View Full Version : 2400 pts WoC against Brettonians

17-03-2013, 15:25
Im having a 2400 pts game against a friend's Brettonian army on Wednesday and its the first time Ive ever played against Bretts and only the 2nd time Ive used WoCs.

So far I have:

520 DAEMON PRINCE - MoN, Lv4, Chaos Armour, Sword of Striking, Charmed Shield, Chaos Familiar, Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Daemonic Flight.

354 CHAOS WARRIORS (18) - MoK, Full Command, AHW
336 CHAOS WARRIORS (18) - MoN, Full Command, Shields

275 CHIMERA - Flaming Breath, Regeneration
275 CHIMERA - Flaming Breath, Regeneration
357 SKULLCRUSHERS(4) - Full Command, Ensorcelled Weapons, Standard of Discipline

So, the question is, what else should I add?

BSB, additional sorceror???
Other than that Im open to suggestions.
I have most things available and Im looking for a competitive but fun list to play.

Thanks in advance :)

17-03-2013, 16:24
I would try to fit dragon bane gem on DP, it is really useful. I would add a tzeentch sorcerer and take metal spells, due to the armor saves on you opponents units. The idea is to charge him, but if its the other way around, take something that can take it. I. My opinion , SC are a really solid choice. U could add a chimera with breath weapons to draw fire or a shaggoth too

17-03-2013, 16:46
Update the list but still have some points to place with.
What do I need to add......an additional sorceror, a BSB or perhaps some additional knights???


17-03-2013, 19:32
I would probably go for armourcracking of some sort.

Either by ignoring it, or by smashing it to pieces.

Dragon Ogres, Shaggoth or even a Slaughterbrute could be a good pickup against the Bretonnian army.

Furthermore, a Battlestandard Bearer is a brilliant pickup, you will want to stop their charges dead in the water without breaking to them.

18-03-2013, 13:25
Warriors of Nurgle should go with Great Weapons in this book. I ran a 20 strong unit with Festus and they went through 4 Mournfangs in one round. WS 5 with -1 to hit means that no Bretonnian hits you on better than 5+ and Regeneration buffs you further. If you go Nurgle, go Festus. In addition, he can easily kill a Champion (only S3 unmodified on Knights Errant or of the Realm) or even a Hero (it's a S4 vs S4 test and Festus only needs to tie to win) with his Pestilent Potions. Doing 1d3 wounds without armour and only a 6+ Ward for the Blessing means that he will take out one guy most of the time before ASF (had him poison Teclis out of a Swordmaster block, fun times). S6 also lets you open cans easily.

I wouldn't rely on Chimeraes. If he can stop them or redirect them with Yeomen, they are pretty dead to S5 or 6 lances. Ini 2 is too risky in my opinion.

A fun unit against Bretonnians is the Cannon, as a -1 Ld test can work well against human leadership values and a unit that breaks will lose the Blessing, as well as being likely to leave the battlefield with Swiftstride.

Other than that, Tzeentch Warriors with Shields are the kings of the anvil and can easily break a Bretonnian charge.

As said, the Daemon Prince is better with Tzeentch and Metal Lore, as Searing Doom chews through Bretonnian elite with great ease (as it has no Strength value and allows no armour saves, they get wounded on a 2+ with only a 6+ to save them).

18-03-2013, 14:48
Nurgle warriors are ace for absorbing Bret charges. I run mine with halberds, they got hit twice by buses and casualties were pretty minimal.

Dragon ogres are fun for trying those long range charges on knights and skull crushers do what they do....