View Full Version : Sword masters and curse of the midnight wind

16-03-2013, 20:10
Hey all, just wondering how a unit of sword masters is effected by the curse of the midnight wind?
The to hit rolls specifically as they can re-roll all missed hits and the spell forces them to re-roll all 6s

Thanks in advance :)

16-03-2013, 20:30
You do your rerolls from failed misses as usuall, and then add all sixes you had to that reroll. Now if those sixes fail to hit you cant reroll them again due to speed of asuryan, since you cant reroll a reroll.

Thats the golden rule, cant reroll a reroll :p Hope it helps!.

16-03-2013, 22:40
Take all your dice and roll them. Now separate them into three piles; misses, hits, and sixes. Take the pile of misses and the pile of sixes then re-roll them.
Now remove the misses from your pile of re-rolled dice and add the remainder to the pile of hit dice from before. You may now proceed to rolling to wound.
Remember; no re-rolling re-rolls.

The bearded one
16-03-2013, 23:17
Roll your dice to hit. Seperate your misses and your 6s from the hits, and reroll them at the same time.

Rerolling the misses and the 6s is done at the same time, not in succesive stages where you reroll them repeatedly, no, reroll the misses and 6s in one go.. At once.

So generally your swordmasters roll to hit, and then reroll their 1s, 2s and 6s.