View Full Version : WoC 2400 points - possible semi-friendly tournament list

16-03-2013, 15:16
Sorcerer lord lvl 4 nurgle

Dispel scroll
Scaled skin
5+ ward

BsB tzeentch
4+ ward
Enchanted shield
Third eye

Lvl 1 fire

19 tzch warriors fc
2 x 5 dogs with vanguard
2 x 5 horsemen slannesh flails

16 nurgle chosen halberds fc banner discipline

10 knights nurgle st/mus banner of flame.

3 skull crushers musician

I'm interested on feedback on this list.

I have considered making the knights slannesh.

I don't have many more models painted, except

Chariot (painted but in pieces)
16 more warriors of khorne halberds

17-03-2013, 00:40
Looks pretty fine to me but I htink a lot of points could be shaved off and put to use somewhere else.
I'm assuming the tzeentch warriors have shields?
What is the purpose of the level 1 fire sorcerer? Unless your nurgle caster dies I see no reason to ever use the fire spells. Even with 12 dice for WoM I would be putting every one into a nurgle spell.
If your level 4 does die I doubt your opponent will have any trouble at all stopping one fireball a turn.
I would absolutely drop him.

Your BSB probably doesn't need so much protection either. He has a 2+ and a 3++ re-rolling 1's. A lot of points protecting something that warriors don't really need, because they shouldn't be losing combats very often anyway and a lot of points protecting something that will automatically die if you do break from combat.
I'd take his 4++ save and put it on your level 4 and give his 5++ save to your bsb, + tzeentch gives him a 2+ and a 4++, which is all he needs. Meanwhile your level 4, who is more important is better protected too.

With the points saved so far trade the slaanesh mark for khorne on your horsemen. If you give them flails they should have MoK. Slaanesh should only be used for if you want to do some redirecting or something with them, which is what dogs are for. MoK + flails is much better.

With the 139pts remaining you should use that chariot, with MoK and then get another tzeencth warrior or give the bsb his third eye back.