is the only way to get around the problem of not being able to have duplicate spells. So the second slann will have 4 spells as normal.
I would really like the +1 power die (which I have run successfully on light slann before) but I feel the weakness of my army against death casters and mega spells is more important than the two extra die a phase (local comp) priest with the +1 to light will help with this. But I will play test both.

Never thought of three steps...might be viable

Yes I am a big fan of the 10 skink cohort bump units, tourney last week I took three! But swarms are better for pure speed bump duties, according to the latest FAQ any unit with the unstable rule (all swarms) do not allow a an overrun only a reform.
So basically they will evaporate and you stand the while I charge next turn with my magic to support.

War machines are not too much of an issue, but might include something to take them out as I see your point.

15-03-2013, 21:05
I thought that they disallow overrun only when the unit dies from the instability rule. If the unit dies from wounds caused in combat, the enemy may overrun as normal.

I think...

16-03-2013, 04:19
I thought that they disallow overrun only when the unit dies from the instability rule. If the unit dies from wounds caused in combat, the enemy may overrun as normal.

I think...

This is correct.

3 stegs is very viable and some chameleons would make it even better, all 3 might even make it into combat.

16-03-2013, 19:25
Here is a list i was playing around with, only one slann madness!

Slann Mage-Priest light +1 power die becalming
Battle Standard Bearer

Saurus Scar Veteran
Burning Blade of Chotec Charmed Shield Cold One Dawnstone Hand Weapon, Light Armour

Skink Priest
Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods Dispel Scroll

Jungle Swarm
Jungle Swarm
Jungle Swarm

29 Saurus Warriors full command
29 Saurus Warriors full command
35 skinks 3 krox full command
10 skink skirmishers (bunker)


16-03-2013, 20:14
Let me preface this by saying that I have nothing against SKrox units.

I don't think I like the SKrox in this list. They're the kind of unit that shines against a few enemies but are crap against most others, and you lack the chaff units required to reliably get them into one of those favorable match-ups. Besides, your Scar-Vet cowboy is more likely to find those small, high-armor units than the SKrox unit is.

I suggest dropping it and replacing it with just about anything. Another unit of skirmishers, a salamander, another cowboy and/or chameleons would do you more good than the SKrox ever will. Or hell, grab that third stegadon (and like ftayl5 says, some chameleons to go with it). Between the chameleons and a turn of ward saves from the engine, you should have no problem getting them all into combat.

Just a thought.

16-03-2013, 21:11
I actually disagree, the skrox unit is a very nice unit. They can hold down difficult stuff and anything that is going to be cutting up armour you shove skinks in their face, would rather let cohorts die than saurus. When boosted with Phas or speed of light the skinks become annoying to kill and you are still getting the positive combat res from ranks and krox kills. Also i like them. :yes:

Think i will playtest these two lists back to back and then see if i miss the sallies/chameleons and whether i want to get another steg squeezed in. Thanks for the help chaps :)